Framing effects on financial and health problems in gambling disorder.


:Gambling disorder (GD) patients show excessively risky decision-making in the financial domain. We aimed to clarify whether GD patients show risky decision-making in domain-general or in domain-specific. Furthermore, we also investigated the effect of the well-known cognitive bias, the framing effect on GD's decision-making under risk. Sixty-two male GD patients and 74 age-matched healthy male controls (HC) conducted a risky choice task in which they should choose solutions for difficult situations between a sure and a risky option that had the same expectations. Six situations were prepared for each financial and health domain. For each domain, three situations were presented with options using positive frames, and the other three situations were presented with options using negative frames. The results showed that GD chose more risky options in the financial domain with positive frames than HC, but chose comparably in the financial domain with negative frames, whereas GD and HC chose comparably in the health domain regardless of the frames. Thus, GD showed risky decision-making in domain-specific. In addition, the results indicate the importance of considering the influence of the framing effect for assessment of risky decision-making by GD. Domains and the influence of the framing effect should be considered when decision-making patterns of neuropsychiatric disorders are studied.


Addict Behav


Addictive behaviors


Takeuchi H,Tsurumi K,Murao T,Mizuta H,Kawada R,Murai T,Takahashi H




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