A novel E. coli biosensor for detecting aromatic aldehydes based on a responsive inducible archaeal promoter fused to the green fluorescent protein.


:A whole-cell bacterial biosensor for measuring aqueous concentrations of aromatic aldehydes was developed. It is based on the E. coli BL21DE3(RIL) expressing the green fluorescent protein under the control of an alcohol dehydrogenase inducible promoter belonging to the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus (Sso2536adh promoter). Since it was previously reported that the BldR regulatory protein is the transcription factor required for aromatic aldehyde response in S. solfataricus, the gene encoding for the sensor protein BldR was co-expressed in the biosensor strain on a different compatible plasmid. Gel mobility shift assays showed that the purified recombinant protein can bind specifically to the Sso2536adh promoter. We demonstrated the ability of the archaeal promoter and the BldR transcription factor to operate in a bacterial context to drive active gene expression in a hybrid archaeal/eukaryal fusion. Furthermore, the E. coli BL21DE3(RIL) biosensor strain displayed a specific response and high sensitivity to the different aromatic aldehydes used, suggesting its potential low-cost application to environmentally relevant samples.


Fiorentino G,Ronca R,Bartolucci S




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