Type III effector proteins: doppelgangers of bacterial virulence.


:Bacterial pathogens have co-evolved with their hosts in their ongoing quest for advantage in the resulting interaction. These intimate associations have resulted in remarkable adaptations of prokaryotic virulence proteins and their eukaryotic molecular targets. An important strategy used by microbial pathogens of animals to manipulate host cellular functions is structural mimicry of eukaryotic proteins. Recent evidence demonstrates that plant pathogens also use structural mimicry of host factors as a virulence strategy. Nearly all virulence proteins from phytopathogenic bacteria have eluded functional annotation on the basis of primary amino-acid sequence. Recent efforts to determine their three-dimensional structures are, however, revealing important clues about the mechanisms of bacterial virulence in plants.


Curr Opin Plant Biol


Desveaux D,Singer AU,Dangl JL




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  • The dynamic plant stem cell niches.

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  • Network-assisted crop systems genetics: network inference and integrative analysis.

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  • Transcriptional regulation by complex interplay between post-translational modifications.

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  • Physiological functions of mineral macronutrients.

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  • Quorum sensing in plant-associated bacteria.

    abstract::N-acyl homoserine lactone (AHL)-mediated quorum sensing by bacteria regulates traits that are involved in symbiotic, pathogenic and surface-associated relationships between microbial populations and their plant hosts. Recent advances demonstrate deviations from the classic LuxR/LuxI paradigm, which was first developed...

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  • Understanding metabolite transport and metabolism in C4 plants through RNA-seq.

    abstract::RNA-seq, the measurement of steady-state RNA levels by next generation sequencing, has enabled quantitative transcriptome analyses of complex traits in many species without requiring the parallel sequencing of their genomes. The complex trait of C4 photosynthesis, which increases photosynthetic efficiency via a bioche...

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  • The perception of gibberellins: clues from receptor structure.

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  • Environmental regulation of stomatal development.

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  • The evolutionary dynamics of plant duplicate genes.

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  • Effector proteins that modulate plant--insect interactions.

    abstract::Insect herbivores have highly diverse life cycles and feeding behaviors. They establish close interactions with their plant hosts and suppress plant defenses. Chewing herbivores evoke characteristic defense responses distinguishable from general mechanical damage. In addition, piercing-sucking hemipteran insects displ...

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  • Reaching the top through a tortuous path: helical growth in climbing plants.

    abstract::Climbing plants have voluble organs, for example, tendrils and modified stems, which twine up neighboring plants to reach the canopy. These organs perform exaggerated circumnutation, during which they grow towards the shaded areas of the forest (skototropism) to find a host. In response to mechanical stimulus, they gr...

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  • Novel metabolism in Chlamydomonas through the lens of genomics.

    abstract::Chlamydomonas has traditionally been exploited as an organism that is associated with sophisticated physiological, genetic and molecular analyses, all of which have been used to elucidate several biological processes, especially photosynthesis and flagella function and assembly. Recently, the genomics of Chlamydomonas...

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  • THESEUS 1, FERONIA and relatives: a family of cell wall-sensing receptor kinases?

    abstract::The plant cell wall provides form and integrity to the cell as well as a dynamic interface between a cell and its environment. Therefore mechanisms capable of policing changes in the cell wall, signaling cellular responses including those that would feedback regulate cell wall properties are expected to play important...

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  • How filamentous plant pathogen effectors are translocated to host cells.

    abstract::The interaction of microbes with "signature" plants is largely governed by secreted effector proteins, which serve to dampen plant defense responses and modulate host cell processes. Secreted effectors can function either in the apoplast or within plant cell compartments. How oomycetes and fungi translocate their effe...

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  • Something ancient and something neofunctionalized-evolution of land plant hormone signaling pathways.

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  • Early molecular events in PAMP-triggered immunity.

    abstract::In plant innate immunity, the first line of microbial recognition leading to active defence responses relies on the perception of pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) by pattern-recognition receptors (PRRs). This recognition leads to PAMP-triggered immunity (PTI). Despite the numerous PAMPs recognised by pla...

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  • Chromatin dynamics in plants.

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  • Plasmodesmata dynamics are coordinated by intracellular signaling pathways.

    abstract::Membrane-lined channels called plasmodesmata (PD) connect the cytoplasts of adjacent plant cells across the cell wall, permitting intercellular movement of small molecules, proteins, and RNA. Recent genetic screens for mutants with altered PD transport identified genes suggesting that chloroplasts play crucial roles i...

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  • Passive CO2 concentration in higher plants.

    abstract::Photorespiratory limitations on C3 photosynthesis are substantial in warm, low CO2 conditions. To compensate, certain plants evolved mechanisms to actively concentrate CO2 around Rubisco using ATP-supported CO2 pumps such as C4 photosynthesis. Plants can also passively accumulate CO2 without additional ATP expenditure...

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