Zygnema circumcarinatum UTEX 1559 chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes provide insight into land plant evolution.


:The complete chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes of Charophyta have shed new light on land plant terrestrialization. Here, we report the organellar genomes of the Zygnema circumcarinatum strain UTEX 1559, and a comparative genomics investigation of 33 plastomes and 18 mitogenomes of Chlorophyta, Charophyta (including UTEX 1559 and its conspecific relative SAG 698-1a), and Embryophyta. Gene presence/absence was determined across these plastomes and mitogenomes. A comparison between the plastomes of UTEX 1559 (157 548 bp) and SAG 698-1a (165 372 bp) revealed very similar gene contents, but substantial genome rearrangements. Surprisingly, the two plastomes share only 85.69% nucleotide sequence identity. The UTEX 1559 mitogenome size is 215 954 bp, the largest among all sequenced Charophyta. Interestingly, this large mitogenome contains a 50 kb region without homology to any other organellar genomes, which is flanked by two 86 bp direct repeats and contains 15 ORFs. These ORFs have significant homology to proteins from bacteria and plants with functions such as primase, RNA polymerase, and DNA polymerase. We conclude that (i) the previously published SAG 698-1a plastome is probably from a different Zygnema species, and (ii) the 50 kb region in the UTEX 1559 mitogenome might be recently acquired as a mobile element.


J Exp Bot


Orton LM,Fitzek E,Feng X,Grayburn WS,Mower JP,Liu K,Zhang C,Duvall MR,Yin Y




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2020-06-11 00:00:00














  • Molecular characterization and expression analysis of the Rab GTPase family in Vitis vinifera reveal the specific expression of a VvRabA protein.

    abstract::As a first step to investigate whether Rab GTPases are involved in grape berry development, the Vitis vinifera EST and gene databases were searched for members of the VvRab family. The grapevine genome was found to contain 26 VvRabs that could be distributed into all of the eight groups described in the literature for...

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  • The FBH family of bHLH transcription factors controls ACC synthase expression in sugarcane.

    abstract::Ethylene is a phytohormone involved in the regulation of several aspects of plant development and in responses to biotic and abiotic stress. The effects of exogenous application of ethylene to sugarcane plants are well characterized as growth inhibition of immature internodes and stimulation of sucrose accumulation. H...

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  • A bioassay-guided fractionation system to identify endogenous small molecules that activate plasma membrane H+-ATPase activity in Arabidopsis.

    abstract::Plasma membrane (PM) H+-ATPase is essential for plant growth and development. Various environmental stimuli regulate its activity, a process that involves many protein cofactors. However, whether endogenous small molecules play a role in this regulation remains unknown. Here, we describe a bio-guided isolation method ...

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  • The growing story of (ARABIDOPSIS) CRINKLY 4.

    abstract::Receptor kinases play important roles in plant growth and development, but only few of them have been functionally characterized in depth. Over the past decade CRINKLY 4 (CR4)-related research has peaked as a result of a newly discovered role of ARABIDOPSIS CR4 (ACR4) in the root. Here, we comprehensively review the a...

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  • Gene duplication within the Green Lineage: the case of TEL genes.

    abstract::Recent years have witnessed a breathtaking increase in the availability of genome sequence data, providing evidence of the highly duplicate nature of eukaryotic genomes. Plants are exceptional among eukaryotic organisms in that duplicate loci compose a large fraction of their genomes, partly because of the frequent oc...

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  • The role of abscisic acid and low temperature in chickpea (Cicer arietinum) cold tolerance. II. Effects on plasma membrane structure and function.

    abstract::The frost hardiness of many plants such as chickpea can be increased by exposure to low non-freezing temperatures and/or the application of abscisic acid (ABA), a process known as frost acclimation. Experiments were conducted to study the response over a 14 d period of enriched plasma membrane fractions isolated from ...

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  • Distribution, biological activities, metabolism, and the conceivable function of cis-zeatin-type cytokinins in plants.

    abstract::Cytokinins (CKs) are plant hormones affecting numerous developmental processes. Zeatin and its derivatives are the most important group of isoprenoid CKs. Zeatin occurs as two isomers: while trans-zeatin (transZ) was found to be a bioactive substance, cis-zeatin (cisZ) was reported to have a weak biological impact. Ev...

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    authors: Gajdosová S,Spíchal L,Kamínek M,Hoyerová K,Novák O,Dobrev PI,Galuszka P,Klíma P,Gaudinová A,Zizková E,Hanus J,Dancák M,Trávnícek B,Pesek B,Krupicka M,Vanková R,Strnad M,Motyka V

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  • The role of VuMATE1 expression in aluminium-inducible citrate secretion in rice bean (Vigna umbellata) roots.

    abstract::Aluminium (Al)-activated citrate secretion plays an important role in Al resistance in a number of plant species, such as rice bean (Vigna umbellata). This study further characterized the regulation of VuMATE1, an aluminium-activated citrate transporter. Al stress induced VuMATE1 expression, followed by the secretion ...

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  • Soybean cultivars 'Williams 82' and 'Maple Arrow' produce both urea and ammonia during ureide degradation.

    abstract::The ability of two soybean (Glycine max L. [Merrill]) cultivars, 'Williams 82' and 'Maple Arrow', which were reported to use different ureide degradation pathways, to degrade the ureides allantoin and allantoate was investigated. Protein fractions and total leaf homogenates from the fourth trifoliate leaves of both cu...

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  • Cell wall metabolism during the development of chilling injury in cold-stored peach fruit: association of mealiness with arrested disassembly of cell wall pectins.

    abstract::Partially tree-ripened ripe fruit of peach (Prunus persica L.) were stored for 1-4 weeks at 5 degrees C and then ripened at 20 degrees C for 3 d to induce chilling injury. With increasing cold storage the incidence and severity of mealiness symptoms increased progressively, manifested as reduced quantities of free jui...

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  • Mutations in the Arabidopsis SWC6 gene, encoding a component of the SWR1 chromatin remodelling complex, accelerate flowering time and alter leaf and flower development.

    abstract::Mutations affecting the Arabidopsis SWC6 gene encoding a putative orthologue of a component of the SWR1 chromatin remodelling complex in plants have been characterized. swc6 mutations cause early flowering, shortened inflorescence internodes, and altered leaf and flower development. These phenotypic defects resemble t...

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  • Large variation in the Rubisco kinetics of diatoms reveals diversity among their carbon-concentrating mechanisms.

    abstract::While marine phytoplankton rival plants in their contribution to global primary productivity, our understanding of their photosynthesis remains rudimentary. In particular, the kinetic diversity of the CO2-fixing enzyme, Rubisco, in phytoplankton remains unknown. Here we quantify the maximum rates of carboxylation (k c...

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  • Sulfur: the heart of nitric oxide-dependent redox signalling.

    abstract::Nitric oxide (NO), more benign than its more reactive and damaging related molecules, reactive oxygen species (ROS), is perfectly suited for duties as a redox signalling molecule. A key route for NO bioactivity is through S-nitrosation, the addition of an NO moiety to a protein Cys thiol (-SH). This redox-based, post-...

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    authors: Umbreen S,Lubega J,Loake GJ

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  • Resurrection plants optimize photosynthesis despite very thick cell walls by means of chloroplast distribution.

    abstract::Resurrection plants are vascular species able to sustain extreme desiccation in their vegetative tissues. Despite its potential interest, the role of leaf anatomy in CO2 diffusion and photosynthesis under non-stressed conditions has not been explored in these species. Net CO2 assimilation (An) and its underlying diffu...

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  • A genetic relationship between nitrogen use efficiency and seedling root traits in maize as revealed by QTL analysis.

    abstract::That root system architecture (RSA) has an essential role in nitrogen acquisition is expected in maize, but the genetic relationship between RSA and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) traits remains to be elucidated. Here, the genetic basis of RSA and NUE traits was investigated in maize using a recombination inbred line p...

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  • The role of reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide in programmed cell death associated with self-incompatibility.

    abstract::Successful sexual reproduction often relies on the ability of plants to recognize self- or genetically-related pollen and prevent pollen tube growth soon after germination in order to avoid self-fertilization. Angiosperms have developed different reproductive barriers, one of the most extended being self-incompatibili...

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  • Shaping the leaf microbiota: plant-microbe-microbe interactions.

    abstract::The aerial portion of a plant, namely the leaf, is inhabited by pathogenic and non-pathogenic microbes. The leaf's physical and chemical properties, combined with fluctuating and often challenging environmental factors, create surfaces that require a high degree of adaptation for microbial colonization. As a consequen...

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    authors: Chaudhry V,Runge P,Sengupta P,Doehlemann G,Parker JE,Kemen E

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  • Leaf-atmosphere NH(3) exchange of white clover (Trifolium repens L.) in relation to mineral N nutrition and symbiotic N(2) fixation.

    abstract::Plant-atmosphere NH(3) exchange was studied in white clover (Trifolium repens L. cv. Seminole) growing in nutrient solution containing 0 (N(2) based), 0.5 (low N) or 4.5 (high N) mM NO(3)(-). The aim was to show whether the NH(3) exchange potential is influenced by the proportion of N(2) fixation relative to NO(3)(-) ...

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    authors: Herrmann B,Mattsson M,Fuhrer J,Schjoerring JK

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  • Exocyst and autophagy-related membrane trafficking in plants.

    abstract::Endomembrane traffic in eukaryotic cells functions partially as a means of communication; delivery of membrane in one direction has to be balanced with a reduction at the other end. This effect is typically the case during the defence against pathogens. To combat pathogens, cellular growth and differentiation are supp...

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  • Transcriptional responses of Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes with different glucosinolate profiles after attack by polyphagous Myzus persicae and oligophagous Brevicoryne brassicae.

    abstract::Plants are equipped with a range of defence mechanisms against herbivorous insects. In cruciferous species, jasmonic acid, salicylic acid, and ethylene along with glucosinolates and their hydrolysis products play important roles in plant protection and plant-insect communication. In turn, a number of herbivores have a...

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  • Interhaplotypic heterogeneity and heterochromatic features may contribute to recombination suppression at the S locus in apple (Malusxdomestica).

    abstract::Gametophytic self-incompatibility (GSI) is controlled by a complex S locus containing the pistil determinant S-RNase and pollen determinant SFB/SLF. Tight linkage of the pistil and pollen determinants is necessary to guarantee the self-incompatibility (SI) function. However, multiple probable pollen determinants of ap...

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  • Regulation of high-affinity sulphate transporters in plants: towards systematic analysis of sulphur signalling and regulation.

    abstract::Plants require the function of plasma membrane-bound sulphate transporters for the initial uptake of inorganic sulphate. Part of this fundamental process is the energy-dependent proton/sulphate co-transport systems that are located in the surface cell layers of roots. During sulphur limitation, plants are able to acti...

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    authors: Maruyama-Nakashita A,Nakamura Y,Yamaya T,Takahashi H

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  • Low air humidity increases leaf-specific hydraulic conductance of Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh (Brassicaceae).

    abstract::The typical isohydric plant response to low relative humidity involves stomatal closure, followed by long-term responses like adjustment of shoot-to-root ratios. Little information is available on the early responses of the root system to exposure of shoots to low humidity, nor is it clear to what extent responses of ...

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  • Organ-specific expression and epigenetic traits of genes encoding digestive enzymes in the lance-leaf sundew (Drosera adelae).

    abstract::Over the last two decades, extensive studies have been performed at the molecular level to understand the evolution of carnivorous plants. As fruits, the repertoires of protein components in the digestive fluids of several carnivorous plants have gradually become clear. However, the quantitative aspect of these protei...

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  • Soil abiotic factors influence interactions between belowground herbivores and plant roots.

    abstract::Root herbivores are important ecosystem drivers and agricultural pests, and, possibly as a consequence, plants protect their roots using a variety of defensive strategies. One aspect that distinguishes belowground from aboveground plant-insect interactions is that roots are constantly exposed to a set of soil-specific...

    journal_title:Journal of experimental botany

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Erb M,Lu J

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  • Role of early signalling events in plant-insect interactions.

    abstract::The response of plants to the stress caused by herbivores involves several different defence mechanisms. These responses begin at the plant cell plasma membrane, where insect herbivores interact physically by causing mechanical damage and chemically by introducing elicitors or by triggering plant-derived signalling mo...

    journal_title:Journal of experimental botany

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    authors: Zebelo SA,Maffei ME

    更新日期:2015-02-01 00:00:00

  • Functional inactivation of UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyrophosphorylase 1 (UAP1) induces early leaf senescence and defence responses in rice.

    abstract::Plant leaf senescence and defence responses are important biological processes, but the molecular mechanisms involved are not well understood. This study identified a new rice mutant, spotted leaf 29 (spl29). The SPL29 gene was identified by map-based cloning, and SPL29 was confirmed as UDP-N-acetylglucosamine pyropho...

    journal_title:Journal of experimental botany

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Wang Z,Wang Y,Hong X,Hu D,Liu C,Yang J,Li Y,Huang Y,Feng Y,Gong H,Li Y,Fang G,Tang H,Li Y

    更新日期:2015-02-01 00:00:00

  • Transient response of sap flow to wind speed.

    abstract::Transient responses of sap flow to step changes in wind speed were experimentally investigated in a wind tunnel. A Granier-type sap flow sensor was calibrated and tested in a cylindrical tube for analysis of its transient time response. Then the sensor was used to measure the transient response of a well-watered Pachi...

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    authors: Chu CR,Hsieh CI,Wu SY,Phillips NG

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  • Molecular and functional analysis of a brown planthopper resistance protein with two nucleotide binding site domains.

    abstract::The brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens Stål, BPH) resistance gene BPH9 encodes an unusual coiled-coil (CC) nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat (LRR) protein with two NBS (Nuceotide binding site) domains. To understand how this CC-NBS-NBS-LRR protein regulates defense signaling and BPH resistance, we dissected ea...

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    authors: Wang Z,Huang J,Nie L,Hu Y,Zhang N,Guo Q,Guo J,Du B,Zhu L,He G,Chen R

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  • Greenhouse and field testing of transgenic wheat plants stably expressing genes for thaumatin-like protein, chitinase and glucanase against Fusarium graminearum.

    abstract::Genes encoding pathogenesis-related (PR-) proteins isolated from a cDNA library of Fusarium graminearum-infected wheat spikes of scab-resistant cultivar 'Sumai-3' were transformed into susceptible spring wheat, 'Bobwhite' using a biolistic transformation protocol, with the goal of enhancing levels of resistance agains...

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    authors: Anand A,Zhou T,Trick HN,Gill BS,Bockus WW,Muthukrishnan S

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