Tissue Doppler imaging predicts left ventricular dysfunction and mortality in a murine model of cardiac injury.


AIMS:Currently available non-invasive imaging methods frequently fail to detect alterations in left ventricular (LV) function despite histological evidence of injury. Tissue Doppler imaging (TDI) can detect subtle LV dysfunction. The aim of this study was to investigate whether TDI indices can predict LV systolic dysfunction and mortality following exposure to doxorubicin (DOX) in mice. METHODS AND RESULTS:TDI-derived peak endocardial systolic velocity (V(ENDO)) and strain rate (SR), as well as M-mode and two-dimensional indices of LV systolic function, were measured serially in mice after receiving DOX as a single dose (20 mg/kg). Haemodynamic measurements were obtained invasively before and at 1, 2, 4, and 5 days after the single DOX dose. Cardiac apoptosis was measured before and at 1 day after DOX. V(ENDO) and SR decreased after 1 and 2 days, respectively, whereas changes in fractional shortening (FS) and LV ejection fraction (LVEF) were not detected before 5 days. The reduction in both V(ENDO) and SR correlated with the decrease in dP/dt(MAX), and the change in V(ENDO) correlated with the early increase in cardiac cell apoptosis. In a subsequent experiment, DOX was administered at 4 mg/kg/week for 5 weeks, and LV function was followed serially for 16 weeks. In this chronic experiment, TDI indices decreased before FS and LVEF, correlated with late LV dysfunction, and predicted DOX-induced mortality. CONCLUSION:In a murine model of DOX-induced cardiac injury, TDI detects LV dysfunction prior to alterations in conventional echocardiographic indices and predicts mortality. This study suggests that TDI may be a reliable tool to detect early subtle changes in DOX-induced cardiac dysfunction.


Eur Heart J


European heart journal


Neilan TG,Jassal DS,Perez-Sanz TM,Raher MJ,Pradhan AD,Buys ES,Ichinose F,Bayne DB,Halpern EF,Weyman AE,Derumeaux G,Bloch KD,Picard MH,Scherrer-Crosbie M




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  • Right ventricular dysplasia: angiographic study.

    abstract::At the moment, the most reliable method for diagnosing right ventricular dysplasia is considered to be angiography. Morphological alterations such as the presence of akinetic/dyskinetic areas, aneurysmatic dilatations and deep anteroapical fissuring, not necessarily associated with an increase in ventricular volume, a...

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  • Arterial stiffening is a heritable trait associated with arterial dilation but not wall thickening: a longitudinal study in the twins UK cohort.

    abstract:Aims:Vascular ageing is characterized by arterial stiffening, dilation, and arterial wall thickening. We investigated the extent to which these changes are related and their heritability during 5 year follow-up in the Twins UK cohort. Methods and results:Carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity (PWVcf), carotid diameter, c...

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  • The effects of beta blockers on exercise capacity and on training response in elderly subjects.

    abstract::Treatment of 8 hypertensive elderly subjects with atenolol or with labetalol did not affect exercise performance, except after the development of circulatory congestion in 1 patient. Treatment with beta blockers did not alter the response to an exercise training programme in 15 elderly patients with ischaemic heart di...

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  • Genes for blood pressure: an opportunity to understand hypertension.

    abstract::Hypertension (HTN) is quantitatively the major cardiovascular risk factor and responsible for ∼50% of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Blood pressure (BP) is also a classical complex genetic trait with heritability estimates of 30-50%. Although much is known about BP regulation, the intrinsic origin of essentia...

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  • Triglycerides, a major coronary risk factor in elderly men. A study of men born in 1913.

    abstract::We examined two 'cohorts' of elderly men, 60 and 67 years old. The two 'cohorts' overlapped to a large extent in terms of numbers but not in the follow-up periods. The mean have been followed-up for 7 and 8 years respectively. Among the 748 60-year-old men without prior myocardial infarction the 7-year incidence of co...

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    abstract::In past decades, numerous experimental and clinical studies have improved our knowledge of the electrophysiological effects of sodium channel blockers, as well as of the mechanisms of arrhythmogenesis. However, the mechanisms of antiarrhythmic as well as potentially proarrhythmic drug action have been less well clarif...

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