Estrogen stimulates PTHrP but not PTH/PTHrP receptor gene expression in the kidney of ovariectomized rat.


:The aim of the present study was to test the hypothesis that the decreased renal tubular reabsorption of calcium observed in estrogen deficiency is associated with a local regulation of either PTHrP or PTH/PTHrP receptor genes in the kidney. Rats were randomly sham-operated (S) or ovariectomized receiving either vehicle (OVX) or 4 microg E2/kg/day (OVX+E4) or 40 microg E2/kg/d (OVX+E40) during 14 days using alzet minipumps. Plasma PTH and calcium levels were lower in untreated OVX animals than in all other groups (P < 0.01). Plasma PTH was higher in OVX+E40 than in OVX+E4 (P < 0.05). PTHrP mRNA expression in the kidney was unaffected by ovariectomy but was increased in OVX+E40 (0.984 +/- 0.452 for PTHrP/GAPDH mRNAs expression vs. 0.213 +/- 0.078 in sham, P < 0.01). PTH/PTHrP receptor mRNA expression and the cAMP response of renal membranes to PTH were unaffected by ovariectomy and estrogen substitution. In conclusion, renal PTHrP and PTH/PTHrP receptor mRNAs are not modified by ovariectomy. However, 17beta-estradiol increases renal expression of PTHrP mRNA without evident changes in its receptor expression and function. This may help to explain the pharmacological action of estrogen in the kidney, especially how it prevents the renal leak of calcium in postmenopausal women.


J Cell Biochem


Cros M,Silve C,Graulet AM,Morieux C,Ureña P,de Vernejoul MC,Bouizar Z


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1998-07-01 00:00:00














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  • Deletion of insulin receptor in the proximal tubule and fasting augment albumin excretion.

    abstract::The contribution of proximal tubules (PT) to albumin uptake is now well recognized, however, its regulation is understudied area. There are reports suggesting that insulin resistance is associated with the development of albuminuria in nondiabetic individuals. We have previously reported reduced insulin receptor (IR) ...

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  • Sex-specific effects of estrogen and androgen on gene expression in human monocyte-derived osteoclasts.

    abstract::Estrogen and androgen are both critical for the maintenance of bone, but the target cells, mechanisms, and responses could be sex-specific. To compare sex-specific actions of estrogen and androgen on osteoclasts, human peripheral blood mononuclear precursor cells from adult Caucasian males (n = 3) and females (n = 3) ...

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  • Resveratrol significantly inhibits the occurrence and development of cervical cancer by regulating phospholipid scramblase 1.

    abstract::Cervical cancer (CC) is one of the most common female malignancies, and resveratrol is a polyphenol isolated from the skins of grapes, which has been reported to significantly alter the cellular physiology of tumor cells. However, little is known about the role of phospholipid scramblase 1 (PLSCR1) in pathogenesis of ...

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