Illicit drug use before and during pregnancy at a tertiary maternity hospital 2000-2006.


INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:To study the prevalence of use of illicit drugs by women of reproductive age before and during pregnancy and the changes in rates of illicit drug use in pregnancy over recent years. DESIGN AND METHODS:All pregnant women attending the public antenatal clinic over a 7 year period (2000-2006) were routinely interviewed about their use of illicit drugs by a midwife at the antenatal booking visit. MEASUREMENTS:Records for 25,049 women, who self-reported previous and current use of cannabis, amphetamines, ecstasy and heroin, were included in the study. RESULTS:Cannabis was the most common illicit drug used before and during pregnancy; 9.3% of women were engaged in regular use prior to pregnancy and 2.5% were users during pregnancy. A very low proportion of women reported use of amphetamines, ecstasy or heroin in pregnancy. There was an increase in ever regular use and any past use of cannabis, amphetamines and ecstasy over time. CONCLUSIONS:The prevalence of illicit drug use by young women prior to becoming pregnant is of concern. While pregnancy appears to be a strong motivator for women to cease substance use, there is a need to study whether women resume drug use after their baby is born.


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Drug and alcohol review


Hayatbakhsh MR,Kingsbury AM,Flenady V,Gilshenan KS,Hutchinson DM,Najman JM




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  • Drug production, trafficking and trade in Asia and Pacific Island countries.

    abstract::We report here on illicit drug production, trafficking and transit routes found in the Asia Pacific region. The report is based on the 'Situational analysis of illicit drug issues and responses in Asia and the Pacific', commissioned by the Australian National Council on Drugs Asia Pacific Drug Issues Committee. The si...

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  • Alcohol and other drug prevention for older adolescents: It's a no brainer.

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    abstract:AIMS:To describe temporal trends in methamphetamine use among young injection drug users (IDU) in San Francisco. DESIGN AND METHODS:Secondary analysis of cross-sectional baseline data collected for a longitudinal study of young IDU from 1998 to 2004. Participants were 1445 young IDU (<30 years old) who reported inject...

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  • Assessing the relationship between craving and relapse.

    abstract::The value of craving as a construct in the substance use disorders literature stems from its purported ability to predict actual alcohol or psychoactive drug consumption. Empirical reports of craving's relationship to actual use, however, are quite mixed. It is argued that craving's relationship to use variables such ...

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  • Increasing resource allocation and research into tobacco control activities: a comprehensive approach including primary prevention, treatment and brief intervention.

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