Importance of viscosity in the dissolution rate of cholesterol in monooctanoin solutions.


:Several factors affecting the dissolution rate of cholesterol in monooctanoin were investigated. This solvent is used clinically for dissolution of residual cholesterol gallstones in the bile duct after cholecystectomy. The effect of added water on dissolution rate, measured using the static- or rotating-disk methods, was not consistent with the previously measured solubility. The discrepancy was found to be due to the decreasing viscosity of the solvent as water was added. Addition of cholesterol, however, increased the viscosity of monooctanoin. The viscosity effect on dissolution rate was investigated further by addition of polymers (povidone and poloxamer 237) which increased solvent viscosity. Dissolution rate was proportional to viscosity to the -0.4 power with these polymers. An equation was derived which predicts that dissolution rate should be proportional to viscosity to the -2/3 power. The predicted exponent was very close to reported experimental values for benzoic acid, but the dissolution rate/viscosity relationship for cholesterol in aqueous monooctanoin was nonlinear with apparent exponents of -0.65 to -2.3. Although the Arrhenius activation energies for viscosity (3.79 kcal/mol) and dissolution rate constant (3.66 kcal/mol) were almost equal for benzoic acid, a nonlinear relationship was again observed for cholesterol in aqueous monooctanoin with approximate Ea values of 5.6-10 kcal/mol. The strong influence of viscosity on dissolution rate in this system is attributed to the viscosity-increasing effect of cholesterol in the diffusion layer. The increased viscosity at higher cholesterol concentrations reduces the diffusion coefficient of cholesterol and causes the dissolution rate to be slower even though solubility may have been higher.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)


J Pharm Sci


Bogardus JB




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