3D-QSAR, Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa LpxC Inhibitors.


:As an important target for the development of novel antibiotics, UDP-3-O-(R-3-hydroxymyristoyl)-N-acetylglucosamine deacetylase (LpxC) has been widely studied. Pyridone methylsulfone hydroxamate (PMH) compounds can effectively inhibit the catalytic activity of LpxC. In this work, the three-dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationships of PMH inhibitors were explored and models with good predictive ability were established using comparative molecular field analysis and comparative molecular similarity index analysis methods. The effect of PMH inhibitors' electrostatic potential on the inhibitory ability of Pseudomonas aeruginosa LpxC (PaLpxC) is revealed at the molecular level via molecular electrostatic potential analyses. Then, two molecular dynamics simulations for the PaLpxC and PaLpxC-inhibitor systems were also performed respectively to investigate the key residues of PaLpxC hydrolase binding to water molecules. The results indicate that orderly alternative water molecules can form stable hydrogen bonds with M62, E77, T190, and H264 in the catalytic center, and tetracoordinate to zinc ion along with H78, H237, and D241. It was found that the conformational transition space of PaLpxC changes after association with PMH inhibitors through free energy landscape and cluster analyses. Finally, a possible inhibitory mechanism of PMH inhibitors was proposed, based on our molecular simulation. This paper will provide a theoretical basis for the molecular design of LpxC-targeting antibiotics.


Int J Mol Sci


Zuo K,Liang L,Du W,Sun X,Liu W,Gou X,Wan H,Hu J




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2017-05-06 00:00:00










  • Comprehensive Analysis of Soybean Mosaic Virus P3 Protein Interactors and Hypersensitive Response-Like Lesion-Inducing Protein Function.

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  • Chaperone-E3 Ligase Complex HSP70-CHIP Mediates Ubiquitination of Ribosomal Protein S3.

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  • Progranulin and Its Related MicroRNAs after Status Epilepticus: Possible Mechanisms of Neuroprotection.

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  • Eclipsed acetaldehyde as a precursor for producing vinyl alcohol.

    abstract::The MP2 and DFT/B3LYP methods at 6-311++G(d,p) and aug-cc-pdz basis sets have been used to probe the origin of relative stability preference for eclipsed acetaldehyde over its bisected counterpart. A relative energy stability range of 1.02 to 1.20 kcal/mol, in favor of the eclipsed conformer, was found and discussed. ...

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    abstract::Circulating tumour cells (CTCs) from liquid biopsies are under current investigation in several cancers, including epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) but face significant drawbacks in terms of non-standardised methodology, low viable cell numbers and accuracy of CTC identification. In this pilot study, we report that che...

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  • Maize-Pathogen Interactions: An Ongoing Combat from a Proteomics Perspective.

    abstract::Maize (Zea mays L.) is a host to numerous pathogenic species that impose serious diseases to its ear and foliage, negatively affecting the yield and the quality of the maize crop. A considerable amount of research has been carried out to elucidate mechanisms of maize-pathogen interactions with a major goal to identify...

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  • Genetic and Hormonal Regulation of Chlorophyll Degradation during Maturation of Seeds with Green Embryos.

    abstract::The embryos of some angiosperms (usually referred to as chloroembryos) contain chlorophylls during the whole period of embryogenesis. Developing embryos have photochemically active chloroplasts and are able to produce assimilates, further converted in reserve biopolymers, whereas at the late steps of embryogenesis, se...

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  • A Peptidomimetic Fluorescent Probe to Detect the Trypsin β2 Subunit of the Human 20S Proteasome.

    abstract::This work describes the chemical synthesis, combinatorial selection, and enzymatic evaluation of peptidomimetic fluorescent substrates specific for the trypsin-like (β2) subunit of the 20S human proteasome. After deconvolution of a library comprising nearly 6000 compounds composed of peg substituted diaminopropionic a...

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  • Goldfish Leptin-AI and Leptin-AII: Function and Central Mechanism in Feeding Control.

    abstract::In mammals, leptin is a peripheral satiety factor that inhibits feeding by regulating a variety of appetite-related hormones in the brain. However, most of the previous studies examining leptin in fish feeding were performed with mammalian leptins, which share very low sequence homologies with fish leptins. To elucida...

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    abstract::Kalanchoe brasiliensis and Kalanchoe pinnata are used interchangeably in traditional medicine for treating peptic ulcers and inflammatory problems. In this context, this study aims to characterize the chemical constituents and evaluate the gastroprotective activity of the leaf juices of the two species in acute gastri...

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