Application of the injury scales in homicides.


:Injury scales have two main applications on homicide investigations, namely, to evaluate the severity of the victims' injuries and to identify the profiles of the offenders. However, few studies have examined the quality of the various injury scales in serving the two purposes. In this study, homicides from Shanghai and Wuhan, China (n=439) have been used to examine nine injury scales. The results showed that seven out of the nine scales were useful. Compared to one-to-one homicides, offenders who killed two or more people tended to inflict more fatal injuries and made fewer number of attacks on the victims' heads and necks. Among all homicide cases, victims of stranger homicides tended to have fewer total number of wounds, as well as less severity of wounds on the heads, necks, and faces compared to those of intimate partner homicides. As to one-to-one homicides, only the severity of wounds on the face could assist to distinguish stranger homicides from intimate partner homicides. When a male victim died in a one-to-one homicide, the high number of total wounds along with the high number and severity of wounds on the head and neck could indicate that the offender was a female.


Forensic Sci Int


Li F,Liu S,Lu X,Ou Y,Yip PSF




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    abstract::Debrisoquine hydroxylase (CYP2D6) is involved in the metabolism of many toxicologically important drugs. The gene encoding for this enzyme displays a polymorphic distribution in all populations examined. We report a study on 46 cases, where analyses of the CYP2D6 gene were conducted on postmortem femoral blood in orde...

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  • The effect of mark enhancement techniques on the subsequent detection of semen/spermatozoa.

    abstract::Fingermarks, footwear marks, blood and semen are amongst the most commonly encountered types of evidence at crime scenes. Previous work has extensively investigated fingermark and blood enhancement techniques and a sequence developed to maximise evidence recovery; however, there is limited research as to the effect of...

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  • Discovery of a mass grave from the Spanish Civil War using Ground Penetrating Radar and forensic archaeology.

    abstract::An estimated 500,000 people died from all causes during the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1939, with a further 135,000 killed after the war ended. There are currently over 2000 known mass burial locations throughout Spain but many more are unknown. This study details the successful search for an unmarked mass gra...

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  • Investigation of sterols as potential biomarkers for the detection of pig (S. s. domesticus) decomposition fluid in soils.

    abstract::This study was carried out to evaluate the potential of using cholesterol and coprostanol, as indicators for the detection of decomposition fluid of buried pigs (S. s. domesticus) in soils. In May 2007, four pig carcasses (∼35kg) were buried in shallow graves (∼40 cm depth) at the University of Ontario Institute of Te...

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