French norms and validation of the Child Development Inventory (CDI): Inventaire du Developpement de l'Enfant (IDE).


:The aim of this study was to determine the French norms and examine the validity of a parent-report inventory: the Child Development Inventory (CDI), called "Inventaire du Développement de l'Enfant (IDE)" in French. This assesses the general level of a child's development in 8 developmental domains. The norms were determined for a community sample of 1287 children, aged 15 to 72 months. The score for the CDI general development scale correlates closely with chronological age (r = .89). The intra- and interobserver (mother vs teacher) agreements were .97 and .76. The 1-year stability coefficient between the developmental quotient (DQ) values was .81. Correlation between the DQ (CDI) and the IQ of psychometric individual test was high (r = .84). The sensitivity and specificity for detecting borderline children (IQ < 86) were 84% (95% CI = 72% to 92%) and 92% (95% CI = 84% to 97%), respectively. Therefore, the French version of the CDI, like the English one, provides a useful tool for measuring children's development.


Clin Pediatr (Phila)


Clinical pediatrics


Duyme M,Zorman M,Tervo R,Capron C




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