The costs and effects of cervical and breast cancer screening in a public hospital emergency room. The Cancer Control Center of Harlem.


OBJECTIVES:This study assessed the cost-effectiveness of cervix and breast cancer screening in a public hospital emergency room. METHODS:Age-eligible women with nonurgent conditions and without recent screening were offered screening by a nurse. A decision analysis compared the costs and outcomes of emergency room screening and standard hospital screening efforts. RESULTS:The undiscounted cost-effectiveness results for establishing new programs were $4050 (cervical cancer), $403,203 (breast cancer), and $4375 (joint cervix and breast cancer) per year of life saved. If screening is added to an existing program, results are more favorable ($429, $21,324, and $479 per year of life saved for cervix, breast, and joint screening, respectively). Results were most sensitive to volume and probability of receiving treatment after an abnormal screen. CONCLUSIONS:Emergency room screening was cost-effective for cervical cancer; breast cancer screening was relatively expensive given the low number of women reached. More intensive recruitment and follow-up strategies are needed to maximize the cost-effectiveness of such programs.


Am J Public Health


Mandelblatt J,Freeman H,Winczewski D,Cagney K,Williams S,Trowers R,Tang J,Gold K,Lin TH,Kerner J




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  • The effect of hip fracture on mortality, hospitalization, and functional status: a prospective study.

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  • Health care for the homeless in a national health program.

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  • Latino child health: need for inclusion in the US national discourse.

    abstract::The "rediscovery" of poverty, as echoed in concepts of social inequality, has contributed to the goal of eliminating racial/ethnic and social class disparities in the United States. This commentary focuses on what we know about the pressing health care needs and issues relevant to Latino children and families and how ...

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  • Racial differences in serum cotinine levels among smokers in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in (Young) Adults study.

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  • Hunting firearm injuries, North Carolina.

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  • HIV Testing, Access to HIV-Related Services, and Late-Stage HIV Diagnoses Across US States, 2013-2016.

    abstract::Objectives. To examine state-level factors associated with late-stage HIV diagnoses in the United States.Methods. We examined state-level factors associated with late-stage diagnoses by estimating negative binomial regression models. We used 2013 to 2016 data from the National HIV Surveillance System (late-stage diagn...

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  • Sharing a Playbook: Integrated Care in Community Health Centers in the United States.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:We investigated basic measures used to assess collaboration between colocated providers and to gauge the extent to which health centers practice integrated care. METHODS:We used the Assessment of Behavioral Health Services survey and the 2010 Uniform Data System to explore the elements of integrated care fo...

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