Bullous pemphigoid in adolescence.


:Bullous pemphigoid (BP) is the most common autoimmune blistering disease affecting the elderly but is quite rare in childhood. The majority of pediatric cases have been reported during early childhood. Adolescence is divided into three phases: early (10-13 years), middle (14-17), and late (18-21). This review aimed to identify BP cases in adolescence and demonstrate their clinical features and course. Our literature search was performed in Medline with the terms "bullous pemphigoid in childhood and adolescence," "childhood bullous pemphigoid," "juvenile bullous pemphigoid," and "autoimmune blistering and autoimmune bullous diseases in childhood." The data extraction for late adolescence was limited by the fact that this age group is included in adult BP registries. We identified nine cases in early adolescence. Mucosa were affected in 5 of 9 cases. Treatment consisted of systemic prednisone (8/9), in combination with dapsone (2/9), azathioprine (2/9), or erythromycin/nicotinamide (1/9). Relapses were reported in 3 of 9 cases. We identified five cases occuring in middle adolescence. Mucosa were not affected. Treatment consisted of systemic prednisone (5/5), in combination with dapsone (3/5), azathioprine (2/5), doxycycline/nicotinamide (1/5), or mycophenolate mofetil (1/5). Relapses were reported in two of five cases. No case of BP in the late adolescence was included in the results, as only one case met the search criteria, and overlapped with pemphigus vulgaris. With only 14 cases found in our review, BP in adolescence appears even rarer than in earlier childhood. Despite its low prevalence, BP should be included in the differential diagnosis of autoimmune blistering diseases in adolescents.


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Pediatric dermatology


Patsatsi A,Kyriakou A,Werth VP




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