Evaluating resurgence procedures in a human operant laboratory.


:Resurgence of previously extinguished behavior may occur when a recently reinforced alternative response is placed on extinction. Understanding the conditions that produce and reduce resurgence is important for both basic and applied researchers. Research on resurgence of human behavior may benefit from methods that facilitate comparison and replication of nonhuman animal studies. These studies often include an inactive control response to differentiate resurgence from extinction-induced variability. In contrast, human research typically does not. Sweeney and Shahan (2016) tested a brief, trial-based procedure that included an inactive control response with human participants, but they did not observe resurgence. The current study extended their methods by examining four different conditions in a free-operant task lasting <1h. Modifications across conditions included changing the number of response options available in each phase and how signals associated with each response were presented. Only one condition resulted in responding resembling resurgence. Our results suggest the utility of the inactive control response and the influence of contextual cues in human research should be investigated further.


Behav Processes


Behavioural processes


Bolívar HA,Cox DJ,Barlow MA,Dallery J




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  • Male rainbow darters (Etheostoma caeruleum) prefer larger conspecific females.

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  • Correlates between ear postures and emotional reactivity in a wild type mouse species.

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  • Energy conservation in infants.

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  • Effect of training delays and start and stop markers on the choose-short effect in pigeons.

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  • Visual lateralization and development of spatial and social spacing behaviour of chicks (Gallus gallus domesticus).

    abstract::We investigated whether the development of spatial behaviour of the domestic chicken is influenced by light exposure of the embryo, as is known to be the case for some other lateralized visual functions. Ninety-six chicks were incubated in the dark or exposed to light during the final days of incubation. Half of the c...

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  • Early weaning programs rats to have a dietary preference for fat and palatable foods in adulthood.

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  • Wild hummingbirds can use the geometry of a flower array.

    abstract::Animals use cues from their environment to orient in space and to navigate their surroundings. Geometry is a cue whose informational content may originate from the metric properties of a given environment, and its use has been demonstrated in the laboratory in nearly every species of animal tested. However, it is not ...

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  • Effect of short-term prefeeding and body weight on wheel running and responding reinforced by the opportunity to run in a wheel.

    abstract::A biobehavioural analysis of activity anorexia suggests that the motivation for physical activity is regulated by food supply and body weight. In the present experiment, food allocation was varied within subjects by prefeeding food-deprived rats 0, 5, 10 and 15 g of food before sessions of lever pressing for wheel-run...

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  • How the foraging decisions of a small ruminant are influenced by past feeding experiences with low-quality food.

    abstract::Feeding experiences with low-quality foods can be improved when these foods are ingested in close temporal association with foods of higher nutritional quality. However, preference for low-quality foods in nature seems to be rather insensitive to past positive experiences and more related to their intrinsic nutritiona...

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  • Effects of age on the courtship, copulation, and fecundity of Pardosa pseudoannulata (Araneae: Lycosidae).

    abstract::According to sexual selection theory, age affects the preference of mate choice, and this preference ultimately influences the fecundity of the female. Pardosa pseudoannulata (Araneae: Lycosidae) is a valued predator in many cropping systems. By determining oviposition rate, egg hatching rate, and also the number and ...

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  • Blocking in rats, humans and snails using a within-subjects design.

    abstract::The present research investigated the blocking effect in three different species, rats, humans and snails in formally equivalent tasks using a within-subjects design. Experiment 1 demonstrated the blocking effect in a context-flavour aversive conditioning preparation in rats: Animals failed to associate a flavour with...

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  • Windows.

    abstract::Some models of performance assume that behavior depends on environmental quantities (for example, rates of reinforcement) that are defined over intervals of fixed duration. Although such window models may serve as useful approximations, they are incompatible with well-known properties of behavior (for instance, sensit...

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  • Reinforcer frequency and reinforcer duration as biasers of signal detection.

    abstract::Five pigeons were trained to discriminate a constant luminance difference when both reinforcer frequency and reinforcer magnitude were varied in an animal analogue of the human discrete-trial yes- no detection task. Variation of relative reinforcer frequency was more effective in biasing detection performance than var...

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  • Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata) mothers huddle with their young offspring instead of adult females for thermoregulation.

    abstract::It is unclear whom animals select to huddle with for thermoregulation. In this study, we investigated whom Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata) mothers huddled with-their young offspring or other adult group members-when there is need for thermoregulation. We used a focal-animal sampling method, targeting 17 females at K...

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