Voiding recovery after radical parametrectomy in cervical cancer patients: An international prospective multicentre trial - SENTIX.


OBJECTIVE:Voiding dysfunctions represent a leading morbidity after radical hysterectomy performed in patients with early-stage cervical cancer. The aim of this study was to perform ad hoc analysis of factors influencing voiding recovery in SENTIX (SENTinel lymph node biopsy in cervIX cancer) trial. METHODS:The SENTIX trial (47 sites, 18 countries) is a prospective study on sentinel lymph node biopsy without pelvic lymphadenectomy in patients with early-stage cervical cancer. Overall, the data of 300 patients were analysed. Voiding recovery was defined as the number of days from surgery to bladder catheter/epicystostomy removal or to post-voiding urine residuum ≤50 mL. RESULTS:The median voiding recovery time was three days (5th-95th percentile: 0-21): 235 (78.3%) patients recovered in <7 days and 293 (97.7%) in <30 days. Only seven (2.3%) patients recovered after >30 days. In the multivariate analysis, only previous pregnancy (p = 0.033) and type of parametrectomy (p < 0.001) significantly influenced voiding recovery >7 days post-surgery. Type-B parametrectomy was associated with a higher risk of delayed voiding recovery than type-C1 (OR = 4.69; p = 0.023 vs. OR = 3.62; p = 0.052, respectively), followed by type-C2 (OR = 5.84; p = 0.011). Both previous pregnancy and type C2 parametrectomy independently prolonged time to voiding recovery by two days. CONCLUSIONS:Time to voiding recovery is significantly related to previous pregnancy and type of parametrectomy but it is not influenced by surgical approach (open vs minimally invasive), age, or BMI. Type B parametrectomy, without direct visualisation of nerves, was associated with longer recovery than nerve-sparing type C1. Importantly, voiding dysfunctions after radical surgery are temporary, and the majority of the patients recover in less than 30 days, including patients after C2 parametrectomy.


Gynecol Oncol


Gynecologic oncology


Zapardiel I,Kocian R,Köhler C,Klat J,Germanova A,Jacob A,Bajsova S,Böhmer G,Lay L,Gil-Ibañez B,Havelka P,Kipp B,Szewczyk G,Toth R,Staringer JC,De Santiago J,Coronado PJ,Poka R,Laky R,Luyckx M,Fastrez M,Dusek L,




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