Burden of dysthymia and comorbid illness in adults in a Canadian primary care setting: high rates of psychiatric illness in the offspring.


BACKGROUND:The burden of comorbid dysthymia and other comorbid psychiatric illnesses in a Canadian primary care setting was measured. Two groups of primary care patients: those who scored positive for comorbid dysthymia versus those who scored negative for any psychiatric disorder were compared. METHODS:This was a cross-sectional survey in a Health Service Organization (HSO) in Ontario, Canada. The subjects were patients of the HSO. The main outcome measures were: health status, mood, social adjustment, coping ability, children's psychiatric disorders, child development, family function, and health and social service utilization. RESULTS:Of the 6280 eligible adults who were patients at the HSO, 68.9% consented to be screened for psychiatric disorders; 5.1% screened positive for dysthymia, of which 90% had at least one comorbid psychiatric disorder. The following statistically significant differences were found between people with dysthymia and other comorbid psychiatric disorders versus people without any psychiatric disorder. People with dysthymia were more likely to have worse health status, worry more about their health, and report levels of pain that impaired their function; they had higher MADRS depression scores, lower social role function scores, lower social adjustment scores, and lower coping ability. More children of people with comorbid dysthymia met criteria for one or more childhood psychiatric disorders and there were more families with a parent with dysthymia that were dysfunctional. People with dysthymia used a greater proportion of health and social services, had higher per person annual health care costs (excluding hospital services), and had higher per person annual indirect costs (lost wages). CONCLUSION:This analysis demonstrated the burden of illness and costs that this disorder imposes on individuals, their families, and society as a whole.


J Affect Disord


Bell B,Chalklin L,Mills M,Browne G,Steiner M,Roberts J,Gafni A,Byrne C,Wallik D,Kraemer J,Webb M,Jamieson E,Whittaker S,Dunn E




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  • User, carer and staff perspectives on anxiety in dementia: a qualitative study.

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  • Forecasting state-level premature deaths from alcohol, drugs, and suicides using Google Trends data.

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  • Secular trends in psychiatric diagnoses of suicide victims.

    abstract::Post-mortem psychiatric diagnoses are compared in two cohorts of male suicides from St. Louis (1956-1957) (Robins, 1981) and San Diego (1981-1982) (Rich et al., 1986). Similar structured interviews and diagnostic criteria had been used in both assessments. Substance/alcohol abuse has remained the major diagnosis in su...

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  • Graph-theoretical analysis of resting-state fMRI in pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:fMRI graph theory reveals resting-state brain networks, but has never been used in pediatric OCD. METHODS:Whole-brain resting-state fMRI was acquired at 3T from 21 children with OCD and 20 age-matched healthy controls. BOLD connectivity was analyzed yielding global and local graph-theory metrics across 100 ...

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  • Validation of the subscales of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale in a sample of women with unsettled infants.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) was developed as a uni-dimensional measure of depression, however there is evidence that it also measures anxiety. This study examined the factor structure of the EPDS and validity of the identified subscales. METHOD:309 women with infants aged up to 12 months...

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  • High fatality rates of late-life depression associated with cardiovascular disease.

    abstract::Sixty-two elderly depressives were located one year after discharge. Eight patients (13%) had died, 2.6 times higher than the expected mortality rate. Patients dying were more likely to have had a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease (P less than 0.001). ...

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  • Trajectories of maternal distress and risk of child developmental delays: Findings from the All Our Families (AOF) pregnancy cohort.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Existing literature on the impact of the course of maternal distress symptoms in the perinatal period and beyond has mainly focused on one source of distress (e.g., anxiety or depression) and only selected aspects of child development. This study examined the relative impact of trajectories of maternal depre...

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