Relations between pain, anxiety, mood and muscle tension in chronic pain patients. A correlation study.


:The relationship between psychological variables, particularly depressed mood and anxiety, and pain has received a good deal of attention. In this study, 16 chronic pain patients rated their mood, anxiety level, pain, muscle tension, and reclining time daily over a period of about 6 weeks. Correlations were calculated for each combination of variables for each individual patient. The results indicated a good deal of variability between patients. The majority of patients did have significant correlations for pain vs. mood, pain vs. anxiety, pain vs. reclining time, anxiety vs. muscle tension, anxiety vs. mood, and reclining time vs. mood. However, the size of the correlations was sometimes small, and some patients even occasionally had correlations in the opposite direction of that predicted. Overall, the data suggest that psychological variables are related to the experience of chronic pain, but that the size of the relationship may be smaller than previously thought. Furthermore, the high degree of individual variability needs to be stressed.


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Linton SJ,Götestam KG




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  • The validity of Eysenck's neuroticism dimension within the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory in patients with duodenal ulcer. The Hvidovre Ulcer Project Group.

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  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for the Management of Suicidal Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

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  • Depression after surgery for breast cancer. Comparison of mastectomy and lumpectomy.

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  • The influence of alexithymic characteristics on the self-perception and facial expression of a physiological stress state.

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  • Hyperprolactinaemia as a result of immaturity or regression: the concept of maternal subroutine. A new model of psychoendocrine interactions.

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  • A possible genetic contribution to the alexithymia trait.

    abstract::Alexithymic characteristics were studied in 15 monozygotic and 18 like-sex dizygotic healthy young twin pairs in a semistructured interview. Variance analysis showed larger within-pair variances in the dizygotic than in the monozygotic twins. With some reservations, these results point to a genetic influence on the et...

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  • Social support and the persistence of complaints in chronic fatigue syndrome.

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  • Cognitive dysfunctions in bipolar disorder: evidence of neuropsychological disturbances.

    abstract::Although cognitive dysfunctions in psychosis have classically been associated with schizophrenia, there is clinical evidence that some bipolar patients show cognitive disturbances either during acute phases or in remission periods. The authors critically review the data on cognitive impairment in bipolar disorder. The...

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  • Psychotherapy for the spouses of lung cancer patients: assessment of an intervention.

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  • Psychotherapy of childhood anxiety disorders: A meta-analysis.

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  • Training general practitioners in the treatment of functional somatic symptoms: effects on patient health in a cluster-randomised controlled trial (the Functional Illness in Primary Care study).

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Patients with medically unexplained or functional somatic symptoms (FSS) are prevalent in primary care. In this pragmatic cluster-randomised controlled trial we aimed to test the effect of a training programme (The Extended Reattribution and Management model) for general practitioners (GPs) in the treatment ...

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  • Increase of medical hospital length of stay by depression in stroke and amputation patients: a pilot study.

    abstract::Past studies have found that medical patients with the diagnosis of depression (comorbidity) have longer hospital lengths of stay (LOS) than those without the diagnosis of depression. This suggested that scores on a depression scale would be positively correlated with LOS. On a rehabilitation ward, 14 stroke and 17 am...

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  • Should treatment distinguish anxiogenic from anxiolytic obsessive-compulsive ruminations? Results of a pilot controlled study and of a clinical audit.

    abstract::In a small pilot controlled study over 8 weeks, 12 obsessive-compulsive ruminators listened for 2 h daily to their own audiotaped voice either (1) describing their anxiogenic thoughts (exposure) but omitting anxiolytic thoughts (mental/cognitive rituals), or (2) reading neutral prose or poetry. Taking all patients, bo...

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  • Affective expression in organic and functional gastrointestinal disease.

    abstract::Verbal affective expression and psychometric variables were studied in a group of 5 duodenal ulcer and 6 irritable bowel patients. The aim was to assess the relevance of the alexithymia contruct to the distinction between both groups. Irritable bowel patients exhibited higher scores on Zung's depressiveness scale. Ale...

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