Application of the injury scales in homicides.


:Injury scales have two main applications on homicide investigations, namely, to evaluate the severity of the victims' injuries and to identify the profiles of the offenders. However, few studies have examined the quality of the various injury scales in serving the two purposes. In this study, homicides from Shanghai and Wuhan, China (n=439) have been used to examine nine injury scales. The results showed that seven out of the nine scales were useful. Compared to one-to-one homicides, offenders who killed two or more people tended to inflict more fatal injuries and made fewer number of attacks on the victims' heads and necks. Among all homicide cases, victims of stranger homicides tended to have fewer total number of wounds, as well as less severity of wounds on the heads, necks, and faces compared to those of intimate partner homicides. As to one-to-one homicides, only the severity of wounds on the face could assist to distinguish stranger homicides from intimate partner homicides. When a male victim died in a one-to-one homicide, the high number of total wounds along with the high number and severity of wounds on the head and neck could indicate that the offender was a female.


Forensic Sci Int


Li F,Liu S,Lu X,Ou Y,Yip PSF




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  • An epidemiological study on alcohol/drugs related fatal traffic crash cases of deceased drivers in Hong Kong between 1996 and 2000.

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    abstract::Despite indicating numerous demographic features such as sex, stature, and age; the sacrum remains a relatively insufficiently researched skeletal element. A set pattern of ossification and fusion of the sacrum makes it a useful bone for estimating age-at-death in unknown skeletal individuals. The aims of this study, ...

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  • Traumatology of the traffic accident--dead people for the safety in traffic.

    abstract::Since 1970, traumatomechanics has been a focal point in research at the Institute for Legal Medicine and Traffic Medicine in Heidelberg. Here, the main topics are the understanding of the interrelation between mechanical strain and the resulting degree of injury; at the forefront of all interest is the determination o...

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  • Forensic analysis of ocular injuries during the 2011 revolution in Egypt.

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  • Posttraumatic stress disorder in a World War II concentration camp survivor caused by the attack of two German shepherd dogs: case report and review of the literature.

    abstract::A 79-year-old woman suffered from acute posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a loco typico, non-displaced fracture of her right distal radius due to an incident involving the assault of two unleashed owned dogs, which suddenly ran into her and aggressively jumped on her chest and knocked her down to the ground. Re...

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  • Examination of the eye as a means to determine the early postmortem period: a review of the literature.

    abstract::Reported are various techniques to determine the early postmortem period by examining the eye. These include corneal opacity, retinal vessel segmentation, pupil reaction, retinal changes and intraocular pressure. All are subjective, requiring experience to implement the techniques. ...

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  • Right ventricular damage due to pulmonary embolism: examination of the number of infiltrating macrophages.

    abstract::To investigate the pathological changes in the heart induced by pulmonary embolism, 20 autopsy cases of pulmonary embolism and 10 control cases of acute death from traumatic injury were examined. Adding to the routine hematoxylin-eosin (HE) staining, immunostaining with CD68 pan-macrophage marker was performed on the ...

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  • Electrical excitability of skeletal muscle postmortem in casework.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:The paper gives a review of the development of methods of postmortem electrical excitability of skeletal muscle for determining the time since death. For practical application in casework, the following method can be proposed: position of electrodes in the orbicularis oculi muscle, stimulation by rectangular...

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