Bacterial chitin binding proteins show differential substrate binding and synergy with chitinases.


:Glycosyl hydrolase (GH) family 18 chitinases (Chi) and family 33 chitin binding proteins (CBPs) from Bacillus thuringiensis serovar kurstaki (BtChi and BtCBP), B. licheniformis DSM13 (BliChi and BliCBP) and Serratia proteamaculans 568 (SpChiB and SpCBP21) were used to study the efficiency and synergistic action of BtChi, BliChi and SpChiB individually with BtCBP, BliCBP or SpCBP21. Chitinase assay revealed that only BtChi and SpChiB showed synergism in hydrolysis of chitin, while there was no increase in products generated by BliChi, in the presence of the three above mentioned CBPs. This suggests that some (specific) CBPs are able to exert a synergistic effect on (specific) chitinases. A mutant of BliChi, designated as BliGH, was constructed by deleting the C-terminal fibronectin III (FnIII) and carbohydrate binding module 5 (CBM5) to assess the contribution of FnIII and CBM5 domains in the synergistic interactions of GH18 chitinases with CBPs. Chitinase assay with BliGH revealed that the accessory domains play a major role in making BliChi an efficient enzyme. We studied binding of BtCBP and BliCBP to α- and β-chitin. The BtCBP, BliCBP or SpCBP21 did not act synergistically with chitinases in hydrolysis of the chitin, interspersed with other polymers, present in fungal cell walls.


Microbiol Res


Microbiological research


Manjeet K,Purushotham P,Neeraja C,Podile AR




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