Absorbed Dose Rates in Tissue from Prompt Gamma Emissions from Near-thermal Neutron Absorption.


:Prompt gamma emission data from the International Atomic Energy Agency's Prompt Gamma-ray Neutron Activation Analysis database are analyzed to determine the absorbed dose rates in tissue to be expected when natural elements are exposed in a near-thermal neutron environment.


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  • The Gaussian atmospheric transport model and its sensitivity to the joint frequency distribution and parametric variability.

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  • Navajo birth outcomes in the Shiprock uranium mining area.

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  • An electret passive environmental 222Rn monitor based on ionization measurement.

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  • Dose response and temporal patterns of radiation-associated solid cancer risks.

    abstract::Findings of the Life Span Study (LSS) cohort of atomic-bomb survivors are a primary source for quantitative risk estimates that underlie radiation protection. Because of the size and length of follow-up, the LSS provides considerable information on both the nature of the dose response and on how radiation-associated e...

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  • Radiation protection and medical practice with special reference to health physicists and the Health Physics Society.

    abstract::This paper broadly examines the historical development of radiation protection in medical practice through an examination of the interactions of those concerned with radiation protection and medical practice with emphasis on the last half century and on the role played by health physicists and the Health Physics Socie...

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  • Curve fitting air sample filter decay curves to estimate transuranic content.

    abstract::By testing industry standard techniques for radon progeny evaluation on air sample filters, a new technique is developed to evaluate transuranic activity on air filters by curve fitting the decay curves. The industry method modified here is simply the use of filter activity measurements at different times to estimate ...

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  • In situ gamma spectrometry measurements and Monte Carlo computations for the detection of radioactive sources in scrap metal.

    abstract::A very limited number of field experiments have been performed to assess the relative radiation detection sensitivities of commercially available equipment used to detect radioactive sources in recycled metal scrap. Such experiments require the cooperation and commitment of considerable resources on the part of vendor...

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    authors: Clouvas A,Xanthos S,Takoudis G,Potiriadis C,Silva J

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  • Lethality due to uranium poisoning is prevented by ethane-1-hydroxy-1,1-biphosphonate (EHBP).

    abstract::The processes of uranium extraction, purification, and manufacture involve the risk of chemical intoxication. Acute uranium poisoning elicits renal failure which in turn may lead to death. Great efforts have been put into the search for a protective agent for acute uranium poisoning. Several chelating agents such as E...

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  • Inferences, Risk Modeling, and Prediction of Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation.

    abstract::The combined expertise of radiation epidemiologists and laboratory experimentalists is required to accurately define health risks from exposure to a low/very low radiation dose. Although stochastic risk can be estimated when a known threshold dose is exceeded, risk must be inferred from data transference at sub-thresh...

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  • Imaging radiation induced muscular necrosis with antimyosin-scintigraphy and computed tomography.

    abstract::Radiations accidents involving high exposures require accurate assessment of radiation dose for correct surgical or medical management. Techniques involving computed tomography and antimyosin-antibody scintigraphy were evaluated in an experimental model of acute localized irradiation overexposure to 192Ir. Ten rabbits...

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  • Investigation of atmospheric, mechanical and other pressure effects influencing the levels of radon and radon progeny in buildings.

    abstract::Real-time data measurement and analysis have identified a number of influences affecting the variability and accumulation of radon and its progeny in indoor air. Observed cycles in radon concentrations were shown to be related to the influence of air-conditioning and water-heated central heating systems. The cyclical ...

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  • Geographical distribution of radiation risks in The Netherlands.

    abstract::Risk assessment of exposure to sources of radiation is an important tool for national governments in regulating radionuclide emissions and thus reducing radiation doses for the general public. For this reason radiation doses from sources throughout The Netherlands have been analyzed. For sources with well-defined loca...

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  • Tumors and other diseases following childhood x-ray treatment for ringworm of the scalp (Tinea capitis).

    abstract::The objective of the study is to characterize the risk of tumors from radiation exposure to the head and neck. A cohort of 2,224 children given x-ray treatment and 1,380 given only topical medications for ringworm of the scalp (tinea capitis) during 1940-1959 have been followed up for a median of 39 y to determine tum...

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  • Fifty years of plutonium exposure to the Manhattan Project plutonium workers: an update.

    abstract::Twenty-six white male workers who did the original plutonium research and development work at Los Alamos have been examined periodically over the past 50 y to identify possible health effects from internal plutonium depositions. Their effective doses range from 0.1 to 7.2 Sv with a median value of 1.25 Sv. As of the e...

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  • Acute Radiation-induced GI-ARS and H-ARS in a Canine Model of Mixed Neutron/Gamma Relative to Reference Co-60 Gamma Radiation: A Retrospective Study.

    abstract::Studies performed decades ago in the canine and nonhuman primate established the dose response relationships for the hematopoietic acute radiation syndrome in response to mixed neutron/gamma, x-radiation, and Co gamma radiation. There were no published studies that determined the dose response relationships for the ga...

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  • Assessment of the radiological impact of using fly ash in cement.

    abstract::The radiological consequences of using fly ash as a component of cement are discussed. Measurements of the activity concentrations of the fly ash and cement are reported together with measurements of emanation coefficients and exhalation rates. The radon-exhalation rate was found to be significantly lower in concrete ...

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  • Mixing in a square and a rectangular duct regarding selection of locations for extractive sampling of gaseous contaminants.

    abstract::Tests were conducted to characterize the uniformity of velocity and tracer gas profiles in a square and a rectangular duct with respect to defining the suitability of locations for single point sampling of gaseous contaminants. Several configurations, such as a straight duct with unidirectional flow at the entrance se...

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    authors: Seo Y,McFarland AR,Ortiz CA,O'Neal DL

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  • A prediction of accelerator-produced activation products.

    abstract::The operational radiation protection issues associated with the Z-Machine accelerator located at Sandia National Laboratories are large: a variety of materials can be placed into the machine; these materials can be subjected to a variety of nuclear reactions, producing a variety of activation products. Without full un...

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    authors: Culp T

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  • Direct-immersion and water-extraction methods for measuring tritium contamination of concrete.

    abstract::In the process of decommissioning a tritium-handling laboratory, direct-immersion and water-extraction methods for measuring tritium contamination in concrete were compared to a heating-cooling method. For this evaluation, concrete pieces chipped from contaminated concrete walls and floors were used. The direct-immers...

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    authors: Kawano T,Kuroyanagi M,Tabei T

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  • Measured and computed induced body currents in front of an experimental RF dielectric heater.

    abstract::Operators of industrial high-frequency dielectric heaters are exposed to electromagnetic fields that are high enough to significantly increase body temperature. The assessment of exposure based on the measurement of external field strengths is, however, inaccurate due to the non-uniformity of the fields. This paper pr...

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    authors: Kännälä S,Puranen L,Sihvonen AP,Jokela K

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  • A 42-y medical follow-up of Manhattan Project plutonium workers.

    abstract::Twenty-six white male subjects, who worked with plutonium (239Pu) during World War II at Los Alamos, have been given medical examinations periodically over a period of 42 y to identify potential health effects. Inhalation was the primary mode of Pu exposures. The latest examinations, including urine bioassay and in-vi...

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  • Radiation doses to local populations near nuclear weapons test sites worldwide.

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  • Measurements of 129I in human and bovine thyroids in Europe--transfer of 129I into the food chain.

    abstract::Bovine thyroid glands from different countries in Europe and human thyroid glands from Lower Saxony (Federal Republic of Germany) show isotopic 129I/127I ratios of 2.1 X 10(-9) to 8.2 X 10(-8) for cattle and 2.1 X 10(-9) to 8 X 10(-8) in humans. These values give information about the concentration of fallout 129I in ...

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  • Spatial and temporal distribution of energy.

    abstract::Studies of the spatial and temporal distribution of microscopic radiation doses lead to potentially important questions regarding conventional approaches to radiation protection. The short ranges of alpha-particle and Auger-electron emissions from radionuclides lead to uncertainties in assessing their hazards. The con...

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  • Long-term behavior of radiocesium in dairy herds in the years following the Chernobyl accident.

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  • Neutron response of a polyethylene-moderated superheated drop detector.

    abstract::Monte Carlo neutron transport calculations were performed to obtain the neutron response functions of a superheated drop detector (SDD-100) that is surrounded by polyethylene of various thicknesses. The calculational results suggest that a SDD-100 surrounded by 2.54 cm of polyethylene gives the best dose-equivalent re...

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  • The importance of measurement of effective transducers radiating area in the testing and calibration of "therapeutic" ultrasonic instruments.

    abstract::The data presented show early results from a longitudinal survey of "therapeutic" ultrasonic instrument performance in clinical physiotherapy. Previous studies undertaken in North America and the United Kingdom have shown that these units tend not to be scientifically tested and recalibrated, and have been found to ha...

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