The effects of blanching on composition and modification of proteins in navy beans (Phaseolus vulgaris).


:Blanching is an important process in the preparation of navy beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) for canning. We here explore the effect of blanching which can profoundly affect protein composition and introduce protein-primary-level modifications. Amino acid analysis showed significantly decreased protein abundance (58.5%) in blanched beans compared to raw beans. Proteomic analyses revealed a decrease in high molecular weight isoforms of the major storage globulin proteins phaseolin (mean fold-change -3.7) and legumin (mean fold-change -2.5) and concomitant increase in their low molecular weight isoforms (mean fold-change 6.4 and 8.3, respectively). Blanched beans also had decreased abundance of lipoxygenase (mean fold-change -13.1), an enzyme responsible for product spoilage during storage. Increased lysinoalanine (up to 47%) and highly modified protein fragments were found in the processing waters, indicating heat- induced modifications. Correlating these molecular level changes thus provides a basis for evaluating how processing parameters can be modified to increase protein food quality.


Food Chem


Food chemistry


Deb-Choudhury S,Cooney J,Brewster D,Clerens S,Knowles SO,Farouk MM,Grosvenor A,Dyer JM




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    abstract::Ethanol extracts (EE) from fenugreek and quinoa seeds with different total content of inhibitory compounds (TIC, total saponin plus phenolic) were prepared with and without concentration of TIC (CEE -concentrated EE-, and EE, respectively). Their inhibitory activity on pancreatic lipase and α-amylase was assessed by t...

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  • Fast and simple method of simultaneous preservative determination in different processed foods by QuEChERS and HPLC-UV: Method development, survey and estimate of daily intake.

    abstract::A fast and simple method, which employs QuEChERS and HPLC-UV, was developed to determine preservatives in processed foods from different classes. The method showed correlation coefficients above 0.99, LOQs between 0.13 and 0.33 mg kg-1 and recoveries between 91 and 107%, with RSD ≤ 5.3%. Levels of preservatives were u...

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  • Control of the Maillard reaction by ferulic acid.

    abstract::This study investigated how ferulic acid (FA) affects the formation of certain Maillard reaction products (MRPs), i.e., early MRPs, fluorescent and non-fluorescent advanced glycation end products (AGEs), and melanoidins in model systems. Glycation mixtures were prepared containing soy glycinin or bovine serum albumin ...

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  • Antemortem stress regulates protein acetylation and glycolysis in postmortem muscle.

    abstract::Although exhaustive research has established that preslaughter stress is a major factor contributing to pale, soft, exudative (PSE) meat, questions remain regarding the biochemistry of postmortem glycolysis. In this study, the influence of preslaughter stress on protein acetylation in relationship to glycolysis was st...

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  • LC MS/MS identification of large structural proteins from bull muscle and their degradation products during post mortem storage.

    abstract::Large proteins (>100kDa) in bovine M. longissimus dorsi and their degradation products during post mortem ageing were investigated by gel electrophoresis and LC-MS/MS analysis. Seventeen protein bands from SDS-PAGE were analysed and 26 proteins were identified. Intact titin, nebulin and filamin were shown to break dow...

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  • High variability in flavonoid contents and composition between different North-European currant (Ribes spp.) varieties.

    abstract::This study provides information on the variation of anthocyanin and flavonol contents and composition in 32 black and 12 redcurrant varieties, as well as flavonol contents and composition in two green-fruited blackcurrant (green currant) and one white currant varieties conserved in a national ex situ germplasm field c...

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