Length of Stay Beyond Medical Readiness in a Neurosurgical Patient Population and Associated Healthcare Costs.


BACKGROUND:Length of stay beyond medical readiness (LOS-BMR) leads to increased expenses and higher morbidity related to hospital-acquired conditions. OBJECTIVE:To determine the proportion of admitted neurosurgical patients who have LOS-BMR and associated risk factors and costs. METHODS:We performed a prospective, cohort analysis of all neurosurgical patients admitted to our institution over 5 mo. LOS-BMR was assessed daily by the attending neurosurgeon and neuro-intensivist with a standardized criterion. Univariate and multivariate logistic regressions were performed. RESULTS:Of the 884 patients admitted, 229 (25.9%) had a LOS-BMR. The average LOS-BMR was 2.7 ± 3.1 d at an average daily cost of $9 148.28 ± $12 983.10, which resulted in a total cost of $2 076 659.32 over the 5-mo period. Patients with LOS-BMR were significantly more likely to be older and to have hemiplegia, dementia, liver disease, renal disease, and diabetes mellitus. Patients with a LOS-BMR were significantly more likely to be discharged to a subacute rehabilitation/skilled nursing facility (40.2% vs 4.1%) or an acute/inpatient rehabilitation facility (22.7% vs 1.7%, P < .0001). Patients with Medicare insurance were more likely to have a LOS-BMR, whereas patients with private insurance were less likely (P = .048). CONCLUSION:The most common reason for LOS-BMR was inefficient discharge of patients to rehabilitation and nursing facilities secondary to unavailability of beds at discharge locations, insurance clearance delays, and family-related issues.






Linzey JR,Foshee R,Moriguchi F,Adapa AR,Koduri S,Kahn EN,Williamson CA,Sheehan K,Rajajee V,Thompson BG,Muraszko KM,Pandey AS




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