Treatment algorithm of acetabular periprosthetic fractures.


:Periprosthetic fractures of the acetabulum represent a rare incident in primary and revision total hip arthroplasty. The management of these fractures can be challenging. At present, there are no reliable guidelines for the treatment of periprosthetic acetabular fractures. Periprosthetic acetabular fractures can occur intra-operatively, in particular during insertion of non-cemented cups or in the context of revision surgery. Post-operative causes for periprosthetic acetabular fractures are traumatic events or, more commonly, pelvic discontinuity due to severe bone loss related to osteolysis. Despite their aetiology, the main objective of surgery is to achieve a stable acetabular component and fracture. While stable fractures and implants could be treated non-operatively, unstable fractures require surgery to achieve component stability and allow appropriate biological fixation of the revision cup. Assessment of the stability plays a crucial role before determining the treatment strategy. There is a large variety of surgical techniques available for the management of these fractures. This review article outlines the epidemiology, aetiology and current classification systems, and provides a distinct diagnostic and therapeutic algorithm for the treatment of periprosthetic acetabular fractures.


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Simon P,von Roth P,Perka C




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  • Knee flexion deformity from poliomyelitis treated by supracondylar femoral extension osteotomy.

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  • The microbiology of the infected knee arthroplasty.

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  • Treatment of displaced supracondylar humeral fractures in children by humero-ulnar external fixation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Humero-ulnar external fixation has been proposed to treat complex supracondylar humeral fractures in children. It facilitates fracture reduction and reduces the risk of ulnar nerve lesion, which can occur after cross pinning. METHODS:In a ten year period, 28 children have been operated on in our centre by hume...

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  • A study of normal foot abduction across various age groups in children.

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    abstract:PURPOSE:Kienböck's disease is an unusual pathology with unknown aetiology within the pediatric population. Several treatment options have been described in the literature; however, there are neither large series nor homogeneous studies that have clarified which treatment is best. The aim of this study was to describe f...

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  • Internal fixation of valgus-impacted humeral head fractures using the screw-wiring technique.

    abstract::Between February 1996 and July 2000 eight patients (ages 35-74 years) with nine severely impacted humeral head fractures were operated on with the aim of preserving the humeral heads. Patients were treated surgically with open reduction, autologous bone grafting, and internal fixation with a screw-wiring technique. Th...

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  • Does anxiety influence the prognosis of percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic discectomy in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation? A preliminary propensity score matching analysis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Previous reports revealed a correlation between psychological problems and spinal surgery. There is a lack of knowledge on the effect of anxiety on the percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic discectomy (PTED) outcome at the two year follow-up. The purpose of this study is to investigate changes in anxiety after...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:The aims of this retrospective study were to firstly introduce three practical bulk bone graft techniques based on acetabular morphology for dysplasia and secondly evaluate the long-term durability of acetabular reconstruction using those techniques combined with cemented total hip arthroplasty (THA). METHODS:...

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    abstract::A woman aged 31 had an ameloblastoma of the inferior part of the maxilla treated by excision and a bone graft from the iliac crest. Nine years later she presented with a metastasis from the tumour at the donor site. Metastases from an ameloblastoma are rarely encountered. In this case there might have been contaminati...

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  • Concentrated autologous bone marrow aspirate transplantation treatment for corticosteroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head in systemic lupus erythematosus.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to evaluate concentrated autologous bone marrow aspirate transplantation (CABMAT) treatment for corticosteroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH) in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Bone marrow was aspirated from iliac crests, concentrated on a conventional manual blood b...

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  • Perthes' disease--a classification based on the extent of epiphyseal and metaphyseal involvement.

    abstract::A tentative classification of Perthes' disease according to the extent of epiphyseal and metaphyseal involvement in lateral radiographs of the hip was applied to 61 hips in 55 patients. Forty-four hips were treated by containment (Tachjian's trilateral socket hip abduction orthosis) and 17 hips were treated surgically...

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  • Augmented repair of acute Achilles tendon ruptures using gastrocnemius-soleus fascia.

    abstract::Fifty-four consecutive acute Achilles tendon ruptures were treated with end-to-end suture augmented with gastrocnemius fascial flaps. Surgery was performed within 24 h. Mean patient age was 35 (23-57) years, and 46 were men. Mean follow-up time was 4.8 (2-8) years. At follow-up, the mean visual analogue scale for pain...

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  • Percutaneous endoscopic debridement with percutaneous pedicle screw fixation for lumbar pyogenic spondylodiscitis: a preliminary study.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To access the feasibility and efficacy of percutaneous endoscopic debridement (PED) combined with percutaneous pedicle screw fixation (PPSF) in the treatment of lumbar pyogenic spondylodiscitis. METHODS:Forty-five patients diagnosed as pyogenic spondylodiscitis underwent PPSF followed by PED. A drainage cathet...

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  • Peroneal tendon dislocation in talus fracture and diagnostic value of fleck sign.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Talus fractures are not uncommon and one of the serious fractures in the foot and ankle. Peroneal tendon dislocation is one of the commonly missed soft tissue injuries which may have significant impact on the outcomes including persistent pain and swelling. They have been reported to be associated with cal...

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  • [Articular irrigation in arthroscopy].

    abstract::Synovial oedema is a frequent complication in arthroscopic procedures performed with normal saline as the irrigating fluid. The authors have studied the effect of saline solution, Ringer lactate, 5% Dextran and 10% Dextran in normal saline on 12 specimens of human synovial membrane. They found that 10% Dextran in norm...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:This prospective, stratified, randomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled multicentre study investigated the safety and effectiveness of reducing blood loss and preventing venous thromboembolism (VTE) during posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF) in patients with stenosis or spondylolisthesis using the combi...

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  • Expansive laminoplasty for lumbar intradural lipoma.

    abstract::We evaluated the pre- and postoperative neurological state of 3 patients with lumbar intradural lipoma. Total resection of the lipoma in the cauda equina was impossible, and partial resection and expansive laminoplasty was carried out. Subsequent neural involvement may depend on the duration of symptoms rather than th...

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  • Continuous infusion of insulin-like growth factor-I into the epiphysis of the tibia.

    abstract::We have developed a method to promote longitudinal bone growth at the level of a specific growth-plate (GP) in young rabbits. Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) was continuously infused by means of an osmotic pump into the bone marrow cavity of the proximal epiphysis of the tibia. Radiological measurement showed a 2...

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  • The anti-rheumatic effect of multiple synovectomy in patients with refractory rheumatoid arthritis.

    abstract::We assessed the anti-rheumatic effects of radical multiple synovectomy (RaMS) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who did not respond to intensive medical treatment. The selection of patients into three groups, A, B or C, was randomised. Patients assigned to group A (n = 28) continued the prescribed pre-operati...

    journal_title:International orthopaedics

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Nakamura H,Nagashima M,Ishigami S,Wauke K,Yoshino S

    更新日期:2000-01-01 00:00:00

  • Persistent radiculopathy after surgical treatment for lumbar disc herniation: causes and treatment options.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Lumbar disc surgery is a common procedure in the USA. It is frequently performed with good or excellent results in most patients. This article reviews common causes of persistent radiculopathy after surgical intervention. METHODS:We performed an extensive review of the literature as well as applying our own ex...

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    authors: Rogerson A,Aidlen J,Jenis LG

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  • Functional outcome after endoscopic assisted release of the ulnar nerve for cubital tunnel syndrome: mid-to-long term results.

    abstract:AIM OF THE STUDY:The aim of the study was to investigate functional and patient-rated outcome parameters after endoscopic assisted release of the ulnar nerve for cubital tunnel syndrome. METHODS:One hundred of 204 consecutive patients between 2006 and 2011 met the inclusion/exclusion criteria. Fifty-one of these patie...

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  • A modified Sever-L'Episcopo procedure for restoration of shoulder joint function in Erb's palsy.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The aim of this study was to analyse the clinical outcome of a modified Sever-L'Episcopo technique for release of contracted muscles and tendon transfer to restore function of the shoulder joint in patients with Erb's palsy. METHODS:A case series was conducted from March 1988 to November 2009 for 19 patients. ...

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