The consequences of tinnitus and tinnitus severity on cognition: A review of the behavioural evidence.


:People with tinnitus report anecdotal difficulties in mental concentration and psychological treatments for tinnitus advise on concentration difficulties and how to manage them. Yet the literature lacks any coherent discussion about what precise theoretical cognitive constructs might be mediating reported concentration problems. This review addresses this gap by describing and critically appraising the behavioural evidence for the effects of tinnitus on cognitive performance (namely working memory and attention). Empirical evidence is somewhat limited, but there is some support that tinnitus interferes with executive attention, and mixed support that it impairs working memory and selective attention. We highlight a number of methodological considerations to help drive the field forward and we propose a putative model of the complex inter-relationships between tinnitus, cognition and confounding factors. This model provides a basis for hypothesis testing.


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Hearing research


Mohamad N,Hoare DJ,Hall DA




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  • Auditory evoked potentials differ at 50 milliseconds in right- and left-handed listeners.

    abstract::Left-handed individuals show a 4 ms later Wave Pb in the 45-60 ms latency range of the auditory middle latency response (MLR) than right-handed individuals. Examination of auditory evoked potentials in fifteen right-handed and fifteen left-handed normal hearing adults showed that this difference was not evident in tim...

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  • Frequency representation in the rat cochlea.

    abstract::In order to determine the place-frequency map of the rat cochlea, iontophoretic HRP-injections were made into the cochlear nucleus at electrophysiologically characterized positions. Distribution of retrograde HRP transport in cochlear spiral ganglion cells was analysed by means of a three dimensional reconstruction of...

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  • Otolith morphology and hearing abilities in cave- and surface-dwelling ecotypes of the Atlantic molly, Poecilia mexicana (Teleostei: Poeciliidae).

    abstract::Cave fish have rarely been investigated with regard to their inner ear morphology, hearing abilities, and acoustic communication. Based on a previous study that revealed morphological differences in the saccular otolith between a cave and two surface populations of Poecilia mexicana, we checked for additional differen...

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  • Pitch, harmonicity and concurrent sound segregation: psychoacoustical and neurophysiological findings.

    abstract::Harmonic complex tones are a particularly important class of sounds found in both speech and music. Although these sounds contain multiple frequency components, they are usually perceived as a coherent whole, with a pitch corresponding to the fundamental frequency (F0). However, when two or more harmonic sounds occur ...

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  • Audibility of American English vowels produced by English-, Chinese-, and Korean-native speakers in long-term speech-shaped noise.

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  • Auditory nerve of the normal and jaundiced rat. II. Frequency selectivity and two-tone rate suppression.

    abstract::This study is the continuation of the functional probing of the auditory periphery in the normal and jaundiced rat. Threshold tuning curves from normal rat auditory nerve fibers were comparable to those reported in other mammals. Life-long unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia does not appear to have a widespread, demonstra...

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  • Cellular targets of estrogen signaling in regeneration of inner ear sensory epithelia.

    abstract::Estrogen signaling in auditory and vestibular sensory epithelia is a newly emerging focus propelled by the role of estrogen signaling in many other proliferative systems. Understanding the pathways with which estrogen interacts can provide a means to identify how estrogen may modulate proliferative signaling in inner ...

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  • Masculinization of the mammalian cochlea.

    abstract::Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) differ between the sexes in humans, rhesus and marmoset monkeys, and sheep. OAEs also are different in a number of special populations of humans. Those basic findings are reviewed and discussed in the context of possible prenatal-androgen effects on the auditory system. A parsimonious expl...

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  • Identification of factors that maintain mammalian outer hair cells in adult organ of Corti explants.

    abstract::Both outer hair cells (OHCs) and inner hair cells (IHCs) survive and mature in 3 days old rat organ of Corti explants cultured for 1 month in a minimal essential medium. In contrast, under the same culture conditions, only IHCs survive in explants from adult guinea pig organ of Corti while many of the OHCs are lost wi...

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  • Potassium-induced release of an endogenous toxic activity for outer hair cells and auditory neurons in the cochlea: a new pathophysiological mechanism in Menière's disease?

    abstract::In Menière's disease, the increase of extracellular potassium concentration in the perilymph is thought to play a key role in determining the progressive loss of cochlear hair cells. In this paper, we describe a serum-free culture preparation of hair cells from 5 day-old rat and report the release by the cochlea, in r...

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  • The effects of efferent activation on the acoustically and electrically evoked otoacoustic emission.

    abstract::The effects of efferent activation on the otoacoustic emission were measured in anesthetized guinea pigs. The otoacoustic emission (2F(1)-F(2)) was evoked by the conventional method of presenting either two continuous tones or a sinusoidal current to the round window (RW) of the cochlea. The efferent effects on the ac...

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  • Na,K-ATPase activity decreases in the cochlear lateral wall of quiet-aged gerbils.

    abstract::Alterations in the distribution and activity of Na,K-ATPase have been implicated in declining cell function with age. However, the location, size and anatomical complexity of the cochlea have limited study of this essential enzyme. Here we describe a micro-colorimetric assay which measures Na,K-ATPase activity in subr...

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  • Neurophysiological model of tinnitus: dependence of the minimal masking level on treatment outcome.

    abstract::Validity of the neurophysiological model of tinnitus (Jastreboff, 1990), outlined in this paper, was tested on data from multicenter trial of tinnitus masking (Hazell et al., 1985). Minimal masking level, intensity match of tinnitus, and the threshold of hearing have been evaluated on a total of 382 patients before an...

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  • The mitochondrion: a perpetrator of acquired hearing loss.

    abstract::Age, drugs, and noise are major causes of acquired hearing loss. The involvement of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in hair cell death has long been discussed, but there is considerably less information available as to the mechanisms underlying ROS formation. Most cellular ROS arise in mitochondria and this review will ...

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  • Suppressibility of the 2f1-f2 stimulated acoustic emissions in gerbil and man.

    abstract::The suppression tuning properties of the oto-acoustic distortion product emission, 2f1-f2 have been measured in the ear canal of gerbil and man. The results show the acoustic response to be suppressible in a similar, frequency-dependent manner in both species. Frequencies near to those of the stimulating tones are mos...

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  • Performance in noise: Impact of reduced speech intelligibility on Sailor performance in a Navy command and control environment.

    abstract::Noise, hearing loss, and electronic signal distortion, which are common problems in military environments, can impair speech intelligibility and thereby jeopardize mission success. The current study investigated the impact that impaired communication has on operational performance in a command and control environment ...

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  • Rapid resting ion fluxes in goldfish hair cells are balanced by (Na+,K+)-ATPase.

    abstract::Inhibition of sodium/potassium pumping by isolated goldfish hair cells led to a rapid gain of sodium and loss of potassium. Half-times for turnover were about 10 min, among the fastest of any cell type examined by electron-probe analysis. Pumping was inhibited by removal of extracellular potassium or by treatment with...

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  • A nicotinic acetylcholine receptor-like alpha-bungarotoxin-binding site on outer hair cells.

    abstract::Acetylcholine (ACh) appears to be the major neurotransmitter liberated from olivocochlear efferents terminating on outer hair cells (OHC). Recently, cholinergic receptor epitopes were visualized at the basal pole of the OHCs. To evaluate the ACh receptor type at OHC we performed binding studies with [125I]-labelled al...

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  • Plastic changes along auditory pathway during salicylate-induced ototoxicity: Hyperactivity and CF shifts.

    abstract::High dose of salicylate, the active ingredient in aspirin, has long been known to induce transient hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis making it a powerful experimental tool. These salicylate-induced perceptual disturbances are associated with a massive reduction in the neural output of the cochlea. Paradoxically, ...

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  • Rate and synchronization measures of periodicity coding in cat primary auditory cortex.

    abstract::Periodicity coding was studied in primary auditory cortex of the ketamine anesthetized cat by simultaneously recording with two electrodes from up to 6 neural units in response to one second long click trains presented once per 3 s. Trains with click rates of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32/s were used and the responses of the ...

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  • Transganglionic transport of D-aspartate from cochlear nucleus to cochlea--a quantitative autoradiographic study.

    abstract::This study concerns the connections of the inner and outer hair cells and the different types of ganglion cells of the mammalian cochlea with the central nervous system by making use of their putative neurotransmitters. D-[3H]Aspartate (D-ASP), a putative marker for glutamatergic neurons, was injected into the cochlea...

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  • Identification of mRNA transcripts and immunohistochemical localization of Na/H exchanger isoforms in gerbil inner ear.

    abstract::Recent physiological and pharmacological studies have implicated involvement of the Na/H exchanger (NHE) in regulating inner ear ion homeostasis, but the cellular distribution of this membrane transporter remains unknown. Here reverse transcription and the polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) were employed to screen adu...

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  • Voice emotion perception and production in cochlear implant users.

    abstract::Voice emotion is a fundamental component of human social interaction and social development. Unfortunately, cochlear implant users are often forced to interface with highly degraded prosodic cues as a result of device constraints in extraction, processing, and transmission. As such, individuals with cochlear implants ...

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  • The connexin 30.3 of zebrafish homologue of human connexin 26 may play similar role in the inner ear.

    abstract::The intercellular gap junction channels formed by connexins (CXs) are important for recycling potassium ions in the inner ear. CXs are encoded by a family of the CX gene, such as GJB2, and the mechanism leading to mutant connexin-associated diseases, including hearing loss, remains to be elucidated. In this study, usi...

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  • Oncomodulin is abundant in the organ of Corti.

    abstract::A small, acidic Ca(2+)-binding protein (CBP-15) was recently detected in extracts of the mammalian auditory receptor organ, the organ of Corti [Senarita et al. (1995) Hear. Res. 90, 169-175]. N-terminal sequence data for CBP-15 [Thalmann et al. (1995) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 215, 142-147] implied membership in ...

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  • Infrared neural stimulation: beam path in the guinea pig cochlea.

    abstract::It has been demonstrated that INS can be utilized to stimulate spiral ganglion cells in the cochlea. Although neural stimulation can be achieved without direct contact of the radiation source and the tissue, the presence of fluids or bone between the target structure and the radiation source may lead to absorption or ...

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  • Disrupted functional brain connectome in unilateral sudden sensorineural hearing loss.

    abstract::Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) is generally defined as sensorineural hearing loss of 30 dB or greater over at least three contiguous audiometric frequencies and within a three-day period. This hearing loss is usually unilateral and can be associated with tinnitus and vertigo. The pathogenesis of unilateral ...

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  • The responses of inner and outer hair cells in the basal turn of the guinea-pig cochlea and in the mouse cochlea grown in vitro.

    abstract::Until recently the responses of the mechanosensitive hair cells of the cochlea have been inferred from their morphology, morphological relationships with other structures in the cochlea, and by indirect electrophysiological measurements. With the advent of techniques for making intracellular recordings from hair cells...

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  • Alterations in the spontaneous discharge patterns of single units in the dorsal cochlear nucleus following intense sound exposure.

    abstract::Electrophysiological recordings in the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN) were conducted to determine the nature of changes in single unit activity following intense sound exposure and how they relate to changes in multiunit activity. Single and multiunit spontaneous discharge rates and auditory response properties were re...

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  • Hydrodynamic forces on hair bundles at high frequencies.

    abstract::We have analyzed a model for the motion of hair bundles of hair cells at high frequencies. In the model, hair-cell organs are represented as a system of rigid mechanical structures surrounded by fluid. A rigid body, that represents a hair bundle, is hinged to a vibrating plate that represents the sensory epithelium. T...

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