Peculiarities and Patterns of Cervical Spine Injuries in Children and Adolescents: A Retrospective Series of 84 Patients from a Single Institute.


:Cervical spine injuries occur infrequently in children but are associated with significant disability and mortality. A retrospective analysis was performed of 84 consecutive pediatric spine injuries treated at our institute from January 2002 to December 2011. The mean age was 14.7 years. There were 18 patients (21%) in group A (0-12 years) and 66 patients (79%) in group B (13-18 years). Overall, injury was more common in boys (ratio of 6:1). Trivial fall was the predominant cause in group A and fall from height in group B. There were 30 children (36%) with injuries of the upper cervical spine, 53 (63%) with injuries of the lower cervical spine and 1 patient (1%) with a combined injury of upper cervical spine and thoracic spine. Overall, 22% of the group A children and 67% of the group B patients had more severe injuries (Frankel grades A, B and C); 21% (18/84) were treated by surgical fusion. Where follow-up was available, 17 out of 22 children (77%) had good outcome (Frankel grade >C). In conclusion, mechanisms and patterns of injury in children are age related and the majority of the children had good outcome.


Pediatr Neurosurg


Pediatric neurosurgery


Babu RA,Arivazhagan A,Devi BI,Bhat DI,Sampath S,Chandramouli BA




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  • Acute and subacute hydrocephalus in a rat neonatal model: correlation with functional injury of neurotransmitter systems.

    abstract:OBJECT:The evolution and severity of hydrocephalus in animal models varies in the species and mode of induction. This makes comparisons of the physiological system under investigation difficult between models. We noted that injection of kaolin into neonatal rats results in a dichotomous outcome into either an acute or ...

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  • Primary diffuse chiasmatic germinomas: differentiation from optic chiasm gliomas.

    abstract::Primary germ cell tumors confined to the optic nerves and chiasm without suprasellar extension are uncommon. These tumors appear similar to chiasmatic gliomas on both computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, potentially resulting in treatment errors if the diagnosis is based on radiologic criteria alone. Un...

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