Implementing a smoking cessation program in social and community service organisations: a feasibility and acceptability trial.


INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Novel ways of accessing and engaging smokers who are socially and economically disadvantaged may help reduce socioeconomic disparities in smoking rates. This study assessed the feasibility and acceptability of integrating smoking cessation support into usual care at a social and community service organisation (SCSO). DESIGN AND METHODS:One SCSO providing a Personal Helpers and Mentors program participated. Support workers were provided with training in 5A's, brief motivational interviewing and use of nicotine replacement therapy, and then recruited clients into a 6 month smoking program. Acceptability and feasibility was assessed prior to receiving training and at 3 and 6 month follow up for support workers, and at enrolment into the program and at 4 and 6 month follow up for clients. RESULTS:Six support workers (67%) and 20 of their clients (65%) took part. Overall acceptability of the program was high, particularly among clients. The amount of time spent talking about smoking increased from 3.8 min per visit at baseline to 15.5 min at 6 month follow up. There was a significant reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked from 20.5 cigarettes per day at baseline to 15 cigarettes per day at 6 month follow up (P = 0.04). DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS:SCSOs are both interested in and capable of providing smoking care and the majority of clients found the smoking cessation intervention acceptable and helpful. Given the demonstrated acceptability and feasibility of this approach, further research to determine the effectiveness of this approach is warranted.


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Drug and alcohol review


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  • Investigating the management of alcohol-related presentations in an Australian teaching hospital.

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  • Reviewing the needs of unemployed youth in smoking intervention programmes.

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    abstract::With chronic use of a psychoactive drug the central nervous system undergoes a series of changes. These changes vary both in nature and in extent with each drug, but in general, they alter the responsiveness of the nervous system to the drug so as to reduce the perceived clinical effect, and also alter the innate resp...

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  • Pathophysiologic mechanisms responsible for the reversible (thiamine-responsive) and irreversible (thiamine non-responsive) neurological symptoms of Wernicke's encephalopathy.

    abstract::Chronic alcoholism results in thiamine deficiency as a result of poor nutrition and impaired gastrointestinal absorption of the vitamin. Pyrithiamine-induced thiamine deficiency in the rat reproduces a neurological syndrome and ultimately neuropathological damage of a nature and distribution that is similar to that en...

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  • Alcohol and other drug prevention for older adolescents: It's a no brainer.

    abstract::Older adolescence represents a critical period of brain development whereby the prefrontal cortex, responsible for higher level thinking and emotional regulation, is under construction. During this period, the brain is wired to underestimate risk and overestimate pleasure, which primes young people towards risky, plea...

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  • Assessing the accuracy of self-reported smoking status and impact of passive smoke exposure among pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women using cotinine biochemical validation.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:A significant level of misreport or error occurs during questionnaire-based assessment of smoking behaviour. Failure to measure environmental tobacco smoke, and participant's inclination to under-report their smoking raise questions as to the accuracy of assessment. In order to establish an estima...

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  • Satisfaction guaranteed? What clients on methadone and buprenorphine think about their treatment.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:A consumer satisfaction survey was conducted among clients receiving methadone or buprenorphine treatment for opioid dependence. The survey aimed to assess client perceptions across a number of treatment domains, including the clinic environment, service provision, clinical relationships, medicati...

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  • General practitioners' detection and management of patients with a dual diagnosis: implications for education and training.

    abstract::General practitioners (GPs) are in a unique position to detect and manage patients with co-morbid mental health and substance use disorders (dual diagnosis). It has been estimated that over 30% of patients presenting to general practice have a diagnosable mental disorder and 12% have dual diagnosis. Unfortunately, bet...

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  • A brief motivational intervention for substance misuse in recent-onset psychosis.

    abstract::Substance misuse is common in early psychosis, and impacts negatively on outcomes. Little is known about effective interventions for this population. We report a pilot study of brief intervention for substance misuse in early psychosis (Start Over and Survive: SOS), comparing it with Standard Care (SC). Twenty-five in...

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  • The Chinese Youth Attitudes toward Young Drug Users scale: an initial scale development and refinement.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Little is known about adolescents' perspectives of young drug users, especially in the Chinese context. This study aimed to develop a scale to measure Chinese youth attitudes toward young drug users. DESIGN AND METHODS:Initially, a total of 26 non-at-risk and at-risk adolescents (15 male and 11 f...

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    abstract::In this Harm Reduction Digest two observers and scholars of the 2001 Portuguese drug policy reform consider divergent accounts of the reform which viewed it as a 'resounding success' or a 'disastrous failure'. Acknowledging from their own experience the inherent difficulties in studying drug law reform, Caitlin Hughes...

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  • Novel psychoactive substance use by US adolescents: Characteristics associated with use of synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cathinones.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:The current study documents the characteristics associated with the use of two novel psychoactive substances: synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cathinones. DESIGN AND METHODS:Nationally representative samples of students in 8th (n = 9665), 10th (n = 10 655) and 12th (n = 10 057) grades across ...

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  • Detection of problem-drinkers in an emergency department using a breathalyser and questionnaire.

    abstract::Over a 2-week period in January 1990 consecutive adult emergency attenders were breathalysed and screened for problem drinking using the WHO screening instrument. Results were compared with a similar study conducted 8 years previously. Of the patients tested, 12.5% had a positive alcohol in 1990 compared with 16% in 1...

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  • Unrecorded consumption, quality of alcohol and health consequences.

    abstract:ISSUES:This contribution aims to examine systematically the evidence on the impact of the quality of unrecorded alcohol products on health consequences. APPROACH:Systematic computer assisted review of the literature. KEY FINDINGS:There are a number of pathways related to alcohol quality that may lead to acute or chro...

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  • Research into action? The Eastside Illicit Drinkers Group for Education's (EIDGE) experiences as a community-based group in Vancouver, Canada.

    abstract::The Eastside Illicit Drinkers Group for Education has been supportive of research dedicated to establishing the effectiveness of Managed Alcohol Programs since its inception. Dedicated funding for MAPs in Vancouver, British Columbia is contingent on the research demonstrating that alcohol-related harms are reduced whi...

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