Survey of carer satisfaction with the quality of care delivered to in-patients suffering from dementia.


:Quality assurance in British National Health Service provision stresses the importance of taking account of the consumer's viewpoint. Elderly patients with dementia are not always able to contribute usefully to satisfaction surveys. Therefore, their careers' views were sought in order to assess the quality of services offered to this client group. Forty-one careers of patients discharged from the eight wards for the elderly mentally ill in Leicestershire, England, were randomly selected. Individual focused interviews were conducted in careers' own homes. Both quantitative and qualitative data were obtained by use of a questionnaire designed to tap the patients'/careers' experiences from pre-admission, through hospital stay to post-discharge. Interviews were asked to describe their favorable/unfavorable impressions of, and reactions to, all aspects of hospital care. These interviews were tape-recorded. Analysis of the data included quantitative measurements of scale ratings. Grounded theory was used to analyse qualitative data. A wealth of information was uncovered using this research technique. Much that was positive about the service was elicited. However, careers highlighted areas where they felt the quality of care could be improved within all the foci discussed. Twenty-two recommendations for quality improvements in service provision were made in the report as a result of this survey.


J Adv Nurs


Simpson RG,Scothern G,Vincent M




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1995-09-01 00:00:00












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