Intermicrobial Interactions as a Driver for Community Composition and Stratification of Oral Biofilms.


:The oral cavity is accessible to microorganisms, and biofilms are present throughout on hard and soft tissues. The shedding of epithelial cell layers is usually effective for controlling biofilm development on soft tissues. Innate immune mechanisms are not so effective against biofilms on tooth surfaces, and oral hygiene measures such as brushing and flossing are required for the periodic removal of dental plaque. Even with good oral hygiene, microbial communities accumulate on teeth in areas that are protected from mechanical abrasion forces. Changes in the composition of these biofilms are associated with oral diseases such as dental caries or periodontitis. Newly formed biofilms and more mature dental plaque each have a level of spatial organization in the horizontal and vertical planes. Communities are shaped by many varied interactions between different species and genera within the biofilm, which include physical cell-cell associations known as coaggregation, interspecies signaling, secretion and turnover of antimicrobial compounds and the sharing of an extracellular matrix. Central to these interactions is the selection for metabolic synergies and it is becoming clear that the ability of communities to extract the maximum energy from the available metabolites is a potent driver for biofilm structure and stratification. This review discusses recent advances in our understanding of intermicrobial interactions in oral biofilms and the roles that they play in determining the spatial organization of biofilm communities.


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  • Light-regulated catalysis by an RNA-cleaving deoxyribozyme.

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  • Conformational aspects of an uncharged phosphate analogon built in at the branch-point of a DNA four-way junction.

    abstract::Electrostatic interactions appear to be important in the conformation and dynamics of DNA four-way junctions. Particularly, the Coulomb repulsion between two approaching phosphate groups at the site of strand exchange is commonly supposed to have a negative influence on the thermodynamic stability of the fully stacked...

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  • Discerning the structure and energy of multiple transition states in protein folding using psi-analysis.

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  • Mammalian cells express two VPS4 proteins both of which are involved in intracellular protein trafficking.

    abstract::The yeast Vps4 protein (Vps4p) is a member of the AAA protein family (ATPases associated with diverse cellular activities) and a key player in the transport of proteins out of a prevacuolar endosomal compartment. In human cells, we identified two non-allelic orthologous proteins (VPS4-A and VPS4-B) of yeast Vps4p. The...

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  • X-ray analyses of aspartic proteinases. V. Structure and refinement at 2.0 A resolution of the aspartic proteinase from Mucor pusillus.

    abstract::The structure of mucor pusillus pepsin (EC, the aspartic proteinase from Mucor pusillus, has been refined to a crystallographic R-factor of 16.2% at 2.0 A resolution. The positions of 2638 protein atoms, 221 solvent atoms and a sulphate ion have been determined with an estimated root-mean-square (r.m.s.) err...

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  • On itinerant water molecules and detectability of protein-protein interfaces through comparative analysis of homologues.

    abstract::We discuss the question of which residues are sufficiently important for protein-protein interaction to be under notable evolutionary pressure. Its interest stems from the applicability of this knowledge in the reverse direction, to detect a protein-protein interface on a single protomer, starting from the rate of mut...

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    abstract::Crystals of Proteus vulgaris holotryptophanase have been grown by the hanging-drop technique using polyethylene glycol 4000 as precipitant in the presence of monovalent cations K+ or Cs+. Orthorhombic crystals (P2(1)2(1)2(1)) grown with Cs+ have unit cell parameters a = 115.0 A, b = 118.2 A and c = 153.7 A and diffrac...

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  • Resolution of Holliday junction substrates by human topoisomerase I.

    abstract::Prompted by the close relationship between tyrosine recombinases and type IB topoisomerases we have investigated the ability of human topoisomerase I to resolve the typical intermediate of recombinase catalysis, the Holliday junction. We demonstrate that human topoisomerase I catalyzes unidirectional resolution of a s...

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  • Substitution of a single bacteriophage T3 residue in bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase at position 748 results in a switch in promoter specificity.

    abstract::The bacteriophage T3 and T7 RNA polymerases (RNAP) are closely related, yet exhibit high specificity for their own promoter sequences. In this work the primary determinant of T7 versus T3 promoter specificity has been localized to a single amino acid residue at position 748 in the T7 RNAP. Substitution of this residue...

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  • Cell Heterogeneity in Staphylococcal Communities.

    abstract::The human pathogen Staphylococcus aureus is a gram-positive bacterium that causes difficult-to-treat infections. One of the reasons why S. aureus is such as successful pathogen is due to the cell-to-cell physiological variability that exists within microbial communities. Many laboratories around the world study the ge...

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  • Conformational equilibria and rates of localized motion within hepatitis B virus capsids.

    abstract::Functional analysis of hepatitis B virus (HBV) core particles has associated a number of biological roles with the C terminus of the capsid protein. One set of functions require the C terminus to be on the exterior of the capsid, while others place this domain on the interior. According to the crystal structure of the...

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  • Knowledge-based scoring function to predict protein-ligand interactions.

    abstract::The development and validation of a new knowledge-based scoring function (DrugScore) to describe the binding geometry of ligands in proteins is presented. It discriminates efficiently between well-docked ligand binding modes (root-mean-square deviation <2.0 A with respect to a crystallographically determined reference...

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  • Structure of adenovirus fibre. I. Analysis of crystals of fibre from adenovirus serotypes 2 and 5 by electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography.

    abstract::An analysis by electron microscopy in amorphous ice and X-ray diffraction of four types of three-dimensional crystals of adenovirus fibre is presented. Fibre from adenovirus type 2 (Ad2) crystallizes in two forms depending on whether it is native or cleaved near the N terminus at Tyr17. Fibre from Ad5 also crystallize...

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  • The 2.0A resolution structure of the catalytic portion of a cyanobacterial membrane-bound manganese superoxide dismutase.

    abstract::Cyanobacteria are shown to be unique in containing membrane-bound manganese superoxide dismutases (MnSOD). They are homodimeric type 2 membrane proteins that protect this phototrophic organism against oxidative stress. We have determined, for the first time, the 2.0A resolution structure of the catalytic portion of th...

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  • The Changing Face of Aging: Highly Sulfated Glycosaminoglycans Induce Amyloid Formation in a Lattice Corneal Dystrophy Model Protein.

    abstract::Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are related to multiple biological functions and diseases. There is growing evidence that GAG concentration and sulfate content increase with age. The destabilizing mutation A546T in the corneal protein TGFBIp leads to lattice-type corneal dystrophy, but symptoms only appear in the fourth dec...

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  • The rad50 signature motif: essential to ATP binding and biological function.

    abstract::The repair of double-strand breaks in DNA is an essential process in all organisms, and requires the coordinated activities of evolutionarily conserved protein assemblies. One of the most critical of these is the Mre11/Rad50 (M/R) complex, which is present in all three biological kingdoms, but is not well-understood a...

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  • A simple method to generate non-trivial alternate alignments of protein sequences.

    abstract::A major problem in sequence alignments based on the standard dynamic programming method is that the optimal path does not necessarily yield the best equivalencing of residues assessed by structural or functional criteria. An algorithm is presented that finds suboptimal alignments of protein sequences by a simple modif...

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  • The I binding specificity of human VH 4-34 (VH 4-21) encoded antibodies is determined by both VH framework region 1 and complementarity determining region 3.

    abstract::Essentially all cold agglutinins (CA) with red blood cell I/i specificity isolated from patients with CA disease stemming from lymphoproliferative disorders utilize the VH 4-34 (VH 4-21) gene segment. This near universality of the restricted use of a single gene segment is substantially greater than that demonstrated ...

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  • Conformational dynamics of Thermus aquaticus DNA polymerase I during catalysis.

    abstract::Despite the fact that DNA polymerases have been investigated for many years and are commonly used as tools in a number of molecular biology assays, many details of the kinetic mechanism they use to catalyze DNA synthesis remain unclear. Structural and kinetic studies have characterized a rapid, pre-catalytic open-to-c...

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    authors: Xu C,Maxwell BA,Suo Z

    更新日期:2014-08-12 00:00:00

  • Substrate preference of transglutaminase 2 revealed by logistic regression analysis and intrinsic disorder examination.

    abstract::Tissue transglutaminase (TG2) catalyzes the Ca(2+)-dependent posttranslational modification of proteins via formation of isopeptide bonds between their glutamine and lysine residues. Although substrate specificity of TG2 has been studied repeatedly at the sequence level, no clear consensus sequences have been determin...

    journal_title:Journal of molecular biology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Csosz E,Bagossi P,Nagy Z,Dosztanyi Z,Simon I,Fesus L

    更新日期:2008-11-07 00:00:00

  • Calcium ion-induced structural changes in bacteriophage phi X174.

    abstract::Monoclinic P2(1) crystals of the bacteriophage phi X174 have been incubated with calcium ions (Ca2+) and the induced structural conformational changes studied to 3 A resolution with X-ray crystallographic methods. Three different types of Ca2+ binding sites have been located within the asymmetric unit of the virion. T...

    journal_title:Journal of molecular biology

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    authors: Ilag LL,McKenna R,Yadav MP,BeMiller JN,Incardona NL,Rossmann MG

    更新日期:1994-12-02 00:00:00

  • Structure of a foreign peptide displayed on the surface of bacteriophage M13.

    abstract::The use of filamentous bacteriophage M13 as a vehicle for display of foreign peptides and proteins provides a means for the construction of therapeutic, diagnostic and technological tools of broad utility. The usefulness of this technology is dependent on the ability of an inserted peptide to act as a ligand when fuse...

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