Tunneled Hemodialysis Catheter Removals by Non-Interventional Nephrologists: The University of Mississippi Experience.


:Bedside removal of tunneled hemodialysis catheters (TDC) by noninterventional Nephrologists has not been frequently performed or studied. We performed a retrospective review of bedside TDC removal at the University of Mississippi Medical Center between January, 2010 and June, 2013. We collected data on multiple patients and procedure-related variables, success, and complications rates. Of the 138 subjects, mean age was 50 (±15.9) years, 49.3% were female, 88.2% African American and 41% diabetics. Site of removal was the right internal jugular (IJ) in 76.8%, the left IJ in 15.2%, and the femoral vein in 8% of patients. Exactly 44.9% of removals took place in the outpatient setting. Main indications for the removal were proven bacteremia in 30.4%, sepsis or clinical concerns for infection in 15.2% of the cases, while TDC was no longer necessary in 52.2% of patients. All removals were technically successful and well tolerated, but we observed Dacron "cuff" separation and subcutaneous retention in 6.5% of the cases. There was a significant association between outpatient removal and cuff retention (p = 0.007), but not with the site of removal or operator experience. In this relatively large mixed cohort of inpatients and outpatients, bedside TDC removal was well tolerated with a minimal complication rate.


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Seminars in dialysis


Fülöp T,Rodríguez B,Kosztaczky BA,Gharaibeh KA,Lengvárszky Z,Dossabhoy NR,Tapolyai MB




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