Treating short bowel syndrome with pharmacotherapy.


INTRODUCTION:Short bowel syndrome (SBS) has traditionally been regarded as a rapidly fatal medical catastrophe. The advent of pharmacological options directly targeting disease pathophysiology justified this review. AREAS COVERED:Since the 1970s, home parenteral nutrition has reduced mortality, converting SBS into a chronic and disabling compensated and occasionally curable illness. Off-label antidiarrheal drugs and related products, though having minimal scientific evidence of efficacy, represent the standard-of-care and are here reviewed. Trophic intestinal hormones, including GLP-2 and its analogs, have great promise for alleviating malabsorption, the most important symptom within a nonsurgical, routine outpatient framework. Current indications involve adults with massive intestinal losses (fecal wet weight >1500 g/day). Surgical options such as intestinal lengthening or transplantation are also addressed although these options are considerably more aggressive and have stricter indications. EXPERT OPINION:GLP-2 analogs are the first candidates from a pioneering pharmacotherapic family within the SBS framework, namely disease-modifying, absorption-restoring agents. This family of drugs, potentially applicable in all contexts of severe intestinal loss, could become the therapeutic benchmark of the near future.


Hollanda Martins Da Rocha M,Lee ADW,Marin MLM,Faintuch S,Mishaly A,Faintuch J




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