Deciphering the luteal transcriptome: potential mechanisms mediating stage-specific luteolytic response of the corpus luteum to prostaglandin F₂α.


:The objective of this study was to identify prostaglandin F(2α) (PG)-induced changes in the transcriptome of bovine corpora lutea (CL) that are specific to mature, PG-responsive (day 11) CL vs. developing (day 4) CL, which do not undergo luteolysis in response to PG administration. CL were collected at 0, 4, and 24 h after PG injection on days 4 and 11 of the estrous cycle (n = 5 per day and time point), and microarray analysis was performed with GeneChip Bovine Genome Arrays. Data normalization was performed with affy package and significance testing with maanova from Bioconductor. Significance (relative to 0 h time point) was declared at fold change >2.0 or <0.5 and false discovery rate of <5%. At 4 and 24 h after PG, 221 (day 4) and 661 (day 11) and 248 (day 4) and 1,421 (day 11) regulated genes, respectively, were identified. The accentuated gene expression response in day 11 CL was accompanied by specific enrichment of PG-regulated genes in distinctive gene ontology categories (immune related and other), particularly at 24 h after injection. Specificity in putative transcription factor binding sites was observed among PG-regulated genes on day 11 vs. day 4, including a potential association of ETS transcription factors with acute PG-induced gene expression specific to day 11 CL. Temporal and PG-induced regulation of abundance of mRNA for ETS transcription factor family members linked to the stage-specific response to PG was not observed. Increased abundance of protein and/or mRNA for six PG-regulated putative ETS-responsive genes was noted in day 11 but not day 4 CL. Results reveal insight into stage-specific gene expression in bovine CL in response to PG and potential transcriptional mediators of luteolysis.


Physiol Genomics


Physiological genomics


Mondal M,Schilling B,Folger J,Steibel JP,Buchnick H,Zalman Y,Ireland JJ,Meidan R,Smith GW




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