Anaesthesia services in developing countries: defining the problems.


:We describe the use of a questionnaire to define the difficulties in providing anaesthesia in Uganda. The results show that 23% of anaesthetists have the facilities to deliver safe anaesthesia to an adult, 13% to deliver safe anaesthesia to a child and 6% to deliver safe anaesthesia for a Caesarean section. The questionnaire identified shortages of personnel, drugs, equipment and training that have not been quantified or accurately described before. The method used provides an easy and effective way to gain essential data for any country or national anaesthesia society wishing to investigate anaesthesia services in its hospitals. Solutions require improvements in local management, finance and logistics, and action to ensure that the importance of anaesthesia within acute sector healthcare is fully recognised. Major investment in terms of personnel and equipment is required to modernise and improve the safety of anaesthesia for patients in Uganda.






Hodges SC,Mijumbi C,Okello M,McCormick BA,Walker IA,Wilson IH




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  • Osmolar output in the peri-operative period.

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  • Time course of action of combinations of vecuronium and pancuronium.

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  • Respiratory tract infection and anaesthesia. Haemophilus influenzae pneumonia that developed under anaesthesia.

    abstract::A 2-year-old boy with symptoms of a minor upper respiratory tract infection developed Haemophilus influenzae pneumonia that presented as hypoxaemia under anaesthesia for minor emergency surgery. The patient required 72 hours of mechanical ventilation in an intensive care unit after the anaesthetic and thereafter made ...


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  • Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov: a surgeon's contribution to military and civilian anaesthesia.

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  • A safety block for scavenging systems.

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  • Comparative study of limited intentional normovolaemic haemodilution in patients with left main coronary artery stenosis.

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  • The use of procaine hydrochloride as a continuous lumbar epidural technique in labour.

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  • Pain during awake nasal intubation after topical cocaine or phenylephrine/lidocaine spray.

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  • Clinical evaluation of doxacurium chloride.

    abstract::Doxacurium was administered to 50 adult patients for determination of potency (n = 10), onset and duration of clinical relaxation (n = 40). Cumulative dose-response showed the ED95 to be 33.24 (95% confidence limits 27.4-39.3). Doxacurium 33 was then administered to four groups of 10 pa...


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  • Effect site concentration during propofol TCI sedation: a comparison of sedation score with two pharmacokinetic models.

    abstract::Target controlled infusion (TCI) pumps function using a programme based on a pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic model. We compared the Marsh and Schnider models to find out which better correlates with the clinically observed effect of propofol as assessed by the Observer Assessment of Alertness/Sedation (OAAS) score and...


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  • Hypotensive anaesthesia for microsurgery of the middle ear. A comparison between enflurane and halothane.

    abstract::One hundred patients undergoing microsurgery of the ear were anaesthetised using thiopentone, nitrous oxide, oxygen and either halothane or enflurane with spontaneous respiration. Blood pressure was reduced to approximately 70 mmHg by the use of hypotensive agents. The efficacy of halothane and enflurane in producing ...


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  • Caudal analgesia for perianal surgery. A comparison between bupivacaine and diamorphine.

    abstract::Seventy-three patients undergoing elective perianal surgery were randomly divided into a control group, a group who received a caudal injection of 20 ml bupivacaine 0.5% plain and a group who received diamorphine 2.5 mg in 10 ml normal saline by caudal injection; a comparison was then made of postoperative analgesia r...


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  • Pretreatment with ketorolac and venous occlusion to reduce pain on injection of propofol.

    abstract::We performed a randomised, double-blind, prospective trial to discover whether intravenous ketorolac 10 mg made up to 2 ml with saline, with or without venous occlusion for 2 min, reduces the pain on injection of propofol. In 90 patients, pain scores were obtained during injection of propofol following pretreatment of...


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  • The interaction of halothane and pancuronium bromide. A study in dogs.

    abstract::The interaction of halothane and pancuronium is demonstrated in the dog tibialis anterior-sciatic nerve preparation. The results show a dose related effect of halothane on the recovery index and the 50% recovery times. These results are compared to other reports and possible mechanisms are discussed. ...


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  • Administration of drugs during cardiopulmonary bypass. An analysis of the fate of a bolus injected through different routes using radio-active technetium.

    abstract::This study was conducted to determine the efficiency of delivery of drugs injected as boluses by the common routes available during cardiopulmonary bypass. Radioactive technetium (99mTc) was injected in a 50 microCi bolus into the central venous line or into the arterial or venous lines of the oxygenator and its passa...


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  • Epidural analgesia for elective Caesarean section. Technique and its assessment.

    abstract::A technique is described of epidural anaesthesia for electric Caesarean section which has a 98% success rate, and an acceptably low incidence of intra-operative pain. The essentials of the technique are to produce and maintain complete sensory block from S5 to T6, employing a two-stage injection of bupivacaine 0.5% (m...


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  • Sedation for oocyte retrieval using target controlled infusion of propofol and incremental alfentanil delivered by non-anaesthetists.

    abstract::Oocyte retrieval is a procedure where sedation is recommended. This paper presents the process of setting up a new, non-anaesthetist delivered service in our institution, the development of safety systems and the audit data we have used to assure quality, effectiveness and safety. Logbook data were collected for 4342 ...


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  • An evaluation of the Universal PAC and Oxford Miniature Vaporizers for paediatric field anaesthesia.

    abstract::A laboratory study has demonstrated that the Universal PAC and Oxford Miniature Vaporizers can be used for paediatric anaesthesia in drawover mode at varying ambient temperatures. Changes in tidal volume have minimal effect on the delivered concentration of halothane from either vaporizer but varying ambient temperatu...


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  • Assessment of the Ventrix parenchymal intracranial pressure monitoring probe (NL950-P) and Monitor (NL950-100) in a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance scanner.

    abstract::Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and spectroscopy provide important information in patients with acute head injury. However, optimal patient management requires intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring. There are few reports on the use of ICP sensors in an MR environment. We tested the Ventrix parenchymal intracranial pr...


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  • Choice of anaesthesia for category-1 caesarean section in women with anticipated difficult tracheal intubation: the use of decision analysis.

    abstract::A predicted difficult airway is sometimes considered a contra-indication to rapid sequence induction of general anaesthesia, even in an urgent case such as a category-1 caesarean section for fetal distress. However, formally assessing the risk is difficult because of the rarity and urgency of such cases. We have used ...


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