Endophyte or parasite--what decides?


:Symbiosis between a fungus and a plant is a widespread phenomenon in nature. The outcome of such an interaction can vary in a seamless manner from mutualism to parasitism. In most cases, the host plant does not suffer, in fact it often gains an advantage from colonization by a fungus. This benefit is based on a fine-tuned balance between the demands of the invader and the plant response. If the interaction becomes unbalanced, disease symptoms appear or the fungus is excluded by induced host defence reactions. Symbioses of plants with beneficial or neutral endophytes share many common attributes with plant interactions with pathogens. Recent findings emerging from studies of compatible host-fungus interactions have enhanced our understanding of what determines whether the fungus behaves as an endophyte or a parasite and of how plants avoid exploitation by detrimental parasites but benefit from mutualistic endophytes.


Curr Opin Plant Biol


Kogel KH,Franken P,Hückelhoven R




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  • Exocytosis for endosymbiosis: membrane trafficking pathways for development of symbiotic membrane compartments.

    abstract::During endosymbiosis with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi or rhizobial bacteria, the microbial symbionts are housed within membrane-bound compartments in root cortex or nodule cells respectively. Their development involves polarized deposition of membrane around the symbionts as they enter the cells and the membranes sho...

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    authors: Harrison MJ,Ivanov S

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  • Regulation and functional specialization of small RNA-target nodes during plant development.

    abstract::The expansion of gene families for miRNA and tasiRNA, small RNA effector proteins (ARGONAUTEs or AGOs), and miRNA/tasiRNA targets has contributed to regulatory diversity in plants. Loss or acquisition of small RNA-generating loci and target site sequences in multigene families represent striking examples of subfunctio...

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  • The plot thickens: New perspectives of primary cell wall modification.

    abstract::Recent studies have further confirmed the ubiquity of cell wall restructuring during plant growth and development, and have emphasized the fact that our understanding of the breadth of molecular processes that mediate wall modification is still rudimentary. In the past few years, both enzymatic and non-enzymatic agent...

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  • Epigenetic regulation of flowering time in polyploids.

    abstract::Polyploidy plays a significant role in the evolution of flowering plants. Understanding the effects of polyploidy on the epigenetic regulation of adaptive traits may resolve questions about the success of polyploids. One such trait, flowering time, has been the subject of several gene expression studies because it has...

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  • Phytopathogen type III effector weaponry and their plant targets.

    abstract::Phytopathogenic bacteria suppress plant innate immunity and promote pathogenesis by injecting proteins called type III effectors into plant cells using a type III protein secretion system. These type III effectors use at least three strategies to alter host responses. One strategy is to alter host protein turnover, ei...

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  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus interactions in plants: from agronomic to physiological and molecular insights.

    abstract::Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P) are the two most essential nutrients ensuring food production and security. The ever growing population demands more N and P-based fertilizers. Even though the N provision to the agricultural system is virtually infinite (Haber and Bosch process) it triggers pollution when it is not use...

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    authors: Krouk G,Kiba T

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  • Suberin--a biopolyester forming apoplastic plant interfaces.

    abstract::Suberized cell walls form physiologically important plant-environment interfaces because they act as barriers that limit water and nutrient transport and protect plants from invasion by pathogens. Plants respond to environmental stimuli by modifying the degree of suberization in root cell walls. Salt stress or drought...

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  • Cell cycle entry, maintenance, and exit during plant development.

    abstract::Growth and development of plants are driven by the continuous production of new cells at the meristems; hence, it is of pivotal importance for plants to precisely regulate the timing and extent of cell proliferation. Although over the past decades the molecular components underlying cell cycle progression have been th...

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  • Peroxisome protein import: some answers, more questions.

    abstract::Recent advances in the study of plant peroxisomes are shedding new light on the importance of these organelles for plant development, and are revealing similarities and differences in peroxisome protein import pathways between plants, animals and fungi. For example, the import of matrix proteins that carry the PTS1 an...

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  • Physcomitrella as a model system for plant cell biology and organelle-organelle communication.

    abstract::In multicellular eukaryotic cells, metabolism and growth are sustained by the cooperative functioning of organelles in combination with cell-to-cell communication at the organism level. In land plants, multiple strategies have evolved to adapt to life outside water. As basal land plant, the moss Physcomitrella patens ...

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    authors: Falz AL,Müller-Schüssele SJ

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  • Formation of primordia and phyllotaxy.

    abstract::Leaves are made in an iterative pattern by the shoot apical meristem. The mechanism of this pattern formation has fascinated biologists, mathematicians and poets for centuries. Over the past year, fundamental insights into the molecular basis of this process have been gained. Patterns of auxin polar transport dictate ...

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  • Transgenic approaches to microbial disease resistance in crop plants.

    abstract::Recent progress in the genetic dissection of plant disease resistance signaling pathways has opened a number of new avenues towards engineering pathogen resistance in crops. Genes controlling race-specific and broad-spectrum resistance responses have been cloned, and novel induced resistance pathways have been identif...

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    authors: Salmeron JM,Vernooij B

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  • WRKY transcription factors: from DNA binding towards biological function.

    abstract::WRKY proteins comprise a large family of transcription factors. Despite their dramatic diversification in plants, WRKY genes seem to have originated in early eukaryotes. The cognate DNA-binding site of WRKY factors is well defined, but determining the roles of individual family members in regulating specific transcrip...

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  • Regulatory network of gene expression in the drought and cold stress responses.

    abstract::Molecular and genomic studies have shown that several genes with various functions are induced by drought and cold stresses, and that various transcription factors are involved in the regulation of stress-inducible genes. The products of stress-inducible genes function not only in stress tolerance but also in stress r...

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  • More lessons from linalool: insights gained from a ubiquitous floral volatile.

    abstract::Linalool (3,7-dimethyl-1,6-octadien-3-ol) is a common floral volatile with two distinct enantiomers and related metabolites involved in the full spectrum of plant-pollinator interactions. Recent studies reveal a complex interplay between pollinator attraction and plant defense mediated by linalool and its derivatives,...

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  • Grass architecture: genetic and environmental control of branching.

    abstract::Variation in grass architecture profoundly affects light capture, competition, and reproductive success, and is responsive to environmental factors such as crowding and nutrient limitation. Recent work in both model and crop systems has uncovered many aspects of the genetic control of branching, including conservation...

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  • Recent surprises in protein targeting to mitochondria and plastids.

    abstract::The functions of mitochondria and chloroplasts rely on thousands of proteins, mostly imported from the cytosol through specialized import channels. Neither the detailed import mechanisms nor the identities of all targeted proteins are known. Recent surprises include unexpected results concerning import receptors, unex...

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  • Signaling in plant embryogenesis.

    abstract::Embryogenesis is a critical stage of the sporophytic life cycle during which the basic body plan of the plant is established. Although positional information is implicated to play a major role in determining embryo cell fate, little is known about the nature of positional signals. Recent studies show that the monopter...

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  • The cellular dynamics of plant aquaporin expression and functions.

    abstract::Aquaporins are channel proteins that facilitate the transport of water and small neutral molecules, including gases, across cell membranes of most of the living organisms. Integrative studies have stressed the role of aquaporins in maintaining the whole plant water and nutrient status. Cellular aspects of plant aquapo...

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  • Coordination of cell polarity and the patterning of leaf vein networks.

    abstract::During development, the behavior of cells in tissues is coordinated along specific orientations or directions by coordinating the polar localization of components in those cells. The coordination of such cell polarity is perhaps nowhere more spectacular than in developing leaves, where the polarity of hundreds of cell...

    journal_title:Current opinion in plant biology

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    authors: Linh NM,Verna C,Scarpella E

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  • Defence signalling pathways in cereals.

    abstract::The combination of mutational and molecular studies has shed light on the role of reactive oxygen intermediates and programmed cell death in cereal disease resistance mechanisms. Rice Rac1 and barley Rar1 represent conserved disease resistance signalling genes, which may have related functions in animals. The analysis...

    journal_title:Current opinion in plant biology

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    authors: Piffanelli P,Devoto A,Schulze-Lefert P

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  • Regulation of the mitochondrial tricarboxylic acid cycle.

    abstract::Recent years have seen considerable advances in our understanding of the particular physiological roles of the constituent enzymes of the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle. Despite acquiring a fairly comprehensive overview of the functional importance of these proteins relatively little is known concerning how this impor...

    journal_title:Current opinion in plant biology

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    authors: Nunes-Nesi A,Araújo WL,Obata T,Fernie AR

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  • Mechanisms for regulation of plant kinesins.

    abstract::Throughout the eukaryotic world, kinesins serve as molecular motors for the directional transport of cellular cargo along microtubule tracks. Plants contain a large number of kinesins that have conserved as well as specialized functions. These functions depend on mechanisms that regulate when, where and what kinesins ...

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    authors: Ganguly A,Dixit R

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  • Cellulose synthesis: a complex complex.

    abstract::Cellulose is the world's most abundant biopolymer and a key structural component of the plant cell wall. Cellulose is comprised of hydrogen-bonded beta-1,4-linked glucan chains that are synthesized at the plasma membrane by large cellulose synthase (CESA) complexes. Recent advances in visualization of fluorescently la...

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    authors: Mutwil M,Debolt S,Persson S

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  • Complexity, cross talk and integration of plant MAP kinase signalling.

    abstract::Mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) link information transfer from external stimuli-activated sensors to cellular responses. The completed Arabidopsis genome sequence revealed an extraordinary complexity in MAPK-signalling components in plants. Information obtained from Arabidopsis provides a framework for a uni...

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    authors: Jonak C,Okrész L,Bögre L,Hirt H

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  • Phytochrome nuclear body: an emerging model to study interphase nuclear dynamics and signaling.

    abstract::In higher plants, one of the most striking effects of light at the cellular level is the formation of phytochrome nuclear bodies (PNBs). In Arabidopsis, two types of PNBs have been described: a transient type of PNBs (tPNBs), containing both phytochrome A and phytochrome B, observed during the dark-to-light transition...

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    authors: Chen M

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  • Population, quantitative and comparative genomics of adaptation in forest trees.

    abstract::High-throughput DNA sequencing and genotyping technologies have enabled a new generation of research in plant genetics where combined quantitative and population genetic approaches can be used to better understand the relationship between naturally occurring genotypic and phenotypic diversity. Forest trees are highly ...

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    authors: Neale DB,Ingvarsson PK

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  • Novel metabolism in Chlamydomonas through the lens of genomics.

    abstract::Chlamydomonas has traditionally been exploited as an organism that is associated with sophisticated physiological, genetic and molecular analyses, all of which have been used to elucidate several biological processes, especially photosynthesis and flagella function and assembly. Recently, the genomics of Chlamydomonas...

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    authors: Grossman AR,Croft M,Gladyshev VN,Merchant SS,Posewitz MC,Prochnik S,Spalding MH

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  • Strategies for improving C4 photosynthesis.

    abstract::Recent activities to improve photosynthetic performance in crop plants has focused mainly on C3 photosynthesis where there are clear identified targets such as improving Rubisco kinetics, installation of a CO2 concentrating mechanism and alleviating limitations in chloroplast electron transport. Here we address strate...

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    authors: von Caemmerer S,Furbank RT

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  • Peptide signaling in pollen tube guidance.

    abstract::Fertilization is an important life event for sexually reproductive plants. Part of this process involves precise regulation of a series of complicated cell-cell communications between male and female tissues. Through genetic and omics approaches, many genes and proteins involved in this process have been identified. H...

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    authors: Kanaoka MM,Higashiyama T

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