Extracorporeal treatment for tricyclic antidepressant poisoning: recommendations from the EXTRIP Workgroup.


:The Extracorporeal Treatments In Poisoning (EXTRIP) workgroup was formed to provide recommendations on the use of extracorporeal treatments (ECTR) in poisoning. Here, the workgroup presents its results for tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs). After an extensive literature search, using a predefined methodology, the subgroup responsible for this poison reviewed the articles, extracted the data, summarized findings, and proposed structured voting statements following a predetermined format. A two-round modified Delphi method was chosen to reach a consensus on voting statements and RAND/UCLA Appropriateness Method to quantify disagreement. Blinded votes were compiled, returned, and discussed in person at a meeting. A second vote determined the final recommendations. Seventy-seven articles met inclusion criteria. Only case reports, case series, and one poor-quality observational study were identified yielding a very low quality of evidence for all recommendations. Data on 108 patients, including 12 fatalities, were abstracted. The workgroup concluded that TCAs are not dialyzable and made the following recommendation: ECTR is not recommended in severe TCA poisoning (1D). The workgroup considers that poisoned patients with TCAs are not likely to have a clinical benefit from extracorporeal removal and recommends it NOT to be used in TCA poisoning.


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Yates C,Galvao T,Sowinski KM,Mardini K,Botnaru T,Gosselin S,Hoffman RS,Nolin TD,Lavergne V,Ghannoum M,EXTRIP workgroup.




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  • Blood Pressure Management in Hemodialysis Patients: What We Know And What Questions Remain.

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  • Tunneled Hemodialysis Catheter Removals by Non-Interventional Nephrologists: The University of Mississippi Experience.

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  • Cardiovascular abnormalities and hypertension in the elderly dialysis patient.

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  • Hemodialysis for the treatment of severe accidental hypothermia.

    abstract::Severe hypothermia is defined as a core body temperature <28°C and is associated with in-hospital mortality rates of 50% or higher. Delays in rewarming and slower rates of rewarming are the most important prognostic factors associated with increased mortality. Arrhythmias are the most common cause of mortality in pati...

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  • The relation between epicardial fat tissue thickness and atrial fibrillation ın hemodialysis patients.

    abstract::The prevalence of arrhythmia has increased in hemodialysis (HD) patients and the most frequent is atrial fibrillation (AF). It was reported that the amount of epicardial fat tissue (EFT) in the population without renal disease is closely related to AF. In the present study of ours, the relation between EFT thickness a...

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  • Immunosuppressive management of dialysis patients with recently failed transplants.

    abstract::Over the past decade, patients returning to dialysis after a failed transplant comprised of 5-10% of the annual number of dialysis initiations in the United States, whereas retransplant candidates account for 5.0-13% of the annual deceased donor wait-list additions. The United States Renal Data System (USRDS) database...

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  • Timing of dialysis initiation in acute kidney injury and acute-on-chronic renal failure.

    abstract::The decision to provide dialytic support and choosing the ideal moment to initiate therapy are common impasses for physicians treating patients with acute kidney injury (AKI). Although renal replacement therapy (RRT) has been extensively used in clinical practice for more than 30 years, there is a paucity of evidence ...

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  • Intradialytic hypotension: an overview of recent, unresolved and overlooked issues.

    abstract::The etiology and management of intradialytic hypotension has become an increasingly complex issue. Volume depletion due to ultrafiltration remains the predominant underlying etiologic factor. However, patients vary markedly in their hemodynamic tolerance to fluid removal. While many risk factors have been identified, ...

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  • Cardiovascular disease in chronic renal failure: pathophysiologic aspects.

    abstract::Cardiovascular complications are the leading cause of mortality in patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). The excess cardiovascular risk and mortality is already demonstrable in early renal disease and in patients with chronic renal failure (CRF), with the highest relative risk of mortality in the youngest pati...

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  • Dietary phosphorus restriction in advanced chronic kidney disease: merits, challenges, and emerging strategies.

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  • Thigh grafts: a preferable alternative to catheters when upper extremity access sites are exhausted.

    abstract::Hemodialysis patients with failed upper extremity (arm) access sites comprise 5-10% of the dialysis population. In these patients, arm vessels are either unsuitable for access placement due to trauma or peripheral vascular disease, or have been exhausted following dialysis usage. Synthetic grafts in the lower extremit...

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  • Sonography of Arteriovenous Fistulas and Grafts.

    abstract::Arteriovenous fistulas (AVFs) and arteriovenous grafts (AVGs) are the vascular accesses of choice for long-term hemodialysis. Strategies to establish and maintain functioning AVFs and AVGs are essential. In addition to clinical evaluation, ultrasound plays a critical role in the evaluation and maintenance of AVFs and ...

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  • What is so bad about reverse epidemiology anyway?

    abstract::The term "reverse epidemiology" is used to indicate that such surrogates of cardiovascular risk and metabolic syndrome as obesity, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension are paradoxically associated with greater survival in individuals with chronic disease states and wasting, including dialysis patients, in whom the sh...

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  • Blood pressure control in conventional hemodialysis.

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  • Mycotic aneurysms and death in a hemodialysis patient.

    abstract::A patient with newly diagnosed end-stage renal disease (ESRD) received a femoral catheter for hemodialysis (HD). Shortly thereafter he developed fever, and blood cultures grew methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. The catheter was removed and the patient was treated with both vancomycin and rifampin; however, b...

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  • Outcomes of arteriovenous grafts following simultaneous thrombectomy and stent graft placement across the venous anastomosis.

    abstract::Arteriovenous grafts (AVGs) suffer from high thrombosis rates. It is not known whether placement of stent grafts at the venous anastomosis (VA) of thrombosed AVGs would impact future thrombosis. This is a retrospective study evaluating a group of AVGs that underwent endovascular thrombectomy with placement of a stent ...

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  • Euvolemia-A critical target in the management of acute kidney injury.

    abstract::It has been clearly established that critically ill patients with sepsis require prompt fluid resuscitation. The optimal amount of fluid and when to taper this resuscitation is less clear. There is a growing evidence that fluid overload leads to acute kidney injury, and increased morbidity and mortality. A clinician's...

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