Is palliative care cost-effective in low-income and middle-income countries? A mixed-methods systematic review.


INTRODUCTION:Of the 40 million people globally in need of palliative care (PC), just 14% receive it, predominantly in high-income countries. Within fragile health systems that lack PC, incurable illness is often marked by pain and suffering, as well as burdensome costs. In high-income settings, PC decreases healthcare utilisation, thus enhancing value. Similar cost-effectiveness models are lacking in low-income and middle-income countries and with them, the impetus and funding to expand PC delivery. METHODS:We conducted a systematic search of seven databases to gather evidence of the cost-effectiveness of PC in low-income and middle-income countries. We extracted and synthesised palliative outcomes and economic data from original research studies occurring in low-income and middle-income countries. This review adheres to Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines and includes a quality appraisal. RESULTS:Our search identified 10 eligible papers that included palliative and economic outcomes in low-income and middle-income countries. Four provided true cost-effectiveness analyses in comparing the costs of PC versus alternative care, with PC offering cost savings, favourable palliative outcomes and positive patient-reported and family-reported outcomes. CONCLUSIONS:Despite the small number of included studies, wide variety of study types and lack of high-quality studies, several patterns emerged: (1) low-cost PC delivery in low-income and middle-income countries is possible, (2) patient-reported outcomes are favourable and (3) PC is less costly than the alternative. This review highlights the extraordinary need for robust cost-effectiveness analysis of PC in low-income and middle-income countries in order to develop health economic models for the delivery of PC, direct resource allocation and guide healthcare policy for PC delivery in low-income and middle-income countries.


Reid EA,Kovalerchik O,Jubanyik K,Brown S,Hersey D,Grant L




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  • Palliative care training in undergraduate medical, nursing and allied health: a survey.

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  • Patient healthcare passports in community specialist palliative care: a mixed methods study.

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  • Pharmacovigilance in hospice/palliative care: the net immediate and short-term effects of dexamethasone for anorexia.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Loss of appetite is prevalent in palliative care and distressing for patients and families. Therapies include corticosteroids or progestogens. This study explores the net effect of dexamethasone on anorexia. METHODS:Prospective data were collected when dexamethasone was started for anorexia as part of routi...

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  • Guideline for the management of terminal haemorrhage in palliative care patients with advanced cancer discharged home for end-of-life care.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Terminal haemorrhage is a rare and distressing emergency in palliative oncology. We present an algorithm for the management of terminal haemorrhage in patients likely to receive end-of-life care at home, based on a literature review of the management of terminal haemorrhage for patients with advanced cancer, ...

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  • Subcutaneous levetiracetam for the management of seizures at the end of life.

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  • OA8 Caring for the family caregiver: working with volunteers to implement and improve a service to enable family caregivers to maintain their own wellbeing.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Family caregivers suffer physically, mentally, and spiritually. Community volunteers play an important role in supporting patients at the end of life or former caregivers in bereavement. However, there are no research reports of volunteer services focused on maintaining the wellbeing of end-of-life caregiver...

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  • Associations between demographic characteristics and unmet supportive care needs in adults with cystic fibrosis.

    abstract:CONTEXT:Patients living with cystic fibrosis (CF) report impaired quality of life. Little is known about unmet supportive care needs among adults living with CF and how they are associated with demographic characteristics. OBJECTIVES:The primary objective of this study was to identify associations between demographic ...

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  • Carer experience of end-of-life service provision: a social network analysis.

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  • Gaining an accurate reflection of the reality of palliative care through the use of free-text feedback in questionnaires: the AFTER study.

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  • Improving specialist palliative care in residential care for older people: a checklist to guide practice.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Palliative care needs rounds are triage meetings that have been introduced in residential care for older adults to help identify and prioritise care for people most at risk for unplanned dying with inadequately controlled symptoms. This study sought to generate an evidence-based checklist in order to support...

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  • A prospective observational study of prevalence and outcomes of patients with Gold Standard Framework criteria in a tertiary regional Australian Hospital.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Report the use of an objective tool, UK Gold Standards Framework (GSF) criteria, to describe the prevalence, recognition and outcomes of patients with palliative care needs in an Australian acute health setting. The rationale for this is to enable hospital doctors to identify patients who should have a patie...

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  • On the emotional connection of medical specialists dealing with death and dying: a qualitative study of oncologists, surgeons, intensive care specialists and palliative medicine specialists.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:This paper reports on qualitative data exploring the experiences and coping mechanisms of medical specialists from the specialties of intensive care, surgery, oncology and palliative care, when dealing with death and dying and their emotional connection with dying patients in the context of a life-threatenin...

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  • Cancer symptom scale preferences: does one size fit all?

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Patients with advanced cancer do not report all symptoms, so assessment is best done systematically. However, for such patients, completion rates of some symptom instruments are <50%. Symptoms can be quantified by various scales including the Categorical Response Scale (CRS), Numerical Rating Scale (NRS) and...

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  • Adult palliative care 2004-2030 population study: estimates and projections in Malaysia.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To estimate past trends and future projection of adult palliative care needs in Malaysia. METHODS:This is a population-based secondary data analysis using the national mortality registry from 2004 to 2014. Past trend estimation was conducted using Murtagh's minimum and maximum methods and Gómez-Batiste's me...

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  • The wish to die and hastening death in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: A scoping review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) develops into a life-threatening condition 2 to 4 years after the onset of symptoms. Although many people with the disease decide in favour of life-sustaining measures, thoughts about hastening death are not uncommon. OBJECTIVES:Our aim was to examine the scope of literat...

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