Peripheral venous lactate at admission is associated with in-hospital mortality, a prospective cohort study.


BACKGROUND:The prognostic value of blood lactate as a predictor of adverse outcome in the acutely ill patient is unclear. The aim of this study was to investigate if a peripheral venous lactate measurement, taken at admission, is associated with in-hospital mortality in acutely ill patients with all diagnosis. Furthermore, we wanted to investigate if the test improves a triage model in terms of predicting in-hospital mortality. METHODS:We retrieved a cohort of 2272 adult patients from a prospectively gathered acute admission database. We performed regression analysis to evaluate the association between the relevant covariates and the outcome measure: in-hospital mortality. RESULTS:Lactate as a continuous variable was a risk for in-hospital mortality with an odds ratio (OR) of 1.40 [95% confidence interval (CI) 1.25-1.57, P<0.0001]. OR for in-hospital mortality increased with increasing lactate levels from 2.97 (95% CI 1.55-5.72, P<0.001) for lactate between 2 mmol/l and 4 mmol/l, to 7.77 (95% CI 3.23-18.66, P<0.0001) for lactate>4 mmol/l. If the condition was non-compensated (i.e. pH<7.35), OR for in-hospital mortality increased to 19.99 (7.26-55.06, P<0.0001). Patient with a blood lactate at 4 mmol/l or more had a risk of in-hospital mortality equivalent to the patients in the most urgent triage category. CONCLUSION:We found elevated admission peripheral venous lactate to be independently associated with in-hospital mortality in the acutely ill patient admitted to the emergency department. Patients with a lactate>4 mmol/l at hospital admission should be considered triaged to the most urgent triage category.


Barfod C,Lundstrøm LH,Lauritzen MM,Danker JK,Sölétormos G,Forberg JL,Berlac PA,Lippert FK,Antonsen K,Lange KH




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  • Post-void residual volume in labor: a prospective study comparing parturients with and without epidural analgesia.

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  • In vivo spasmolytic effect of ketamine and adrenaline on histamine-induced airway constriction. Direct visualization method with a superfine fibreoptic bronchoscope.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Ketamine (K) has been reported to produce bronchodilation in patients suffering from asthma. Although most researchers have used indirect measurements to study the effect of K in vivo, the reliability of these indirect methods are controversial. We have developed a new technique to measure the bronchial cros...

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    authors: Knirsch W,Stutz K,Kretschmar O,Tomaske M,Balmer C,Schmitz A,Berger F,Bauersfeld U,Weiss M,Working Group on Non-Invasive Haemodynamic Monitoring in Paediatrics.

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  • Triage and mortality in 2875 consecutive trauma patients.

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  • Plasma vasopressin response to extracorporeal circulation in children.

    abstract::Plasma vasopressin levels were measured during open-heart surgery in nine children. The control value of vasopressin was 5.5 +/- 1.5 (s.e.mean) microU/ml. During extracorporeal circulation, a maximum 7.3-fold increase of plasma vasopressin level was demonstrated. This high level of vasopressin was considered to have c...

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  • Effects of anticoagulant treatment on intestinal ischaemia and reperfusion injury in rats.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In recent years it has become increasingly clear that a cross-talk between the inflammatory response and blood coagulation exists, although many of the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. In the present study we investigated the potential anti-inflammatory properties of two different anticoagulant compound...

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  • Bladder function in spinal anaesthesia.

    abstract::Spinal anaesthesia with bupivacaine (22.5 mg) or with a glucose-containing solution of bupivacaine (20 mg) or tetracaine (15 mg) was given to 21 patients allocated randomly to these three groups. A urodynamic study was performed by CO2 cystometry. It consisted of recording of first sensation of bladder filling, sensat...

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  • Cardiovascular effects of pregnanolone emulsion: an experimental study in artificially ventilated dogs.

    abstract::The acute cardiovascular effects of pregnanolone emulsion, a new steroid preparation for intravenous anaesthesia, were investigated in artificially ventilated dogs. The anaesthetic was administered as repeated intravenous bolus injections, doubling the dosage with each injection. The plasma concentration of pregnanolo...

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  • The effect of continuous intravenous indomethacin infusion on bleeding time and postoperative pain in patients undergoing emergency surgery of the lower extremities.

    abstract::Fifty-four orthopaedic patients were given either indomethacin (25-50 mg bolus plus infusion, 5-7.5 mg h-1) or only lactated Ringer solution intravenously over 20 h in a randomized and double-blind fashion. The study was started at the casualty department as soon as possible after the decision to operate was made. The...

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