A left hemispace bias for visualizing emotional situations.


:Forty-three college-aged subjects posed a series of emotional facial expressions and described their strategies for creating such expressions. The majority of subjects (86%) reported visualizing an image or situation. When asked for the location of the image, the majority (62%) indicated the left hemispace, and only 5% indicated the right.






Koff E,Borod JC,White B




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  • Contralateral delay activity during temporal order memory.

    abstract::In everyday life, we constantly need to remember the temporal sequence of visual events over short periods of time, for example, when making sense of others' actions or watching a movie. While there is increasing knowledge available on neural mechanisms underlying visual working memory (VWM) regarding the identity and...


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  • Altered mental number line in amblyopia--reduced pseudoneglect corresponds to a decreased bias in number estimation.

    abstract::Amblyopic subjects show a wide range of changes within the visual system, starting from deficits in simple perceptual processing up to changes of higher functions of the visual dorsal pathway. Recent studies suggest that subjects with amblyopia also demonstrate alterations in visuo-spatial attention. In contrast to no...


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  • Auditory motion affects visual biological motion processing.

    abstract::The processing of biological motion is a critical, everyday task performed with remarkable efficiency by human sensory systems. Interest in this ability has focused to a large extent on biological motion processing in the visual modality (see, for example, Cutting, J. E., Moore, C., & Morrison, R. (1988). Masking the ...


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  • Vertical biases in scene memory.

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  • Associative memory and its cerebral correlates in Alzheimer׳s disease: evidence for distinct deficits of relational and conjunctive memory.

    abstract::This study investigated the impact of Alzheimer׳s disease (AD) on conjunctive and relational binding in episodic memory. Mild AD patients and controls had to remember item-color associations by imagining color either as a contextual association (relational memory) or as a feature of the item to be encoded (conjunctive...


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  • Recollection-related hippocampal fMRI effects predict longitudinal memory change in healthy older adults.

    abstract::Prior fMRI studies have reported relationships between memory-related activity in the hippocampus and in-scanner memory performance, but whether such activity is predictive of longitudinal memory change remains unclear. Here, we administered a neuropsychological test battery to a sample of cognitively healthy older ad...


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  • Inferring thought and action in motor neurone disease.

    abstract::The traditional assumption that classical motor neurone disease (MND) invariably spares cognitive function is now recognised to be incorrect. Deficits have most commonly been demonstrated on executive tasks suggesting impaired function of frontal systems. Yet, crucial aspects of frontal lobe function have not hitherto...


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  • Appreciation of metaphoric alternative word meanings by left and right brain-damaged patients.

    abstract::Appreciation of metaphoric and nonmetaphoric alternative word meanings was assessed in 19 aphasic, left (LHD) and 15 non-aphasic, right (RHD) hemisphere brain-damaged stroke patients. With the one exception in the aphasic group, all patients were male. In an unspeeded sorting task, subjects responded on the basis of l...


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  • Medial temporal and neocortical contributions to remote memory for semantic narratives: evidence from amnesia.

    abstract::Studies of remote memory for semantic facts and concepts suggest that hippocampal lesions lead to a temporally graded impairment that extends no more than ten years prior to the onset of amnesia. Such findings have led to the notion that once consolidated, semantic memories are represented neocortically and are no lon...


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  • Subjective preferences differentially modulate the processing of rewards gained by own vs. observed choices.

    abstract::The present EEG study investigated the impact of subjective reward preferences and agency on outcome processing. 47 healthy adults (11 male; 36 female) with preferences for either milk or white chocolate completed two runs of a gambling task involving their preferred chocolate (high preference outcomes, HPOs), non-pre...


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  • Lexical judgments after right- or left-hemisphere injury.

    abstract::Patients with unilateral left- or right-hemisphere lesions were asked to make similarity judgments to visually presented words on the basis of rhyme, meaning or visual similarity. The left-hemisphere-injured group was significantly impaired, relative to controls, for all types of lexical judgments, with the greatest i...


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  • Manual asymmetries and hemispheric specialization: Insight from developmental studies.

    abstract::The objective of this review is to obtain a better understanding of the relationship between manual asymmetries and hemispheric specialization by focusing on the development of hand preference and cerebral lateralization of language. We first sought to describe the development of manual asymmetries for different activ...


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  • Auditory cortex and anterior cingulate cortex sources of the early evoked gamma-band response: relationship to task difficulty and mental effort.

    abstract::High frequency oscillations in the 40 Hz (gamma-band)-range are involved in the synchronization of brain regions, e.g., in cognitive functions. It has been suggested that the auditory evoked gamma-band response (GBR) is affected by attention and apart from auditory cortex activity a frontal or anterior cingulate corte...


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  • The time course of auditory-visual processing of speech and body actions: evidence for the simultaneous activation of an extended neural network for semantic processing.

    abstract::An extensive network of cortical areas is involved in multisensory object and action recognition. This network draws on inferior frontal, posterior temporal, and parietal areas; activity is modulated by familiarity and the semantic congruency of auditory and visual component signals even if semantic incongruences are ...


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  • Impairments of precision grip in two patients with acute unilateral cerebellar lesions: a simple parametric test for clinical use.

    abstract::A precision grip task was used to test two patients with acute unilateral cerebellar lesions due to a stroke and to compare performance of the affected and the unaffected hand. The results show, that grip force development is slowed and coordination of grip and lift force impaired by the lesion. Changes in shape and p...


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  • Temporal dynamics of neural activity in an integration of visual and contextual information in an esthetic preference task.

    abstract::While viewing works of art in galleries, we evaluate them by integrating at least two types of information: their visual properties (e.g., colors, symmetry, and proportion) and contextual information accompanying them (e.g., titles and names of artists). How rapidly the brain integrates visual and contextual informati...


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  • Effects of brief imitative experience on EEG desynchronization during action observation.

    abstract::There is a good deal of evidence that observing the actions of other people is associated with activation of the observer's motor system, which may reflect involvement of the mirror neuron system (MNS) in certain aspects of action processing in humans. Furthermore, variation in the extent of this activation appears to...


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  • Perceptual flexibility after frontal or temporal lobectomy.

    abstract::Using stimuli with ambiguous figure-ground relationships, Ricci and Blundo (1990, Neuropsychologia 28, 1163-1173) demonstrated that patients with frontal-lobe lesions are impaired at shifting perspective. No significant difference between right frontal and left frontal groups was found. To investigate this phenomenon ...


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  • Human behavioural discrimination of human, chimpanzee and macaque affective vocalisations is reflected by the neural response in the superior temporal sulcus.

    abstract::Accurate perception of the emotional content of vocalisations is essential for successful social communication and interaction. However, it is not clear whether our ability to perceive emotional cues from vocal signals is specific to human signals, or can be applied to other species' vocalisations. Here, we address th...


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  • The focus of attention as observed in visual working memory tasks: making sense of competing claims.

    abstract::Recent behavioral and neuroscientific evidence speaks to the question of whether the human focus of attention is limited to a single item or can accommodate several items. This issue is fundamental to an understanding of the nature of human cognition and brain function. Here I review evidence from visual working memor...


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  • Hemispheric asymmetry in event knowledge activation during incremental language comprehension: A visual half-field ERP study.

    abstract::During incremental language comprehension, the brain activates knowledge of described events, including knowledge elements that constitute semantic anomalies in their linguistic context. The present study investigates hemispheric asymmetries in this process, with the aim of advancing our understanding of the neural ba...


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  • Do fixation cues ensure fixation accuracy in split-fovea studies of word recognition?

    abstract::Many studies have claimed that hemispheric processing is split precisely at the foveal midline and so place great emphasis on the precise location at which words are fixated. These claims are based on experiments in which a variety of fixation procedures were used to ensure fixation accuracy but the effectiveness of t...


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  • Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on behaviour and electrophysiology of language production.

    abstract::Excitatory anodal transcranial direct current stimulation (A-tDCS) over the left dorsal prefrontal cortex (DPFC) has been shown to improve language production. The present study examined neurophysiological underpinnings of this effect. In a single-blinded within-subject design, we traced effects of A-tDCS compared to ...


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  • Role of inter-hemispheric transfer in generating visual evoked potentials in V1-damaged brain hemispheres.

    abstract::Partial cortical blindness is a visual deficit caused by unilateral damage to the primary visual cortex, a condition previously considered beyond hopes of rehabilitation. However, recent data demonstrate that patients may recover both simple and global motion discrimination following intensive training in their blind ...


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  • The origin of the audiovisual bounce inducing effect: a TMS study.

    abstract::The audiovisual bounce inducing effect (ABE) is a bouncing percept induced by the presence of a sound at the moment of two moving objects intercepting in a motion display otherwise perceived as streaming. The origin of the ABE is still debated: the effect could arise from the subtraction of attentional resources cause...


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  • Is handwriting posture associated with differences in motor control? An analysis of asymmetries in the readiness potential.

    abstract::Levy and Reid's [1] hypothesis that persons who write using the inverted posture have ipsilateral control of distal limb movements, particularly those involved in handwriting, was tested in three experiments in which asymmetries in the readiness potential (RP) were measured. In the first experiment, each subject execu...


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  • Thinking of God moves attention.

    abstract::The concepts of God and Devil are well known across many cultures and religions, and often involve spatial metaphors, but it is not well known if our mental representations of these concepts affect visual cognition. To examine if exposure to divine concepts produces shifts of attention, participants completed a target...


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  • Pitch accents in context: how listeners process accentuation in referential communication.

    abstract::We investigated whether listeners are sensitive to (mis)matching accentuation patterns with respect to contrasts in the linguistic and visual context, using Event-Related Potentials. We presented participants with displays of two pictures followed by a spoken reference to one of these pictures (e.g., "the red ball"). ...


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  • Retinal eccentricity effects on reaction time to imagined stimuli.

    abstract::To cast light on the possible neural substrate of visual imagery we tested normal participants and one hemianopic patient on simple reaction time (RT) to real and imagined visual stimuli. In one experiment participants were to detect as quickly as possible a luminous square presented at one out of two different retina...


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  • Effects of task complexity and age-differences on task-related functional connectivity of attentional networks.

    abstract::Studies investigating the strength and membership of regions within multiple functional networks primarily focus on either resting state or single cognitive tasks. The goals of the current study were to investigate whether task-related functional connectivity changes with task complexity, and whether this connectivity...


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