Cardiac metastasis from carcinoma of the cervix: report of two cases.


BACKGROUND:The presence of cardiac metastasis from cervical carcinoma is extremely rare. The diagnosis is made almost exclusively postmortem. There are few cases of premortem diagnosis, and it is believed that when cardiac metastasis are found in vivo, the prognosis is extremely poor. Due to the rarity of this condition it is very difficult to standardize care for these patients. Considering the evidence provided by the cases in this report, it is possible that aggressive therapy may lengthen patients survival and quality of life. CASE:We present two cases of cervical carcinoma with metastasis to the heart. Both patients presented with symptomatology of cardiac tamponade. Both patients had invasion of the myocardium from presumed endomyocardial metastasis where the prognosis is even worse. We took an aggressive therapeutic approach to our patients and had excellent results in one. Our report includes the longest survival reported for a patient to date with premortem diagnosis of intramyocardial metastasis from cervical carcinoma. CONCLUSION:We concluded that the prognosis for cardiac metastasis from cervical carcinoma is extremely poor. The stage of the disease at initial presentation does not predict the future development of cardiac metastasis. Taking an aggressive therapeutic approach, including thoracentesis, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy to the heart, survival and quality of life can be improved.


Gynecol Oncol


Gynecologic oncology


Lemus JF,Abdulhay G,Sobolewski C,Risch VR




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