Static respiration indices to investigate compost stability: effect of sample weight and temperature and comparison with dynamic respiration indices.


:Goal of this work was to study the effect of sample weight and temperature on the microbial respiration indices of a static microbial respiration test used to quantify compost stability. The static respiration tests (SRT) were performed at two different temperatures (20°C and 35°C) using five different sample weights (19, 38, 56, 75 and 94 dry g). Results showed that at 35°C, as sample weight increased, the magnitude of the respiration indices reduced. In addition, the 35°C temperature resulted in higher static respiration activity indices compared to that at the 20°C for two sample weights. The static respiration tests led to 2-2.5 times lower oxygen-related indices compared to those calculated in dynamic respiration tests (DRT); the 7-day CO(2) cumulative generations were, however, almost similar for both types of tests. Respiratory quotients (RQs) were constantly between 0.8 to 1.2 during the SRT.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Komilis D,Kletsas C




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  • Evaluating the process performance and potential of a high-rate single airlift bioreactor for simultaneous carbon and nitrogen removal through coupling different pathways from a nitrogen-rich wastewater.

    abstract::The feasibility of a continuous feed and intermittent discharge airlift bioreactor for simultaneous carbon and nitrogen removal from a low COD/N wastewater was evaluated. The effect of two independent variables, HRT (10-20 h) and NH4+/(NH4++NO3-) ratio (0.25-0.75), on the bioreactor performance was studied. The relati...

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  • A mesophilic Clostridium species that produces butanol from monosaccharides and hydrogen from polysaccharides.

    abstract::A unique mesophilic Clostridium species strain BOH3 is obtained in this study, which is capable of fermenting monosaccharides to produce butanol and hydrolyzing polysaccharides to produce hydrogen (H(2)) and volatile fatty acids (VFAs). From 30 g/L of glucose and xylose each, batch culture BOH3 was able to produce 4.6...

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  • Isolation of free-living dinitrogen-fixing bacteria and their activity in compost containing de-inking paper sludge.

    abstract::Knowledge of the microbiology of dinitrogen (N2)-fixing bacteria in compost rich in de-inking paper sludge (DPS) is limited. Dinitrogen (N2)-fixing bacteria from DPS composts were isolated and studied for their N2-fixing activity in vitro and in vivo. Two Gram-negative N2-fixing isolates were identified as Pseudomonas...

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  • Biofouling and control approaches in membrane bioreactors.

    abstract::Membrane fouling (especially biofouling) as a critical issue during membrane reactor (MBR) operation has attracted much attention in recent years. Although previous review papers have presented different aspects of MBR's fouling when treating various wastewaters, the information related to biofouling in MBRs has only ...

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  • Characterization of bacterial communities in hybrid upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB)-membrane bioreactor (MBR) process for berberine antibiotic wastewater treatment.

    abstract::Biodegradation of berberine antibiotic was investigated in upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB)-membrane bioreactor (MBR) process. After 118days of operation, 99.0%, 98.0% and 98.0% overall removals of berberine, COD and NH4(+)-N were achieved, respectively. The detailed composition of the established bacterial comm...

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  • The impact of sludge amendment on gas dynamics in an upland soil: monitored by membrane inlet mass spectrometry.

    abstract::Studies of the land disposal of biosolids and municipal sewage have focused largely on the potential pollution of the soil with pathogens, toxic compounds or heavy metals. Little is known about the impact of sludge amendment on carbon source and sink concentrations in soils. In this study gas concentrations in Scottis...

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  • Optimization of extraction of high-ester pectin from passion fruit peel (Passiflora edulis flavicarpa) with citric acid by using response surface methodology.

    abstract::A central composite design was employed to optimize the extraction of pectin with citric acid. The independent variables were citric acid concentration (0.086-2.91% w/v) and extraction time (17-102 min). The combined effect of these variables on the degree of esterification was investigated. Results have shown that th...

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  • Effect of additional food waste slurry generated by mesophilic acidogenic fermentation on nutrient removal and sludge properties during wastewater treatment.

    abstract::Fermentation slurry from food waste (FSFW) generated by acidogenic fermentation at mesophilic temperature was utilized to improve the nutrients removal from wastewater. Organic acids (such as lactate and volatile fatty acids) in the FSFW behaved as readily biodegradable carbon sources, while the particulate and macrom...

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  • Transcriptomic analysis reveals the mechanism on the response of Chlorococcum sp. GD to glucose concentration in mixotrophic cultivation.

    abstract::In this study, the performance of Chlorococcum sp. GD in synthetic medium with different glucose concentrations (ranging from 1 to10 g/L) was investigated. Moreover, transcriptome sequencing was conducted to clarify the response of the microalga to glucose concentrations. High concentration of glucose (6-10 g/L) not o...

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  • The simultaneous antibiotics and nitrogen removal in vertical flow constructed wetlands: Effects of substrates and responses of microbial functions.

    abstract::A vertical flow constructed wetland (VFCW) packed with the different substrates was designed to remediate the antibiotics in the wastewater. Zeolite (CW-Z) paralleled with Manganese (Mn) ore (CW-M) and biochar (CW-C) were used to enhance the synchronous removal of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride (CIPH), sulfamethazine (SM...

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  • Biosynthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles using a novel marine strain of Stenotrophomonas.

    abstract::The present study aims at exploiting marine microbial diversity for biosynthesis of metal nanoparticles and also investigates role of microbial proteins in the process of bio-mineralization of gold and silver. This is the first report for concurrent production of gold and silver nanoparticles (AuNPs and AgNPs) by extr...

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  • Mechanism of cadmium binding on the cell wall of an acidophilic bacterium.

    abstract::Under certain conditions bacteria can act as a good biosorbent for different toxic heavy metals. However, no study on this aspect has been reported in case of acidophilic, heterotrophic, Gram-negative Acidiphilium strains, which are mostly resistant to several heavy metals. FTIR, SEM, TEM along with sorption experimen...

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  • The effect of crystallinity of cellulose on the rate of reducing sugars production by heterogeneous enzymatic hydrolysis.

    abstract::A kinetic model is devised, from the reaction mechanism steps, to predict the rate of reducing sugar production by hydrolysis of two types of cellulose, namely, amorphous carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and highly crystalline wood shavings, using Aspergillus niger cellulase. Experimental results in a stirred batch reacto...

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  • Enhancing the co-composting of olive mill wastes and sewage sludge by the addition of an industrial waste.

    abstract::In this work, the effect of incorporating an acidic ferrous sulphate waste (SF) over co-composting process of sewage sludge and olive mill solid wastes in a 1:2 v/v wet basis was investigated. The SF used was an industrial by-product of titanium oxide synthesis and its addition resulted in a chemical stabilisation of ...

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  • Valorization of sugar-to-ethanol process waste vinasse: A novel biorefinery approach using edible ascomycetes filamentous fungi.

    abstract::The aim of the present work was to study the integration of edible ascomycetes filamentous fungi into the existing sugar- or molasses-to-ethanol processes, to grow on vinasse or stillage and produce ethanol and protein-rich fungal biomass. Two fungal strains, Neurospora intermedia and Aspergillus oryzae were examined ...

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  • A new biobleaching sequence for kenaf pulp: influence of the chemical nature of the mediator and thermogravimetric analysis of the pulp.

    abstract::This paper evaluates five phenolic compounds as mediators for kenaf pulp biobleaching by laccase. The results have been compared with the treatment using a non-phenolic mediator, 1-hydroxybenzotriole and laccase alone. The influence of the nature of the chemical mediators used on various pulp properties is discussed. ...

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  • Simultaneous removal of nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide in a biofilter under micro-oxygen thermophilic conditions: Removal performance, competitive relationship and bacterial community structure.

    abstract::The efficiency of a biofilter to simultaneously remove nitric oxide (NO) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) was investigated under thermophilic (48 ± 2 °C) micro-oxygen (3 vol%) conditions. After the start-up stage (Days 0-14), the stable operation period was divided into three stages. SO2 inlet concentration remained 500 mg/m3...

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  • Optimization of membrane bioreactors by the addition of powdered activated carbon.

    abstract::It was found that with replenishment, powdered activated carbon (PAC) in the membrane bioreactor (MBR) would develop biologically activated carbon (BAC) which could enhance filtration performance of a conventional MBR. This paper addresses two issues (i) effect of PAC size on MBR (BAC) performance; and (ii) effect of ...

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  • Statistical and sequential (fill-and-draw) approach to enhance rhamnolipid production using industrial lignocellulosic hydrolysate C6 stream from Achromobacter sp. (PS1).

    abstract::Statistical optimization using industrial rice-straw hydrolysate (C6 stream) containing 5.0% total sugars was carried out for enhancing the rhamnolipid production from Achromobacter sp. (PS1) with subsequent adoption of a sequential fermentation approach with fill-and-draw operation for further increment. The interact...

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  • Identity and diversity of archaeal communities during anaerobic co-digestion of chicken feathers and other animal wastes.

    abstract::Digestion of raw feathers in anaerobic digesters inoculated with adapted swine manure, slaughterhouse sludge or dairy manure was investigated using twelve 42-L anaerobic digesters at 25°C. After 120days 74%, 49% and 40% added feathers were converted to methane in swine manure, dairy manure and slaughterhouse sludge an...

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  • Effects of chlortetracycline and copper on tetracyclines and copper resistance genes and microbial community during swine manure anaerobic digestion.

    abstract::As antibiotic and heavy metals are over used in the livestock industry, animal manure is a reservoir of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs). Anaerobic digestion has been reported to have the potential to reduce ARGs. However, few studies investigated whether reduction of ARGs would be affected by different external pre...

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  • Liquefaction of cornstalk in hot-compressed phenol-water medium to phenolic feedstock for the synthesis of phenol-formaldehyde resin.

    abstract::Cornstalk powders were effectively liquefied in a hot-compressed phenol-water medium (1:4 wt/wt). The optimum liquefaction temperature was around 350 degrees C, where the liquid yield attained a maximum at about 70 wt%. The addition of sodium carbonate showed negligible effect over the Liquefaction product yields. Whe...

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  • Effects of light intensity on oxygen distribution, lipid production and biological community of algal-bacterial granules in photo-sequencing batch reactors.

    abstract::The effects of light intensity (0-225 µmol m-2 s-1) on oxygen distribution, lipid production and biological community structure of algal-bacterial granules were investigated in six identical photo-sequencing batch reactors (with a dark/light cycle of 12 h/12 h). Typically green algal-bacterial granules could be develo...

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  • Development of anammox process for removal of nitrogen from wastewater in a novel self-sustainable biofilm reactor.

    abstract::Effluent of an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor was treated in a downflow rope-bed-biofilm-reactor (RBBR) to remove residual organic matter and nitrogen. Nitrogen removal was observed in phase 1 and phase 2 with and without aeration, respectively for 320days each. Organic matter, ammonia and total nitrogen remo...

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  • Metabolic flux network analysis of fermentative hydrogen production: using Clostridium tyrobutyricum as an example.

    abstract::This study applies metabolic flux network analysis (MFA) to evaluate the metabolic flux of fermentative hydrogen production (FHP) with the use of Clostridium tyrobutyricum fed with either glucose or lactate/acetate as substrates. The MFA results suggest that hydraulic retention time (HRT) presents significant impact o...

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  • Investigation of nickel supported catalysts for the upgrading of brown peat derived gasification products.

    abstract::A gasification test rig was designed in which peat was gasified under nitrogen over a temperature range 25-550 degrees C at 5 degrees C min(-1). The gasification unit resulted in 35.5 wt% of the carbon present in the peat being converted to a volatile fraction. The volatile fraction was transferred to a secondary cata...

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    authors: Sutton D,Kelleher B,Doyle A,Ross JR

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  • Comparison of stirred tank and airlift bioreactors in the production of polygalacturonases by Aspergillus oryzae.

    abstract::The production of endo and exo-polygalacturonase (PG) by Aspergillus oryzae IPT 301 was studied in a stirred tank bioreactor (STR) and an internal circulation airlift bioreactor. Using a factorial experimental design, a soluble culture medium was defined which allowed the production of exo- and endo-PG comparable to t...

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    authors: Fontana RC,Polidoro TA,da Silveira MM

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  • Typology of exogenous organic matters based on chemical and biochemical composition to predict potential nitrogen mineralization.

    abstract::Our aim was to develop a typology predicting potential N availability of exogenous organic matters (EOMs) in soil based on their chemical characteristics. A database of 273 EOMs was constructed including analytical data of biochemical fractionation, organic C and N, and results of N mineralization during incubation of...

    journal_title:Bioresource technology

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    authors: Lashermes G,Nicolardot B,Parnaudeau V,Thuriès L,Chaussod R,Guillotin ML,Linères M,Mary B,Metzger L,Morvan T,Tricaud A,Villette C,Houot S

    更新日期:2010-01-01 00:00:00

  • Effects of cytoplasm and reactant polarities on acid-catalyzed lipid transesterification in wet microalgal cells subjected to microwave irradiation.

    abstract::The polarities of the cytoplasm and reactants were measured through dielectric spectroscopy, contact angle test, NMR, and FTIR to investigate the mechanisms underlying acid-catalyzed lipid transesterification in wet microalgal cells subjected to microwave irradiation. Organics with apolar functional groups in the cyto...

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    authors: Huang R,Cheng J,Qiu Y,Li T,Zhou J,Cen K

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  • Transesterification of edible, non-edible and used cooking oils for biodiesel production using calcined layered double hydroxides as reusable base catalysts.

    abstract::Fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) were produced from edible, non-edible and used cooking oils with different fatty acid contents by transesterification with methanol using calcined layered double hydroxides (LDHs) as solid base catalysts. Among the catalysts, calcined CaAl2-LDH (hydrocalumite) showed the highest activit...

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