A detailed analysis of intracerebral hemorrhages in DBS surgeries.


OBJECTIVES:Deep brain stimulation is nowadays a frequently performed surgery in patients with movement disorders, intractable epilepsy, and severe psychiatric disorders. The most feared complication of this surgery is an intracerebral hemorrhage due to the electrode placement, either for intraoperative electrophysiology (microelectrode recording) and/or implantation of the final electrode (macroelectrode). Here, we have investigated the risk of developing an intracerebral hemorrhage in our cohort of deep brain stimulation patients over a period of 15 years. PATIENTS AND METHODS:We have collected demographic data and analyzed the effect of performing surgery with single-electrode versus multiple electrode guided DBS. The effect of using single-dose versus double-dose contrast enhanced MRI to visualize vessels for the electrode trajectory planning has been investigated as well. RESULTS:We have found that the overall calculated risk of an intracerebral hemorrhage in our series was 1.81% per patient, 0.3% per recording electrode and 0.23% per brain insertion. While three out of four patients recovered without neurological deficits, there was one mortality in a patient with cardiovascular comorbidities. Statistical comparisons between the groups of single-electrode versus multiple electrode guided surgery and single-dose gadolinium versus double-dose contrast enhanced MRI revealed no significant differences. In addition, there was no meaningful correlation between the age at surgery and the risk of bleeding. CONCLUSION:We have found that the risk of developing an intracerebral hemorrhage due to deep brain stimulation surgery is low. The clinical course of the patients with an intracerebral hemorrhage was generally favorable.


Clin Neurol Neurosurg


Tonge M,Ackermans L,Kocabicak E,van Kranen-Mastenbroek V,Kuijf M,Oosterloo M,Kubben P,Temel Y




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