The consequences of tinnitus and tinnitus severity on cognition: A review of the behavioural evidence.


:People with tinnitus report anecdotal difficulties in mental concentration and psychological treatments for tinnitus advise on concentration difficulties and how to manage them. Yet the literature lacks any coherent discussion about what precise theoretical cognitive constructs might be mediating reported concentration problems. This review addresses this gap by describing and critically appraising the behavioural evidence for the effects of tinnitus on cognitive performance (namely working memory and attention). Empirical evidence is somewhat limited, but there is some support that tinnitus interferes with executive attention, and mixed support that it impairs working memory and selective attention. We highlight a number of methodological considerations to help drive the field forward and we propose a putative model of the complex inter-relationships between tinnitus, cognition and confounding factors. This model provides a basis for hypothesis testing.


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Hearing research


Mohamad N,Hoare DJ,Hall DA




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  • Auditory training improves auditory performance in cochlear implanted children.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:While the positive benefits of pediatric cochlear implantation on language perception skills are now proven, the heterogeneity of outcomes remains high. The understanding of this heterogeneity and possible strategies to minimize it is of utmost importance. Our scope here is to test the effects of an auditory...

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  • Ultrastructural correlates of selective outer hair cell destruction following kanamycin intoxication in the chinchilla.

    abstract::Kanamycin ototoxicity, combined with behavioral audiometry to evaluate threshold shifts, was used to destroy outer hair cells (OHCs) in the basal cochlea of the chincilla while leaving the inner hair cell (IHC) population largely intact. After survival times of four weeks to one year, transmission electron microscopy ...

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  • Calcium channels triggering transmitter release in the rat medial superior olive.

    abstract::We used whole cell voltage clamp recordings from neurones in rat auditory brainstem slices to study the Ca(2+) channel types involved in triggering synaptic glutamate and glycine release in the medial superior olivary nucleus. Glutamate release from the anterior ventral cochlear (aVCN) bushy neurone synapse did not in...

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  • Spiral ligament pathology in quiet-aged gerbils.

    abstract::The ultrastructure of the spiral ligament was compared in aged and young gerbils to assess the involvement of connective tissues in the lateral wall and particularly the fibrocytes in development of presbyacusis. Pathologic features in fibrocytes of senescent gerbils spanned a wide range reflecting different stages of...

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  • Pre- and postsynaptic excitatory action of glutamate agonists on frog vestibular receptors.

    abstract::In order to investigate the localization and the type(s) of excitatory amino acid receptors in the frog vestibular system, the exogenous amino acid agonists Quisqualic acid, Kainic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartic acid were tested on the sensory organ of semicircular canals. Intracellular recordings of the resting dischar...

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  • Cisplatin ototoxicity in rat cochlear organotypic cultures.

    abstract::Ototoxicity is a dose-limiting side effect of chemotherapeutic treatment with cisplatin. In a series of experiments on neonatal rat cochlear organotypic cultures, the extent of damage induced by a broad range of cisplatin treatment concentrations was examined. Paradoxically, it was found that hair cell loss was greate...

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  • Ethacrynic acid rapidly and selectively abolishes blood flow in vessels supplying the lateral wall of the cochlea.

    abstract::The mechanisms underlying the ototoxicity of ethacrynic acid (EA) are not fully understood. Previous studies have focused on morphologic and enzymatic changes in the stria vascularis. The current experiment shows that one of the earliest effects of EA is ischemia, resulting from impaired blood flow in vessels supplyin...

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  • A single dose of neurotrophin-3 to the cochlea surrounds spiral ganglion neurons and provides trophic support.

    abstract::Degeneration of spiral ganglion neurons (SGNs) in the cochlea following sensorineural hearing loss is preventable by the infusion of neurotrophins into the scala tympani. This study investigates the trophic effects and distribution of a single bolus infusion of neurotrophin-3 (NT3) into the scala tympani of the cochle...

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  • Hydrodynamic forces on hair bundles at high frequencies.

    abstract::We have analyzed a model for the motion of hair bundles of hair cells at high frequencies. In the model, hair-cell organs are represented as a system of rigid mechanical structures surrounded by fluid. A rigid body, that represents a hair bundle, is hinged to a vibrating plate that represents the sensory epithelium. T...

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    authors: Freeman DM,Weiss TF

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  • Viral vectors for gene delivery to the inner ear.

    abstract::Gene therapy using virus vectors to treat hereditary diseases has made remarkable progress in the past decade. There are FDA-approved products for ex-vivo gene therapy for diseases such as immunodeficiencies (e.g., SCID), and in vivo gene therapy for a rare blindness and neuro-muscular disease. Gene therapy for heredi...

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    authors: Maguire CA,Corey DP

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  • Differential thresholds of local field potentials and unit discharges in rat auditory cortex.

    abstract::Thresholds for responses to tone bursts in the primary auditory field of pentobarbital-anesthetized rat are significantly lower for local field potentials (5.60 dB+/-1.76 S.E.M.) than for multiple unit discharges (17.80 dB+/-3.17), recorded simultaneously from the same microelectrode. The characteristic frequencies (C...

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  • The effects of efferent activation on the acoustically and electrically evoked otoacoustic emission.

    abstract::The effects of efferent activation on the otoacoustic emission were measured in anesthetized guinea pigs. The otoacoustic emission (2F(1)-F(2)) was evoked by the conventional method of presenting either two continuous tones or a sinusoidal current to the round window (RW) of the cochlea. The efferent effects on the ac...

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  • Circadian and menstrual rhythms in frequency variations of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions from human ears.

    abstract::This paper reports hourly and daily monitoring of the frequencies of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions. Regular circadian variations in frequency were found in two of three subjects. Consistent monthly variations, in step with the menstrual cycle, were seen in three of four women. The circadian cycle typically showed ...

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    authors: Bell A

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  • The role of broadband inhibition in the rate representation of spectral cues for sound localization in the inferior colliculus.

    abstract::Previous investigations have shown that a subset of inferior colliculus neurons, which have been designated type O units, respond selectively to isolated features of the cat's head-related transfer functions (HRTFs: the directional transformation of a free-field sound as it propagates from the head to the eardrum). Ba...

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    authors: May BJ,Anderson M,Roos M

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  • Plastic changes along auditory pathway during salicylate-induced ototoxicity: Hyperactivity and CF shifts.

    abstract::High dose of salicylate, the active ingredient in aspirin, has long been known to induce transient hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis making it a powerful experimental tool. These salicylate-induced perceptual disturbances are associated with a massive reduction in the neural output of the cochlea. Paradoxically, ...

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  • Spatial organization of the reciprocal connections between the cat dorsal and anteroventral cochlear nuclei.

    abstract::We are studying the interconnections between the anteroventral cochlear nucleus (AVCN) and the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN). Biotinylated dextran was injected into the DCN, where the best frequency of responses was also recorded. Ventrotubercular neurons in AVCN were labeled, along with cochlear nerve fibers and the ...

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  • Gene therapy for genetic mutations affecting non-sensory cells in the cochlea.

    abstract::Congenital hearing loss (HL) affects about 1 in every 500 infants. Among those affected more than half are caused by genetic mutations. According to the cellular sites affected by mutations in the cochlea, deafness genes could be classified into three major groups: those affecting the function of hair cells and synaps...

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    authors: Zhang L,Wu X,Lin X

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  • Turtle utricle dynamic behavior using a combined anatomically accurate model and experimentally measured hair bundle stiffness.

    abstract::Anatomically correct turtle utricle geometry was incorporated into two finite element models. The geometrically accurate model included appropriately shaped macular surface and otoconial layer, compact gel and column filament (or shear) layer thicknesses and thickness distributions. The first model included a shear la...

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    authors: Davis JL,Grant JW

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  • Auditory cortex directs the input-specific remodeling of thalamus.

    abstract::Input-specific remodeling is observed both in the primary auditory cortex (AI) and the ventral division of the medial geniculate body of the thalamus (MGBv) through motivation such as learning. Here, we show the role of AI in the MGBv remodeling induced by the electrical stimulation (ES) of the central division of the...

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    authors: Nelson SL,Kong L,Liu X,Yan J

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  • Expression and localization of heat shock factor (Hsf) 1 in the rodent cochlea.

    abstract::Activation of heat shock factors (Hsfs) is one of the potential mechanisms for regulating the transcription of the heat shock proteins (Hsps) and certain other stress-responsive genes. Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), Western blot and immunocytochemistry were used to examine the expression and...

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    authors: Fairfield DA,Kanicki AC,Lomax MI,Altschuler RA

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  • Auditory stream segregation of tone sequences in cochlear implant listeners.

    abstract::Previous claims that auditory stream segregation occurs in cochlear implant listeners are based on limited evidence. In experiment 1, eight listeners heard tones presented in a 30-s repeating ABA-sequence, with frequencies matching the centre frequencies of the implant's 22 electrodes. Tone A always stimulated electro...

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    authors: Cooper HR,Roberts B

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  • Basilar membrane tonotopicity in the hook region of the cat cochlea.

    abstract::Middle-ear to basilar membrane (BM) velocity transfer functions are reported for seven locations in the hook region of a single cat cochlea. These transfer functions were recorded at high sound pressure levels in a linearized, or passive cochlea, and resemble those reported previously by Wilson and Evans (1983). They ...

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  • Contribution of centrifugal innervation to choline acetyltransferase activity in the cat cochlear nucleus.

    abstract::Using a quantitative microchemical mapping approach combined with surgical cuts of fiber tracts, the contributions of centrifugal pathways to choline acetyltransferase activity were mapped three-dimensionally in the cat cochlear nucleus. Large reductions of choline acetyltransferase activity, averaging 70%, were measu...

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    authors: Godfrey DA,Beranek KL,Carlson L,Parli JA,Dunn JD,Ross CD

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  • Discrimination of the fundamental frequency of complex tones with fixed and shifting spectral envelopes by normally hearing and hearing-impaired subjects.

    abstract::Difference limens for the fundamental frequency (F0) of complex tones (DLCs) were measured for four normally hearing subjects and three subjects with cochlear hearing loss. The nominal F0 was 100, 200 or 400 Hz. The two tones to be compared contained either low resolved harmonics (RES), harmonics with intermediate res...

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    authors: Moore BC,Moore GA

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  • A speculation about the parallel ear asymmetries and sex differences in hearing sensitivity and otoacoustic emissions.

    abstract::Hearing sensitivity and the prevalence of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions show parallel ear and sex differences in humans. Here it is proposed that these lateral asymmetries and sex differences may all result from differences in the 'strength' of the efferent inhibition delivered to individual cochleas. Specifically...

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    authors: McFadden D

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  • Effect of interaural level and phase cues on intervening interference in auditory working memory for loudness.

    abstract::The focus of this study was to gauge the influence of intervening interference on an intensity standard held within auditory working memory through measurement of the just noticeable difference (JND) for intensity. Additionally, the use of interaural phase differences and interaural level differences as spatial cues w...

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    authors: Jump RL,Ries DT

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  • Three-dimensional and ultrastructural relationships between intermediate cells and capillaries in the gerbil stria vascularis.

    abstract::Structural relationships between intermediate cells and capillaries in the stria vascularis of gerbils were examined by confocal laser microscopy and electron microscopy. Immunostaining for an inward rectifier K(+) channel (Kir4.1), which was localized to intermediate cells, was used to determine the three-dimensional...

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  • Current distributions in the cat cochlea: a modelling and electrophysiological study.

    abstract::The current distribution of bipolar electrodes implanted into the scala tympani of the cat cochlea was investigated using a two-electrode masking technique. Two electrode masking is a non-invasive technique which requires two electrically independent electrodes and relies upon the forward masking of the electrically e...

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    authors: O'Leary SJ,Black RC,Clark GM

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  • Frequency summation observed in the human acoustic reflex.

    abstract::It is known that the threshold of an acoustically induced middle-ear-muscle (MEM) reflex can be lowered by the simultaneous presentation of a second tone (facilitator), which is presented to the ipsilateral or contralateral ear at a level below the acoustic reflex threshold (ART) of the facilitator itself (Sesterhenn ...

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    authors: Kawase T,Hidaka H,Takasaka T

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  • Constitutive expression of Hsp27 in the rat cochlea.

    abstract::Heat shock protein-27 (Hsp27) is known to function as both a stress-inducible molecular chaperone and regulator of actin polymerization. For many cells in the cochlea, actin is part of the cytoskeleton and plays an important role in the maintenance of cochlear function. To understand the molecular processes by which t...

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    authors: Leonova EV,Fairfield DA,Lomax MI,Altschuler RA

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