Application of experimental design techniques to optimize a competitive ELISA.


:This paper describes the application of experimental design techniques to optimize a sensitive ELISA for a hapten molecule with a calibration range of 0-1000 pg/ml. Ten factors that were expected to affect the assay performance were initially screened, followed by factorial experiments to delineate the effects of the critical factors identified at the screening stage. Assay performance was evaluated using a unique rating system based on standard curve reproducibility, assay detection limits and the use of desirability functions. This rating system allowed multiple responses to be evaluated simultaneously. It was found that the substrate incubation time and enzyme label lot played an important role, while dilutions of the enzyme label and the anti-hapten antibody showed significant interaction. These observations were in good agreement with optimal assay conditions based on historical data collected over a period of two to three years. Application of experimental design techniques enabled us to confirm the significance of the factors affecting the assay within a three month period, with a minimum number of experiments. In addition, information on interaction between factors were determined.


J Immunol Methods


Sittampalam GS,Smith WC,Miyakawa TW,Smith DR,McMorris C




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1996-04-19 00:00:00














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  • Immunoadsorption of T cells onto glass beads using tetramolecular complexes of monoclonal antibodies.

    abstract::Tetramolecular monoclonal antibody complexes were used to selectively cross-link a subset of human peripheral blood T cells (CD8 positive) to glass beads coated with hapten (fluorescein) modified bovine serum albumin. Tetramolecular antibody complexes were prepared with anti-CD8 (Leu 2a), anti-FITC mouse IgG1 monoclon...

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    abstract::Although serum-free media have been used to expand lymphokine-activated killer cells, antigen-specific CD8 T cell cytotoxicity does not develop in vitro in the absence of serum. The immunodominant Vbeta17 response to an influenza A matrix protein epitope restricted by HLA A2.1 was used to study the serum requirement f...

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    abstract::An anti-human T-lymphocyte antiserum has been further studied for specificity for T-cell subpopulations and application in tissue sections. Using a complement-dependent microcytotoxicity assay about 60% of normal peripheral blood T-cells were found to be sensitive to lysis, while 40% were resistant. When the T-cell su...

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  • Purification and characterization of biologically active human recombinant 37 kDa soluble CD23 (sFc epsilon RII) expressed in insect cells.

    abstract::Human recombinant soluble 37 kDa CD23 has been expressed in insect cells and secreted into the culture medium using the IL-2 leader sequence. The 37 kDa CD23 was purified 600-fold to homogeneity by monoclonal antibody affinity chromatography and gel filtration. The pure protein is monomeric, glycosylated, depleted of ...

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  • Hapten-specific naïve B cells are biomarkers of vaccine efficacy against drugs of abuse.

    abstract::Vaccination against drugs of abuse shows efficacy in animal models, yet few subjects achieve effective serum antibody titers in clinical studies. A barrier to translation is the lack of pre-vaccination screening assays that predict the most effective conjugate vaccines or subjects amenable to vaccination. To address t...

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  • Methods for comprehensive identification of membrane proteins recognized by a large number of monoclonal antibodies.

    abstract::In order to isolate monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that bind to tumor-associated antigens (Ags) we developed the following strategy. Using the phage-display Ab library we isolated a large number of mAbs that bind to the surface of human tumor cells. The mAbs were individually screened by immunostaining, and clones that ...

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