[Intermediate hospital care for subacute elderly patients as an alternative to prolonged acute hospitalization].


OBJECTIVE:We evaluated the rapid discharge of older patients with reactivated chronic diseases from an acute general hospital to an intermediate care hospital. METHODS:A cohort study was carried out. Compliance with predefined quality standards and patient selection were evaluated. RESULTS:Sixty-eight patients (mean age 82.6 years, 48.5% men) were discharged from the emergency department (69.1%) or medical wards (mean [SD] global length of stay 2.6 [2.9] days in acute wards and 1.5 [1.6] days in the emergency department). Mean post-acute length of stay (SD) was 11.4 (4.2) days. Fifty-six patients (82.4%) were discharged to their previous living situation (home or nursing home), two back to the emergency department, seven to long-term care, and three died. All quality standards were met. In a multivariate analysis, male gender and a higher risk of malnutrition were associated with an increased risk of not returning to the previous living situation (p <0.05). CONCLUSIONS:Intermediate care for selected patients with reactivated chronic diseases might represent an alternative to prolonged acute hospitalization.


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Inzitari M,Espinosa Serralta L,Pérez Bocanegra MC,Roquè Fíguls M,Argimón Pallàs JM,Farré Calpe J




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