Visual function evaluation for low vision patients with advanced glaucoma.


:This study aimed to compare various visual function parameters for evaluating the quality of life (QOL) of patients with advanced glaucoma with low vision.In total, 44 eyes of advanced glaucoma patients with low vision were included in this cross-sectional study. A moving pattern edge band program was used to assess edge detection ability and the low vision quality-of-life (LVQOL) questionnaire was used for evaluating QOL scores of subjects. Correlation analyses between QOL scores and visual functional parameters including pattern edge band unit, visual acuity (VA), and Mean deviation (MD) of perimetry were performed. The areas under receiver operating characteristic curves (AUROCs) of diverse visual functional parameters were calculated.VA and pattern edge band unit were related to LVQOL score in all subjects. For patients with a decimal VA lower than 0.1, only the pattern edge band showed a significant correlation with the QOL associated with distant activities (P = .031). However, the MD of perimetry was not related to the QOL score. After sorting subjects into 2 groups according to the LVQOL score, VA and pattern edge band unit were significantly different (P < .01 and P = .029, respectively). The AUROC for edge detection ability using pattern edge band was higher than MD of perimetry.Assessment of edge detection ability using pattern edge band was meaningful for predicting QOL associated with visual performance in patients with far-advanced glaucoma. For these patients, edge detection could be used as an additional parameter for visual function with traditional VA and perimetry.


Medicine (Baltimore)




Jeon SJ,Jung Y,Jung CS,Park HL,Park CK




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2020-02-01 00:00:00
















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