What is a "periprosthetic shoulder infection"? A systematic review of two decades of publications.


PURPOSE:While as many as 50% of revision shoulder arthroplasties are culture positive, a consistent, clinically useful definition of a "periprosthetic shoulder infection" is lacking. We conducted a systematic review of the published literature with respect to (1) the definition of a "periprosthetic shoulder infection", (2) the pre-operative evaluation for possible infection, and (3) the harvesting and culturing of specimens at the time of surgical revision. METHODS:Using the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines, we identified 20 studies concerning infection at the time of revision shoulder arthroplasty. The review was registered in the international Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews. RESULTS:An explicit definition of infection was not present in six studies (27%). Classification systems used for periprosthetic hip and knee infections were used in three studies (14%). Clinical signs and symptoms were used in all definitions, but most studies did not report microbiologic results or culturing practices. CONCLUSIONS:Synthesis of the literature on failed arthroplasties with positive cultures is compromised by lack of standardization, leaving surgeons without secure evidence on which to base diagnostic and treatment decisions. These decisions would be better informed if authors used a consistent approach in the evaluation of failed arthroplasties with respect to the number and source of specimens submitted, the culture technique, the number of specimens that became culture positive, the bacteria identified, and the bacterial load recovered from the shoulder. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE:This was a systematic review of reports of all levels.


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Hsu JE,Somerson JS,Vo KV,Matsen FA 3rd




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    abstract::Infection in prosthesis surgery is very dangerous because it changes the patient's prognosis. Differential diagnosis between septic and aseptic loosening is fundamental in order to apply the correct treatment. The correct diagnostic approach is still debated in literature. The aim of this study was to perform a review...

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  • Mechanical testing of trabecular bone in knee replacement.

    abstract::To measure the strength of the juxta-articular trabecular bone in knee replacement, an osteopenetrometer was developed. The principle of its function is tha a needle penetrates the bony tissue and during this penetration the pressure on and the displacement of the needle is registered. The instrument was tested on cad...

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  • Prevention of post-coccygectomy infection in a series of 136 coccygectomies.

    abstract::Postoperative infection is a regular complication in coccygectomy. The authors propose the use of a topical skin adhesive on the postoperative wound as a contribution to the prevention of this complication. It was used on the first 56 patients in this study. The rate of infection was 3.6% compared with the 14% rate of...

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    abstract::A 21 year old Japanese male of normal intelligence with severe athetosis, scoliosis with pelvic obliquity, and a positive Galant's reflex was seen with complaint of difficulty in maintaining a sitting posture. After release of the soft tissues around the hip and axilla, followed by physiotherapy, he underwent ipsilate...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:Bone-tendon healing following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is reportedly enhanced by bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-7. To improve our understanding of the underlying biologic processes, we examined the effects of BMP-7 on region-specific gene expression in vitro. METHODS:A murine in vitro co-cul...

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  • The plate fixation strategy of complex proximal humeral fractures.

    abstract:PURPOSE:For complex proximal humeral fractures, severe displacement and comminuted fragments lead to poor clinical outcomes. Despite considerable management, the locking plate fixation is still a preference and the proper selection of its strategy for each individual seems to be essential. METHOD:The available classif...

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  • Bone morphogenic protein-2 use in revision total hip arthroplasty with acetabular defects.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The restoration of acetabular bone stock during revision hip arthroplasty remains a challenge. There have been no clinical series reporting the efficacy of bone morphogenic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) in the revision hip setting. METHODS:We retrospectively reviewed the radiographs and records of 15 patients who r...

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  • Frozen shoulder syndrome. A comparison of hydraulic distension and manipulation.

    abstract::Thirty-two patients, who had frozen shoulders which had not improved with physiotherapy, were treated by manipulation under general anaesthesia or by steroid injection and hydraulic distension under local anaesthesia. Distension is recommended as it is easy to carry out and gave better results than manipulation. ...

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  • Primary total hip arthroplasty with dual mobility socket to prevent dislocation: a 22-year follow-up of 240 hips.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The longest follow-up dual mobility series from inventor Gilles Bousquet focussing on implant survival and the incidence of dislocation. METHODS:This was a retrospective study from 1985 to 1990, on 240 hips using a PF® modular femoral stem and a dual mobility Novae® tripodal socket (SERF). RESULTS:The 22-year...

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  • [Articular irrigation in arthroscopy].

    abstract::Synovial oedema is a frequent complication in arthroscopic procedures performed with normal saline as the irrigating fluid. The authors have studied the effect of saline solution, Ringer lactate, 5% Dextran and 10% Dextran in normal saline on 12 specimens of human synovial membrane. They found that 10% Dextran in norm...

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