Hybrid Sex Pheromones of the Hibiscus Flower-bud Borer, Rehimena surusalis.


:The sex pheromone of the hibiscus flower borer Rehimena surusalis (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) was analyzed by gas chromatography with electroantennographic detection (GC-EAD) and GC-mass spectrometry (GC/MS). Three EAD-active components were found in crude pheromone gland extracts of calling females. GC/MS and GC analyses using synthetic chemicals and derivatization of the extracts identified three components as (10E,12Z)-hexadeca-10,12-dienal (E10,Z12-16:Ald,), (10E,12E)-hexadeca-10,12-dienyl acetate (E10,Z12-16:OAc), and (3Z,6Z,9Z)-tricosa-3,6,9-triene (Z3,Z6,Z9-23:HC). In field tests, male moths were strongly attracted to a ternary blend of E10,Z12-16:Ald, E10,Z12-16:OAc, and Z3,Z6,Z9-23:HC at a ratio of 1:5:14, but single and binary blends showed only weak or no attraction.


J Chem Ecol


Honda H,Yamasaki R,Sumiuchi Y,Uehara T,Matsuyama S,Ando T,Naka H




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    abstract::Males of several species of longhorned beetles in the subfamily Cerambycinae produce sex or aggregation pheromones consisting of 2,3-hexanediols and/or hydroxyhexanones. We tested the hypothesis that this diol/hydroxyketone pheromone motif is highly conserved within the subfamily, and the resulting prediction that mul...

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  • Variation of insect attracting odor in endophytic Epichloë fungi: phylogenetic constrains versus host influence.

    abstract::Odor is a key trait for pollinator attraction in flowering plants, and many studies have investigated odor evolution in the light of pollinator selection by emphasizing the importance of the plant phylogenetic history. By contrast, little is known on the evolution of odors in fungus-insect interactions. In this study,...

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  • Intraspecific variation of two components in sex pheromone gland ofPlanotortrix excessana sibling species.

    abstract::Two components, (Z)-5- and (Z)-7-tetradecenyl acetates, in the sex pheromone gland of aPlanotortrix excessana sibling species, were found to vary continuously from a ratio of 3∶97 to 71∶29 in individual female moths reared from wild larvae collected around New Zealand. Two laboratory colonies were established from pop...

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  • Disruption of male spruce budworm orientation to calling females in a wind tunnel by synthetic pheromone.

    abstract::Male spruce budworm [Chorisloneura fumiferana (Clem.)] moths were held for 3 hr in a wind tunnel and subjected to various concentrations of background synthetic pheromone. They were then exposed to calling females and their response was recorded. The background pheromone was presented either as discrete turbulent plum...

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  • Oviposition stimulants for the tropical swallowtail butterfly, Papilio polytes, feeding on a rutaceous plant, Toddalia asiatica.

    abstract::In nature, Papilio polytes utilizes a limited range of rutaceous plants as hosts. We isolated and identified oviposition stimulants for the butterfly from the foliage of its primary host plant Toddalia asiatica. Females readily deposited eggs in response to a methanolic extract of the plant. Partition of the extract w...

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