Structural insights into the two sequential folding transition states of the PB1 domain of NBR1 from Φ value analysis and biased molecular dynamics simulations.


:The PB1 domain of NBR1 folds via a single pathway mechanism involving two sequential energy barriers separated by a high-energy intermediate. The structural ensemble representing each of the two transition states (TS1 and TS2) has been calculated using experimental Φ values and biased molecular dynamics simulations. Both TS1 and TS2 represent compact states (β(TS1) = 0.71, and β(TS2) = 0.93) but are defined by quite different distributions of Φ values, degrees of structural heterogeneity, and nativelike secondary structure. TS1 forms a heterogeneous ensemble of dynamic structures, representing a global collapse of the polypeptide chain around a set of weak nativelike contacts. In contrast, TS2 has a high proportion of nativelike secondary structure, which is reflected in an extensive distribution of high Φ values. Two snapshots along the folding pathway of the PB1 domain reveal insights into the malleability, the solvent accessibility, and the timing of nativelike core packing that stabilizes the folded state.






Chen P,Evans CL,Hirst JD,Searle MS




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2011-01-11 00:00:00












  • The amino- and carboxyl-terminal fragments of the Bacillus thuringensis Cyt1Aa toxin have differential roles in toxin oligomerization and pore formation.

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  • Molecular modeling of the multidomain structures of the proteoglycan binding region and the link protein of cartilage by neutron and synchrotron X-ray scattering.

    abstract::The interaction of proteoglycan monomers with hyaluronate in cartilage is mediated by a globular binding region at the N-terminus of the proteoglycan monomer; this interaction is stabilized by link protein. Sequences show that both the binding region (27% carbohydrate) and the link protein (6% carbohydrate) contain an...


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  • C-Terminal mutations in the chloroplast ATP synthase gamma subunit impair ATP synthesis and stimulate ATP hydrolysis.

    abstract::Two highly conserved amino acid residues, an arginine and a glutamine, located near the C-terminal end of the gamma subunit, form a "catch" by hydrogen bonding with residues in an anionic loop on one of the three catalytic beta subunits of the bovine mitochondrial F1-ATPase [Abrahams, J. P., Leslie, A. G., Lutter, R.,...


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  • Proton NMR investigation of substrate-bound heme oxygenase: evidence for electronic and steric contributions to stereoselective heme cleavage.

    abstract::The substrate-bound form of the enzyme heme oxygenase (HO), which catalyzed the stereospecific alpha-meso bridge cleavage of hemin to yield biliverdin IX alpha, has been investigated by 1H NMR in both its primarily high-spin and its cyanide-inhibited low-spin forms. Both derivatives yield 1H NMR spectra indicative of ...


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  • Direct detection and kinetic analysis of covalent intermediate formation in the 4-amino-4-deoxychorismate synthase catalyzed reaction.

    abstract::Chorismate-utilizing enzymes catalyze diverse reactions, providing critical physiological functions unique to plants, bacteria, fungi, and some parasites. Their absence in animals makes them excellent targets for antimicrobials and herbicides. 4-Amino-4-deoxychorismate synthase (ADCS) catalyzes the first step in folat...


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  • Distinct mechanisms of calmodulin binding and regulation of adenylyl cyclases 1 and 8.

    abstract::Calmodulin (CaM), by mediating the stimulation of the activity of two adenylyl cyclases (ACs), plays a key role in integrating the cAMP and Ca(2+) signaling systems. These ACs, AC1 and AC8, by decoding discrete Ca(2+) signals can contribute to fine-tuning intracellular cAMP dynamics, particularly in neurons where they...


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  • Thermal behavior of synthetic sphingomyelin-cholesterol dispersions.

    abstract::The thermotropic behavior of aqueous dispersions of palmitoylsphingomyelin-cholesterol and lignoceryl-sphingomyelin-cholesterol mixtures has been examined by high-sensitivity differential scanning calorimetry. When less than 25 mol % cholesterol is mixed with either sphingomyelin, the calorimetric endotherm is compose...


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  • Kinetic mechanism of myosinV-S1 using a new fluorescent ATP analogue.

    abstract::We have used a new fluorescent ATP analogue, 3'-(7-diethylaminocoumarin-3-carbonylamino)-3'-deoxyadenosine-5'-triphosphate (deac-aminoATP), to study the ATP hydrolysis mechanism of the single headed myosinV-S1. Our study demonstrates that deac-aminoATP is an excellent substrate for these studies. Although the deac-ami...


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  • 24-homologated 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 compounds: separation of calcium and cell differentiation activities.

    abstract::A series of 24-homologated 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 compounds have been chemically synthesized and studied with regard to their activity in inducing differentiation of human promyelocyte HL-60 cells to monocytes and in calcium mobilizing activity in vitamin D deficient rats. Homologation of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 or...


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  • Melatonin reverses the profibrillogenic activity of apolipoprotein E4 on the Alzheimer amyloid Abeta peptide.

    abstract::Inheritance of apoE4 is a strong risk factor for the development of late-onset sporadic Alzheimer's disease (AD). Several lines of evidence suggest that apoE4 binds to the Alzheimer Abeta protein and, under certain experimental conditions, promotes formation of beta-sheet structures and amyloid fibrils. Deposition of ...


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  • 9-cis-retinoids: biosynthesis of 9-cis-retinoic acid.

    abstract::Retinoids function through conformational alterations of ligand-dependent nuclear transcription factors, the retinoic acid receptors, and retinoid X receptors. 9-cis-Retinoic acid is a known biological ligand for retinoid X receptors, but its synthesis pathway in vivo is largely unknown. Recently, we identified a cis-...


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  • Heme speciation in alkaline ferric FixL and possible tyrosine involvement in the signal transduction pathway for regulation of nitrogen fixation.

    abstract::The pH-dependent behavior of the ferric forms of two soluble truncations of Rhizobium meliloti FixL, FixL (heme and kinase domains, functional), and FixLN (heme domain) are examined by UV-visible, resonance Raman, and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy. Global analysis of UV-visible data indicates that the p...


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  • Kinetics and thermodynamics of phalloidin binding to actin filaments from three divergent species.

    abstract::We compared the kinetics and thermodynamics of rhodamine phalloidin binding to actin purified from rabbit skeletal muscle, Acanthamoeba castellanii, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae in 50 mM KCl, 1 mM MgCl2, and pH 7.0 buffer at 22 degrees C. Filaments of S. cerevisiae actin bind rhodamine phalloidin more weakly than Acan...


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    authors: De La Cruz EM,Pollard TD

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  • Mutant IDH1 enhances the production of 2-hydroxyglutarate due to its kinetic mechanism.

    abstract::The human, cytosolic enzyme isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1) reversibly converts isocitrate to α-ketoglutarate (αKG). Cancer-associated somatic mutations in IDH1 result in a loss of this normal function but a gain in a new or neomorphic ability to convert αKG to the oncometabolite 2-hydroxyglutarate (2HG). To improve...


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    authors: Rendina AR,Pietrak B,Smallwood A,Zhao H,Qi H,Quinn C,Adams ND,Concha N,Duraiswami C,Thrall SH,Sweitzer S,Schwartz B

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  • Pyrrolo[1,4]benzodiazepine antibiotics. Biosynthesis of the antitumor antibiotic sibiromycin by Streptosporangium sibiricum.

    abstract::The biosynthesis of the antitumor antibiotic sibiromycin by Streptosporangium sibiricum requires the construction of four units: the amino sugar from glucose; the anthranilate ring from DL-tryptophan probably via kynurenine; the aromatic methyl group from methionine; the propylidene proline from L-tyrosine with the lo...


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  • A structural limitation on enzyme activity: the case of HMG-CoA synthase.

    abstract::Recent structural studies of the HMG-CoA synthase members of the thiolase superfamily have shown that the catalytic loop containing the nucleophilic cysteine follows the phi and psi angle pattern of a II' beta turn. However, the i + 1 residue is conserved as an alanine, which is quite unusual in this position as it mu...


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  • Key role of phenylalanine 20 in cytochrome c3: structure, stability, and function studies.

    abstract::Aromatic residues in c-type cytochromes might have an important function in the folding and/or electron transferring properties of the molecule. In the tetraheme cytochrome c3 (Mr 13 000) from Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough, Phe20, is located between heme 1 and heme 3 with its aromatic ring close and almost para...


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  • Glutathione induces helical formation in the carboxy terminus of human glutathione transferase A1-1.

    abstract::The structure and dynamic properties of the C-terminal region of the human class alpha glutathione transferase A1-1 have been investigated with high-resolution NMR methods. On the basis of crystallographic and fluorescence measurements, this 13-residue segment of the enzyme is presumed to be disordered in the unligand...


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    authors: Zhan Y,Rule GS

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  • Kinetic and mechanistic analysis of the E. coli panE-encoded ketopantoate reductase.

    abstract::Ketopantoate reductase (EC catalyzes the NADPH-dependent reduction of alpha-ketopantoate to form D-(-)-pantoate in the pantothenate/coenzyme A biosynthetic pathway. The enzyme encoded by the panE gene from E. coli K12 was overexpressed and purified to homogeneity. The native enzyme exists in solution as a m...


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    authors: Zheng R,Blanchard JS

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  • (Na, K)ATPase activity in membrane preparations of ouabain-resistant HeLa cells.

    abstract::Membrane preparations from two independent ouabain-resistant HeLa cell clones, HI-B1 and HI-C1, each appear to contain two species of (Na,K)ATPase. Two-thirds of the total (Na,K)ATPase in each mutant is indistinguishable from the enzyme in preparations of wild type cells with respect to ouabain binding, ouabain inhibi...


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    authors: Robbins AR,Baker RM

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  • Thermodynamic characterization of naturally occurring RNA single mismatches with G-U nearest neighbors.

    abstract::Due to their prevalence and roles in biological systems, single mismatches adjacent to G-U pairs are important RNA structural elements. Since there are only limited experimental values for the stability of single mismatches adjacent to G-U pairs, current algorithms using free energy minimization to predict RNA seconda...


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  • HIV-1 protease: characterization of a catalytically competent enzyme-substrate intermediate.

    abstract::The steady-state and pre-steady-state kinetic parameters for the interaction of E with the fluorogenic substrate 2-aminobenzoyl-Thr-Ile-Nle-Phe(p-NO(2))-Gln-Arg-NH(2) were determined in 1.25 M NaCl, 0.1 M MES-TRIS at pH 6.0 at 25 degrees C. At low concentrations of enzyme, the values of the K(m) and k(cat) calculated ...


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  • Purification and characterization of a plasminogen activator secreted by cultured human pancreatic carcinoma cells.

    abstract::A plasminogen activator secreted by cultured human pancreatic carcinoma (Mia PaCa-2) cells has been purified to apparent homogeneity by procedures including Sepharose-L-arginine methyl ester affinity chromatography, Sephadex G-200 gel filtration, isoelectric focusing, and sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis. Th...


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  • Fusion of phospholipid vesicles induced by muscle glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in the absence of calcium.

    abstract::Ca2+-induced fusion of phospholipid vesicles (phosphatidylcholine/phosphatidic acid, 9:1 mol/mol) prepared by ethanolic injection was followed by five different procedures: resonance energy transfer, light scattering, electron microscopy, intermixing of aqueous content, and gel filtration through Sepharose 4-B. The fi...


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  • Kinetic and spectroscopic properties of the YZ* radical in Ca2+- and Cl--depleted photosystem II preparations.

    abstract::Depletion of Ca2+ and/or Cl- ions from PSII membranes blocks the electron-transfer reactions that precede O2 evolution on the oxidizing side of the enzyme. Illumination of these inhibited preparations at 273 K generates a paramagnetic species that is detectable by low-temperature (T < 20 K) EPR as a signal in the g = ...


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  • Fidelity of in vitro DNA strand transfer reactions catalyzed by HIV-1 reverse transcriptase.

    abstract::The fidelity of DNA strand transfer reactions catalyzed by human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase has been studied in vitro. A model system involving two sequential DNA strand transfers was developed to simulate the process of forced copy-choice recombination. A propensity for nucleotide misincorpor...


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    authors: Peliska JA,Benkovic SJ

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  • Conformational flexibility of PEP mutase.

    abstract::Previous work has indicated that PEP mutase catalyzes the rearrangement of phosphoenolpyruvate to phosphonopyruvate by a dissociative mechanism. The crystal structure of the mutase with Mg(II) and sulfopyruvate (a phosphonopyruvate analogue) bound showed that the substrate is anchored to the active site by the Mg(II),...


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    authors: Liu S,Lu Z,Han Y,Jia Y,Howard A,Dunaway-Mariano D,Herzberg O

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  • Impact of Mutating the Key Residues of a Bifunctional 5,10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate Dehydrogenase-Cyclohydrolase from Escherichia coli on Its Activities.

    abstract::Methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase-cyclohydrolase (FolD) catalyzes interconversion of 5,10-methylene-tetrahydrofolate and 10-formyl-tetrahydrofolate in the one-carbon metabolic pathway. In some organisms, the essential requirement of 10-formyl-tetrahydrofolate may also be fulfilled by formyltetrahydrofolate synth...


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    authors: Sah S,Varshney U

    更新日期:2015-06-09 00:00:00

  • Conformation of valine side chains in ribonuclease T1 determined by NMR studies of homonuclear and heteronuclear 3J coupling constants.

    abstract::A conformational analysis of the valine side chains of ribonuclease T1 (RNase T1) was performed using NMR spectroscopy, in particular homonuclear (1H, 1H and 13C, 13C) and heteronuclear (1H, 15N and 1H, 13C) vicinal spin-spin coupling constants as obtained from E.COSY-type NMR experiments. The coupling constants relat...


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    authors: Karimi-Nejad Y,Schmidt JM,Rüterjans H,Schwalbe H,Greisinger C

    更新日期:1994-05-10 00:00:00

  • Interaction of S100A1 with the Ca2+ release channel (ryanodine receptor) of skeletal muscle.

    abstract::In the present report we studied the interaction between the skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor and the ubiquitous S100A1 Ca2+ binding protein. S100A1 did not affect equilibrium [3H]ryanodine binding to purified rabbit skeletal muscle terminal cisternae at 100 microM free [Ca2+]. At nanomolar free [Ca2+], however, S10...


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    authors: Treves S,Scutari E,Robert M,Groh S,Ottolia M,Prestipino G,Ronjat M,Zorzato F

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