The acceptability of combined methadone-naloxone treatment: Consumer and provider views on the potential utility of methadone-naloxone.


INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:The aim of the study was to investigate the acceptability of methadone-naloxone through interviews with potential consumers and treatment providers about their attitudes and beliefs about combining methadone with naloxone. DESIGN AND METHODS:Qualitative study with structured surveys and individual interviews with nine consumers and 11 treatment providers. RESULTS:Fear and issues around trust were identified as barriers to consumer acceptance of methadone-naloxone. Respect for the choices that consumers made about their treatment and drug use, and clear and open communication were identified as necessary to win consumer acceptance. Both groups had concerns about the safety and efficacy of methadone-naloxone compared with methadone, but also most identified potential benefits from a new opioid treatment option. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS:For both groups, the acceptability of methadone-naloxone depended upon an informed assessment of risks and benefits best addressed by further research into the efficacy, tolerability and safety of methadone-naloxone.


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Drug and alcohol review


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  • Neighbourhood matters: perceptions of neighbourhood cohesiveness and associations with alcohol, cannabis and tobacco use.

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  • Detoxification: the basis of current practice.

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  • Zopiclone misuse: an update from Dublin.

    abstract::The prevalence of zopiclone misuse in clients attending a methadone maintenance programme in Dublin through detection of its degradation product, 2-amino-5-chloropyridine (ACP) on urinalysis is outlined. Urine samples from all 158 clients were tested for the presence of ACP, opiates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, alcohol ...

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  • Different drinking motives, different adverse consequences? Evidence among adolescents from 10 European countries.

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  • Personal Construct Theory and constructivist drug education.

    abstract::In recent years drug education has come under scrutiny. Research has found that drug education is having minimal impact. Questions have been raised as to the appropriateness of theories underpinning drug education programmes as well as the aims and purpose of programmes. As such, there is a call for new approaches. Th...

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  • The internet and the industrial revolution in smoking cessation counselling.

    abstract::The internet can provide wide access to online smoking cessation programmes developed by highly qualified professionals. Compared with one-to-one counselling in smoking cessation clinics or on telephone quitlines, the mass-level dissemination of automatised, individualised counselling on the internet is comparable to ...

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  • Cannabis use in Cape York Indigenous communities: high prevalence, mental health impacts and the desire to quit.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIMS:Anecdotal reports suggest that high rates of cannabis use and dependence are significant issues in Indigenous communities in north Queensland; however, there is little scientific evidence to support or refute this. The Cape York Cannabis Project seeks to investigate cannabis use rates, cannabis de...

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