Phototaxis in the magnetotactic bacterium Magnetospirillum magneticum strain AMB-1 is independent of magnetic fields.


:Magnetotactic bacteria (MTB) can rapidly relocate to optimal habitats by magneto-aerotaxis. Little is known about MTB phototaxis, a response that might also aid navigation. In this study, we analyzed the relationship between phototaxis and magnetotaxis in Magnetospirillum magneticum strain AMB-1. Magnotactic AMB-1 cells migrated toward light, and migration increased with higher light intensity. This response was independent of wavelength, as AMB-1 cells migrated equally toward light from 400 to 750 nm. When AMB-1 cells were exposed to zero magnetic fields or to 0.2 mT magnetic fields that were opposite or orthogonal to the light beam, cells still migrated toward the light, indicating that phototaxis was independent of magnetotaxis. The R(mag) value and coercive force (H(c)) of AMB-1 increased when the bacteria were illuminated for 20 h, consistent with an increase in magnetosome synthesis or in magnetosome-containing cells. These results demonstrated that the M. magneticum AMB-1 responded to light as well as other environmental factors. To our knowledge, this is the first report of phototactic behavior in the bacteria of Magnetospirillum.


Chen C,Ma Q,Jiang W,Song T




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