Metabolism of oxidized LDL by macrophages.


:Oxidation products of lipids and proteins are found in atherosclerotic plaque and in macrophage foam cells. Macrophages avidly endocytose in-vitro oxidized LDL and accumulate sterols. What is the evidence that such a process is involved in in-vivo foam cell formation? The present review surveys current knowledge on the metabolism of oxidized LDL by macrophages, and the types, amounts and location of oxidation products that accumulate in these cells. Comparable studies of lesion lipoproteins and foam cells indicate that limited extracellular lipoprotein oxidation, perhaps followed by more extensive intracellular oxidation subsequent to uptake by macrophages, is a more likely scenario in vivo.


Curr Opin Lipidol


Jessup W,Kritharides L




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