Traumatic intradural ruptured lumbar disc with a spinal compression fracture: A case report.


RATIONALE:We present a rare case of a traumatic intradural ruptured disc associated with a mild vertebral body compression fracture along with a review of the relevant medical literature. An intradural ruptured disc often occurs due to chronic degenerative diseases and is rarely due to trauma. It can cause irreversible neurological complications if the appropriate treatment is not planned. PATIENT CONCERNS:A 32-year-old male presented with motor paraparesis (grade 3/5), right ankle dorsiflexion, and great toe dorsiflexion (grade 1/5), along with radiating pain at his right L4 and L5 sensory dermatome following a fall. DIAGNOSES:Computed tomography revealed a compression fracture of the L2 body. Lumbar magnetic resonance imaging showed an intradural mass-like lesion on the ventral side of his spinal cord and an epidural mass-like lesion on the dorsal side of his spinal cord, indicating a hematoma. INTERVENTIONS:An emergency L2 laminectomy was performed to remove the space-occupying lesions and to decompress the cauda equina and nerve root. The mass-like lesion was removed. No other lesions were found in the spinal canal. OUTCOMES:Pathologic examination of the intradural mass lesion revealed fibrocartilage similar to that found in disc material. The patient still continued to experience motor weakness at the 1-year follow-up examination. LESSONS:We report a rare case of a traumatic lumbar disc rupture into the dural sac associated with a mild vertebral body compression fracture. Early diagnosis and prompt surgical intervention are essential, as is performing a magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography myelogram promptly to evaluate the spinal canal when there are unexplained neurologic symptoms. An intraspinal canal evaluation should be completed before the postural reduction of the vertebral body fracture to prevent any neurological complications.


Medicine (Baltimore)




Lee G,Han MS,Lee SK,Moon B,Lee JK




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2020-02-01 00:00:00
















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