What fertility specialists should know about the vaginal microbiome: a review.


:Our understanding of the composition of the microbial communities that inhabit the human body, known as the 'microbiome', is aided by the development of non-culture-dependent DNA sequencing. It is increasingly apparent that the balance of microbial species greatly affects the health of the host. Disturbances in the composition of bacterial communities have been shown to contribute to various disease states, and there is a growing body of evidence that the vaginal microbiota, which is unique to each woman, plays an important role in determining many facets of reproductive health. The purpose of this review is to investigate what is currently known about the composition of the vaginal microbiome, including what is considered 'normal' in terms of bacterial species and abundance. We will investigate the impact of vaginal microbiome composition on reproductive outcomes within the context of infertility treatments, and the implications this has been shown to have on assisted reproductive technology procedures.


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García-Velasco JA,Menabrito M,Catalán IB




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  • Three concepts of cloning in human beings.

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  • Capacitation and acrosome reaction changes α-tubulin immunodistribution in human spermatozoa.

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  • Efficiency of an automatic dehydrated carrier for the vitrification of human embryos derived from three pronuclei fertilized zygotes.

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  • Morphokinetic parameters of ICSI tripronucleated embryos observed using time lapse.

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  • Effect of maternal and paternal age on pregnancy and miscarriage rates after intrauterine insemination.

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  • Development and characterization of an endometrial tissue culture system.

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  • Evaluation of syphilis serostatus on the safety of IVF treatment.

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  • Strengths and pitfalls of Canadian gamete and embryo donor registries: searching for beneficent solutions.

    abstract::For the gamete and embryo donation community, it is well recognized that the implementation of a gamete and embryo donor registry (GEDR) represents a good initiative to ensure the best possible health conditions for donor-conceived individuals. Be they national, institutional or independent, GEDR can play a major role...

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  • Male infertility: role of genetic background.

    abstract::Male infertility represents one of the clearest examples of a complex disease with a substantial genetic basis. Numerous male mouse models, mutation screening and association studies reported over the last few years reveal the high prevalence of genetic causes of spermatogenic impairment, accounting for 10-15% of seve...

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  • Are Catholic universities giving up reproductive medicine?

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  • Emerging technologies for the molecular study of infertility, and potential clinical applications.

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  • Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone antagonists for assisted conception: a Cochrane review.

    abstract::Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) antagonists suppress gonadotrophin secretion resulting in dramatic reduction in treatment cycle duration. Assuming comparable clinical outcomes, these benefits may justify changing the standard long GnRH agonist protocol to GnRH antagonist regimens. To evaluate the evidence, data...

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  • Patentability of time-lapse monitoring has nothing to do with human dignity: A response to Alain Pottage.

    abstract::In December 2017, Alain Pottage published an article denying the patentability of a technique called Time-Lapse Monitoring (TLM). His argument was that this procedure, like all other embryo selection procedures, fails to respect human dignity. Here, we argue that this statement is mistaken because assisted reproductiv...

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  • Distinct changes in the proteome profile of endometrial tissues in polycystic ovary syndrome compared with healthy fertile women.

    abstract:RESEARCH QUESTION:What is the molecular basis of infertility related to uterine dysfunction in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)? DESIGN:In this study, differences in protein expression between PCOS and normal endometrium were identified using a proteomic approach based on two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-...

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  • Removal of cervical mucus: effect on pregnancy rates in IVF/ICSI.

    abstract::Cervical mucus may cover the embryo transfer catheter during passage of the cervical canal, interfering with the correct placement of the embryo(s) into the uterine cavity. The effect of removal of cervical mucus prior to embryo transfer in IVF/ intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) on live birth rate was studied. T...

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  • Perivitelline threads in cleavage-stage human embryos: observations using time-lapse imaging.

    abstract::Time-lapse imaging of the human preimplantation embryo in vitro has revealed a transient phenomenon involving the appearance of perivitelline threads, commonly observed at the two-cell stage. These threads span the perivitelline space, arising at the specific area where the cytoplasmic membrane contacts the zona pellu...

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  • Fundamentals of cryobiology in reproductive medicine.

    abstract::The aim of this review will be to provide a basic understanding of the biophysical processes that accompany the application of cryopreservation in reproductive medicine. The ability to store cells in 'suspended animation' outside the body has become a keystone practice in the development of many modern clinical therap...

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  • The role of in-vivo and in-vitro maturation time on ooplasmic dysmaturity.

    abstract::This study investigates whether the timing of in-vivo and in-vitro maturation influences ooplasmic dysmaturity. This is a retrospective comparison of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) cycles (index cycles) complicated by complete fertilization failure (CFF) to cycles with successful fertilization in the same pat...

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  • Outlook: Roles of FSH and LH during the follicular phase: insight into natural cycle IVF.

    abstract::A mounting interest in natural cycle IVF has challenged the medical community to better understand the mechanisms controlling the follicular phase and ovulation in particular, in an effort to optimize this procedure and its outcome. For practical reasons, the advancement of the follicular phase in the menstrual cycle ...

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    authors: de Ziegler D,Fraisse T,de Candolle G,Vulliemoz N,Bellavia M,Colamaria S

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  • Bio-equivalent doses of recombinant HCG and recombinant LH during ovarian stimulation result in similar oestradiol output: a randomized controlled study.

    abstract::In nature, HCG is secreted by the implanting embryo from peri-implantation and onwards. In contrast, LH is mandatory for steroidogenesis and follicular development during the follicular phase, working in synergy with FSH. Moreover, LH is mandatory for the function of the corpus luteum. Although LH and HCG bind to the ...

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  • Stem cell research policies: who's afraid of complicity?

    abstract::Countries that oppose embryo destruction for research purposes can forbid the production of human embryonic stem cell lines on their territory, but these cell lines are nevertheless produced abroad. Therefore, these countries also need to determine if their position on embryo destruction allows them to import and use ...

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  • The Bertarelli Foundation's actions in the field of multiple gestations.

    abstract::The Bertarelli Foundation aims to promote understanding of infertility. Two international conferences in 1999 and 2002 have highlighted the importance of multiple gestations, which have been recognized as a major problem associated with assisted reproductive technologies and ovulation induction therapies. For this rea...

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  • Seven out of 10 couples treated by IVF achieve parenthood following either treatment, natural conception or adoption.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to explore the achievement of parenthood 8 years after starting IVF, considering multiple pathways to parenthood during and after IVF treatment. Medical data on 6507 couples who began IVF between 2000 and 2002 were obtained from the databases of eight French IVF centres. Information on long-t...

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  • Follitropin-alfa for ovarian stimulation during assisted reproduction treatment: a national collaborative study.

    abstract::This prospective, observational study investigated the efficacy and tolerability of follitropin-alfa for ovarian stimulation in routine clinical practice. The study involved a large, unselected population of women. Stimulation parameters and treatment outcomes were documented for 767 patients who underwent a total of ...

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  • Beyond the 'embryo question': human embryonic stem cell ethics in the context of biomaterial donation in the UK.

    abstract::Discussion about the ethics of human embryonic stem cell (ESC) research in the UK tends to be dominated by the divisive and potentially intractable issue of the moral status of the embryo. This can have the effect of silencing or marginalizing other concerns, especially in the context of public engagement with science...

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  • Anogenital distance in newborn infants conceived by assisted reproduction and natural conception.

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  • Effect of phenobarbital on the induction of glutathione S-transferases in rat testis.

    abstract::Glutathione S-transferases are a family of multifunctional proteins involved in intracellular transport processes and drug detoxication. In rats, these enzymes are dimeric proteins, and exist as cytosolic and microsomal proteins. The affinity purified rat testicular glutathione S-transferases are comprised of four sub...

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  • Moral attitudes and beliefs among couples pursuing PGD for sex selection.

    abstract::This article reports the results from a study of couples participating in a research protocol in which IVF/preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) was available for non-medical sex selection. The study sought to characterize the moral attitudes and beliefs of couples actively pursuing IVF/PGD solely for purposes relat...

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  • Early oocyte denudation does not compromise ICSI cycle outcome: a large retrospective cohort study.

    abstract::This retrospective cohort study of 2051 consecutive fresh non-donor intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) cycles investigated whether time from oocyte retrieval to denudation, precisely measured and recorded by an operator-independent automated radiofrequency-based system, affected cycle outcome. ICSI cycles were di...

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    authors: Naji O,Moska N,Dajani Y,El-Shirif A,El-Ashkar H,Hosni MM,Khalil M,Khalaf Y,Bolton V,El-Toukhy T

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  • Gonadotrophins--filled-by-mass versus filled-by-bioassay.

    abstract::Application of recombinant technology to FSH in the early 1990s produced a highly purified preparation. Calibration of the product was dependent on the rat 'bioassay' based on measurement of ovarian weight after injection of FSH into rats. This test is associated with variability in the measurement of FSH bioactivity ...

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    authors: Hugues JN,Durnerin IC

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